13 Soviet Student Party 1967

Soviet Student Party 1967

If you have ever wondered how Soviet students partied, what they looked like, if they really had fun, and other things like that fifty years ago, then here is a rare
chance. Thanks to these once private photos of Soviet students of a prestigious Moscow university, we can now see what these Soviet students were up to back then!

2 A Dose of Awesome Soviet Posters

A Dose of Awesome Soviet Posters

Soviet posters are always cool, as an example of State propaganda and art from a back long ago culture. However, some of those start getting new meaning these days and
can be easily posted to raise awareness of new Soviet Russian people. So let's see what people should be aware of! The one above calls us to "Be Vigilant!"

7 What if Hollywood Movies were Filmed in Russia?

What if Hollywood Movies were Filmed in Russia?

A few examples of what if the Hollywood films were filmed in normal Russian scenery.
Let's start a Game of Thrones shot in a typical Russian yard and continue watching.

9 Vogue Photographer Took Photos of Ukraine When He Was Nazi Soldier

Vogue Photographer Took Photos of Ukraine When He Was Nazi Soldier

A successful German photographer Herber List was known to work with top notch editions all over the world, including such names as Vogue, Harper's Bazar and many more. But not many know that before his successful career in fashion photography he
was enlisted into Nazi army and went to conquer USSR under German command. There he also was making photos on his personal camera. And here is the result of his "trip" to Ukraine. Art photography meets land under Nazi occupation.

2 Color Photos of Kiev in 1958

Color Photos of Kiev in 1958

John Shultz has visited Kiev in 1958 and brought back tons of photos. Kiev the capital of Ukraine now, was a Soviet city at one time and also a capital of Ukrainian Socialistic Soviet
Republic,one of the Fifteen Soviet States. Those were not just photos but awesome color slides of the city at that time. Very atmospheric in telling the story. Take a look!

4 Belarus man lives in Chernobyl exclusion zone

Belarus man lives in Chernobyl exclusion zone

Chernobyl exclusion zone is the place where because of radiation population was evacuated. Abandoned villages stretch from Pripyat itself to as long as Belarus. All those territories are dangerous to live for any human and will be so for at least 200 years more.
Some say, only after 2,000 years people can return here. However for every rule, there is an exclusion (pun intended). Meet this old man who lives inside the exclusion zone of Chernobyl together with only two other solitary people living around.

4 Only in Russia..

Only in Russia..

Only in Russia girl can go and order herself a photo session with a huge bear. No muzzles, no chains, no precautions - where is it else possible?
Bear can leak her cheeks, she hugs him, etc etc. And every girl can just go pay a few roubles and get those photos. Only in Russia.

3 Soviet Lunokhod, Venus spaceship, Gagarin landing module and many more!

Soviet Lunokhod, Venus spaceship, Gagarin landing module and many more!

This awesome place is located inside Russian agency which was developing the infamous Russian jets with "LA" index - La-5, La-7, La-250 etc and some winged missiles ZUR-205, ZUR-217 etc. It is a former top secret Soviet facility now you can, with some effort, enter and see over twenty five real Soviet space
vehicles, including the Lunokhod - the Soviet moon rover and also other vehicles that traveled to moon and back: Luna-16, Luna-20, Luna-24 etc.  Also the Venera ship  which went to Venus! You can also see Gagarin's landing module! So thanks to a Russian blogger Denis we can see them all now!

1 Russian Flying Armored Vehicle

Russian Flying Armored Vehicle

Well, of course it is not flying, but soldiers call it this way. Why? Because it is super lightweight and can easily jump around when moving fast. It is not actively used and
is mainly stays in the warehouses but this time they took them out and rare chance to see those rare army vehicles in action, thanks to Yaroslav, the blogger.

3 Animal Life of Chernobyl

Animal Life of Chernobyl

Despite (or thanks?) to the radioactivity threats the animal life in Chernobyl is blooming. In the past thirty years many exotic animals regained their right to live freely in the area and their population
growth is tremendous. A few photos just to get an idea what you can meet there these days, starting with this proud Chernobyl small eagle posing with radioactivity sign on the background.

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