18 In the Name of Peace And Progress!

In the Name of Peace And Progress!

"Let's conquer space!" For your attention is a set of
nice posters of the Soviet Space Program 1958-1963.
6 House Collapse In Strunino

House Collapse In Strunino

In Strunino, the Vladimir region, fell a 4 storey dwelling house. It was inhabited by 89 people. 4 storeys of the 1st and
2nd riser blocks of flats fell like a house of cards. A woman aged 40 and a girl aged 6 died under the ruins.
10 Moscow Last Century

Moscow Last Century

The author of these photos is Rob Ketcherside. As always
quality of the photos foreign tourists take is good.

10 Project of the Future In Baku

Project of the Future In Baku

Zaha Hadid is probably the most famous female architect of our time. Here we present photos of her project - the Concert Hall of the Cultural Centre named after Geidar
Aliev in Baku, Azerbaijan. The absolute harmony of smooth lines creates an illusion of eternity, the inside concert hall is fully (!) made of natural wood.
5 Tazy, the Breed That Does Not Exist

Tazy, the Breed That Does Not Exist

There's such an old saying: "One tazy will feed the whole aul". Hunting greyhounds used to be the main wealth of Kazakhs. Since the second
half of the last century their number began decreasing. Today there are not more than 300 of real tazy, like "300 spartans"... 
10 Tskhinvali: Nothing to Choose From

Tskhinvali: Nothing to Choose From

Unadmitted republic where clannish regime cancels elections, overthrowns and keeps under arrest the legally chosen president, breaks up political meetings, blocks the boarders, arrests and beats oppositionists, trying to keep the power no matter how high the cost is - how does it feel to come here? Anyone who comes to Tskhinvali for work should obtain accreditation. The customs officers work hard here. They
check each bus, but checking one bus goes faster than checking one journalist without accreditation. Central Election Commission is not going to make the same mistakes as during the December elections. They said one vote was priced at 1000 rubles (33 USD), but nobody told who was willing to buy the votes. However police of South Ossetia denies this information, of course.
9 Dirty Dirty Prokopevsk

Dirty Dirty Prokopevsk

Prokopevsk is a coal mining city where boiler houses work all year around. No wonder that snow
is dark there. It's scary to imagine what the citizens of the city breathe in...
2 Muscular Siberia

Muscular Siberia

On 7th, April, 2012 there was held Open Championship on bodybuilding, fitness and body-fitness of
Siberia. The most interesting photos of the event held in Novosibirsk are presented below.
8 Tour To Once Powerful Air Defence Station

Tour To Once Powerful Air Defence Station

This is once powerful and the only air defence station, S-25. April, 8th was the day of air defence, so we congratulate all those
who are responsible for peaceful skies over our heads. And now let us have a short excursion over the object.
9 Moscow Cultural Life In November-December 1955

Moscow Cultural Life In November-December 1955

A set of pictures taken by
Ed Clark in Moscow, 1955.