1 Stupidity. Talent. Alien Languages.

Stupidity. Talent. Alien Languages.

In today's show you are going to see some stupidity, some talent and some alien languages. Russian soldiers performing African rap songs when bored - who would have thought of this some thirty years ago. The rest is mostly
plain stupidity though it is often captivating and should have its place too. But it all starts with the sheep. Real, real sheep. And no road cams today, no crashes, no cops. And you should smile at least twice.
3 Defy Gravity

Defy Gravity

Instead of doing the work for those filthy capitalists, old school Soviet workmanship spirit tells a
worker to achieve more higher targets such as prove the world he can defy the gravity with ease.
44 Breaking: Tremendous Flash in the Skies NOW

Breaking: Tremendous Flash in the Skies NOW

  Breaking news, a tremendous flash in the skies just couple hours ago happened in Chelyabinsk city followed by a devastating sonic boom leaving hundreds of windows broken and lighting the streets of the city with light hundred times stronger than normal. Lots of people left their houses thinking that an atomic bomb went off near the city. We've got very awesome
footage here collected from multiple dashcams and surveylance cams around the city - hottest footage you can watch now on the Internet, including the full sound shocking sonic boom. This is really some weird stuff! Authorities currently broadcast warnings to citizens not to panic and carry on. In a few minutes we will add some photos too.
12 Kazakhstan Ambulance

Kazakhstan Ambulance

Job of medical workers has never been easy. Today we are going to learn more about it and spend twenty four
hours with an ambulance team from Kazakhstan. So you are invited to become a doctor for one day, too.
12 Repair of Air Defence Systems

Repair of Air Defence Systems

We are in Belarus, at the base where old and new air defence systems are repaired. The base appeared in the 1940s,  till 1950s it had
been used for storage and repair of unremarkable anti-aircraft guns. Today all Soviet air defence systems are repaired there.

26 Better Than Patriot

Better Than Patriot

Recently there has been held tactical training of gunners in the Russian Far East. The main task was to negate an air attack of an imaginary enemy. All main actions wereperformed inside the special cabin - command and control point. S-400 "Triumph" is the modern means of air
defence in Russia. These anti-aircraft missile systems have been on duty in the Primorye region for half a year already. We are going to have a closer view of the best anti-aircraft missile and gun systems standing guard over the Russian boudaries.
4 Where Gold Comes From, Part II

Where Gold Comes From, Part II

Last time we started to tell you how gold is mined in the Akmola region of  Kazakhstan. This time we are going to show how the precious metal
is mined in East Kazakhstan by another company and what is needed to get a gold bar with weight of twelve kilograms (26.45 pounds).
8 National Geographic Visits to the USSR

National Geographic Visits to the USSR

So popular National Geographic used to write much about Russia / Soviet Union as well. Here
is a nice selection of Soviet images from National Geographic magazines dated 1976-78.
9 FDA Not Likely to Endorse This

FDA Not Likely to Endorse This

Drugstores sell useful medicines that are not endorsed by FDA however popular among people. One Russian blogger visited the factory which makes such medicines. How are they made? Very simple. They take ordinary stumps (they remain after deforestation and are absolutely
unneeded but still not thrown away) and apparatuses resembling moonshine stills. These stumps are cut into pieces and placed into those apparatuses to be converted into very useful powder which becomes a must have thanks to some marketing manipulations.

6 Hi Tech Oil Scouts Deep In Siberian Woods

Hi Tech Oil Scouts Deep In Siberian Woods

Seismic exploration includes geophysical methods of studying the Earth's crust, which are based on the study of artificially excited elastic waves. Seismic exploration is used to study the deep structure of the Earth and to find deposits of minerals (mainly oil and gas), to solve problems of hydrogeology and engineering
geology. Seismic survey is very reliable, it can obtain a huge amount of information. Big profit recoups the work of numerous expensive equipment that comes to the places which have never had any roads at all... Now we are going to spend some time with a seismic crew and see how they work.

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