5 Ka 52, The Perfect Predator of the Russian Aviation

Ka 52, The Perfect Predator of the Russian Aviation

We want to talk about a beautiful "predator" - attack helicopter Ka-52. This
heavy vehicle moves so gracefully that it seems to be dancing in the air...

1 The Most Powerful Thermal Power Plant In Russia

The Most Powerful Thermal Power Plant In Russia

Surgut state thermal power plant is one of the most powerful power plants in Russia. The CPP of high power functions within
the system along with other large power stations and is located in Surgut, the Khanty-Mansiisk region of Russia.

5 The Old Copper Smelting Plants

The Old Copper Smelting Plants

"Karabashmed" is one of the oldest copper smelting plants of the South Ural located in the city of Karabash. The main activity of the plant is making
blister copper from copper concentrate with a preliminary enrichment of copper-zinc ores and also from recycled copper raw material.

5 Visiting the Huge Cosmic Eye

Visiting the Huge Cosmic Eye

There is a unique object in the village of the Russian Far East called Galyonki - the Separate Command and Measurement Complex of Aerospace Defense Forces of Russia. in its turn, this Complex has a unique system "Quantum-D" with one of the largest in Russia antenna system P-2500, and
the system "Quantum-P" equipped with P-30S antenna. The system works with the ICS. It was the very place from where in 2001 there was given the command to flood "Mir" space station. And in 1961 this very system was used for the first flight of a man into space.
13 Shadows of the Dead City

Shadows of the Dead City

Chernobyl was left behind and now we are coming to another checkpoint. This is Lelyov - once it was a village with the popultaion of 1 000 people lying on
the bank of the Chernobyl cooling pond, now it is the boundary of the 10 km exclusion zone, the territory that suffered from the accident most.
11 Chernobyl Today

Chernobyl Today

Those who want to come to the exclusion zone of Chernobyl have to file documents for a permit two weeks before their visit. Then they are instructed at the checkpoint: visitors are not allowed to smoke, eat in the open air, take any
plants or items away from the zone, drink water from the wells, rivers or any other ground sources. Bodies should be covered with clothes leaving as few exposed areas as possible (the seamless apparels are preferable).
10 In the Lava Mountains

In the Lava Mountains

Going to the mountains is fun, but going to the mountains is even more fun when it is a volcano, an active Russian volcano. Team of explorers
went there and post beautiful images of a mesmerizing natural wonders. You can click any of the picture below for a bigger picture.
4 Russian Homemade Helicopters Can Actually Fly People Around

Russian Homemade Helicopters Can Actually Fly People Around

Dashing thru the snow on... a helicopter! While westerners got a rising trend of building those small helicopters you can fly remotely with iphones Russians do it much harder way. They build full size scaled models out of old plumbing pipes, motorcycles and other trash they can find so that they could fly around the snowy plains and nobody can stop a guy in garage to pursuit his dreams of
flying today when you have all the accessories being sold for free. This video has three examples of brilliant engineering out of everyday items which can fly you around and look like a boss. And you always have a choice - to sit around or go and build a flying machine. Watch it - looks so cool. Who said you ought to be a millionaire to own your own helicopter.
1 Stupidity. Talent. Alien Languages.

Stupidity. Talent. Alien Languages.

In today's show you are going to see some stupidity, some talent and some alien languages. Russian soldiers performing African rap songs when bored - who would have thought of this some thirty years ago. The rest is mostly
plain stupidity though it is often captivating and should have its place too. But it all starts with the sheep. Real, real sheep. And no road cams today, no crashes, no cops. And you should smile at least twice.
3 Defy Gravity

Defy Gravity

Instead of doing the work for those filthy capitalists, old school Soviet workmanship spirit tells a
worker to achieve more higher targets such as prove the world he can defy the gravity with ease.

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