7 Annual King Pancake Fail

Annual King Pancake Fail

It's been the 6th year in a row that people of Yalutorovsk, the Tumen Region, try to make the largest record-breaking pancake. It's pretty much the same year by year - the same frying pan of three meters in diameter, the same cooking technique and
the same people. When this year their batter began to burn once they poured it onto the frying pan, it became obvious they were not going to make it again. Let's start with some photographs of the unlucky ritual taken in 2012.
8 Travelling Throughout Leningrad In The 1960s

Travelling Throughout Leningrad In The 1960s

These are photographs of Leningrad taken back in the 60s by a group of tourists.
The first photograph was taken at the border between Finland and the USSR.
6 Removal Of Snow From The Roof Of The Western Federation Tower

Removal Of Snow From The Roof Of The Western Federation Tower

The Federation Tower of the city of Moscow is a complex of skyscrapers that will turn into the highest building in Europe and one of the highest buildings in the world
after its construction is completed. The Western Tower of the complex has a unique roof in the form of a beak. We found out how they remove snow from the roof.
15 Cats Or Dogs?

Cats Or Dogs?

Dogs and cats have been enemies for ages. A cat that could not stay at home for long in the past is now tamed by people. A dog
has always been a loyal friend of a human being. Let us see whether women prefer seeing dogs or cats as their pets.
4 Assorted Russia, Part 49

Assorted Russia, Part 49

A 24-year-old tattoo artist from Naberezhnye Chelny named Timur find out a way how to create a spiritual alliance with his cat. He sent his
favorite to sleep for an hour and made a tattoo on its chest. The sign means 'Seize the moment' but there is a spelling mistake.
3 Metro Trains And Steam Engines: Present And Past

Metro Trains And Steam Engines: Present And Past

Have you ever witnessed construction of a metro train or seen a real steam engine of
the last century? The photos related to the topics are presented in the post.
2 Hot Sandunovskie Baths

Hot Sandunovskie Baths

Moscow citizens used to have a tradition to take a bath once a week, on Saturday, and on special occasions. Back then however, baths were primitive and poorly equipped. Only at the turn of the 18th century, Moscow saw first baths which could be compared with best Turkish and Italian baths in
the quality of service, exterior design and interior. Today, on February 23rd, when Russia celebrates its Defender of the Fatherland Day, we want to tell you about one of the most manlike places in Moscow – men’s department of Sandunovskie Baths (or Sanduny).
1 Subway Construction In Almaty

Subway Construction In Almaty

In 1978 the Soviet authorities approved the general plan of the city of Almaty indicating the first subway line. In 1980 the Soviet Government signed a decree that ordered to start the construction of a
subway in Almaty. The actual construction started in 1988 and was paid by the Soviet budget while Kazakhstan incurred only indirect expenditures. Let us see how the process is being developed today.
11 What Interesting You Can Find In Andijan, Uzbekistan

What Interesting You Can Find In Andijan, Uzbekistan

Andijan with a population of about 323,900 people is the fourth-largest city in Uzbekistan and the capital of the Andijan
Province. It is located in the east of the country, near the border with Kyrgyzstan on the Andijan-Say River.
25 The Bunker Of Hitler in April 1945

The Bunker Of Hitler in April 1945

In April 1945 the Red Army conducted severe battles in the streets of Berlin conquering the capital of Reich meter by meter. It was obvious who will win the war in Europe. Soon after the siege that lasted 2
weeks was raised, 33-years-old photographer of LIFE magazine William Vandivert arrived to Berlin. We present his photos of Hitler's bunker and destroyed Berlin that have never been published before.

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