0 Moscow airport Sheremetyevo 1970-1980s

Moscow airport Sheremetyevo 1970-1980s

Sheremetjevo is a Moscow airport, probably most famous one out of a few it has. Here is how it looked in
1970s-1980s when the glorious TU-144s still were a frequent guest there. See those nice pics inside:
0 Lada Stuck in Ice, Called Emergency Team to Saw it Out

Lada Stuck in Ice, Called Emergency Team to Saw it Out

      This LADA stayed submerged in ice for 30 days. Her owner, a woman, didn't know how to save her car. After the local
newspaper printed the article on this story local authorities decided to help unfortunate woman. More pictures and videos inside:

0 Meanwhile in School

Meanwhile in School

A series of photographs made in some Russian schools. Mostly a satire but
also often a true reflection of how it's going on there in reality.

2 A Large Model of Russia: St. Petersburg

A Large Model of Russia: St. Petersburg

There is one thing called "Grand Model of Russia" which is a sort of a big model of Russia with some of the most prominent Russian places made
there in miniature. Here are some photos of it in the part regarding the St. Petersburg and suburbs. Sort of looks like a real thing:

4 Russian monastery in 1896

Russian monastery in 1896

Some photos from now ancient times - 18th century Russia, to be exact 1896, Russian monastery on
the island. You can feel the spirit of pre-20th century Russia coming from those photos:
0 15 Seconds of Russia part 3

15 Seconds of Russia part 3

In this episode: Man gets his fast running shoes. How to peel boiled eggs Russian way? What to do if pilot gets lost? Man got stuck in ATM room. Singing a national anthem with a gas mask on!
Mooses come to the cities to get warm from the cars! St.Petersburg semi-frozen channels as motorways for night bikers. After a snow storm... and more, enjoy watching!

0 Road Collapsed in Vladivostok

Road Collapsed in Vladivostok

A part of a road that is over 30 m in length collapsed in Vladivostok. It was supported by a wall because the new construction site was been in process of making on a road side. Then the
part of the wall collapsed and the road cracked and began to slide as well. There are some more pictures and a video of a security cam that shows how it all happened inside:
0 15 Seconds of Russia part 2

15 Seconds of Russia part 2

A new collection of short 15-second clips about interesting things in Russia. In this episode we have: "New way to steal a car in Russia" "Stray cows where do they go?" "How Russians party in winter?" "What will happen if you press
wrong pedal?" "Putting a gas pipeline, something went wrong" "Submarine sailors swimming in the ocean near North Pole" "A rare natural thing an Ice Wave" "Krishnaits in Moscow wear army hats" and more, enjoy!

1 Artistic World of Soviet Lighters

Artistic World of Soviet Lighters

Soviet lighters was a whole world of now rarities. Unique and made in USSR lighters now the
subject of collector interest. Before in USSR, they were pretty much common. Let's take a look.

0 Inside Russian nuclear shelter

Inside Russian nuclear shelter

If you wondered what is it inside of Russian nuclear shelter then here is a gallery for
you. A Russian blogger Yaroslav went inside one of those and here is his report.

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