3 Failed Rocket Start

Failed Rocket Start

Lot of disappoinment caused the latest failure of Proton rocket to carry the GLONASS navigation satellites up to the orbit. It's pretty interesting that out of more than twenty five launches this and last year only two were failures but both carried the GLONASS sats and no any GLONASS equipment were present during successful launches, which make them to
speak about the "curse of GLONASS". Others say it might be a money laundering by the scientists who want to cover up their misuse of the funds. However all those are just rumors that circulate around in blogs etc, what we have is a pretty spectacular video of a rocket failing and a news anchor failing to perceive what he is seeing.
13 Spooky Reaserch Centre Abandoned In the 90s

Spooky Reaserch Centre Abandoned In the 90s

This is an abandoned scientific and research institute of the special purpose which closed back in the 90s due to
some unknown reasons. Its premises are preserved rather well so it is quite curious to see them today.
9 Space In the Palms of Abandoned Antennas

Space In the Palms of Abandoned Antennas

Dozens of kilometres afoot along snow, hardly passable path leading through the forest and soon we come to an abandoned site "F-3" of the science tracking station-14 which
accomodates a transmitting antenna S-200P of the complex "Saturn-MS-DRC" and a two-storey underground command center of communication. Let's have a walk along the territory.
3 The Secret Base For Storage of Nuclear Warheads

The Secret Base For Storage of Nuclear Warheads

Krasnokamenka was a closed city of Ukraine where in the Soviet times there were built underground shops to collect nuclear warheads there to be subsequently transported to launch sites all over the central USSR and some Warsaw Treaty countries. For almost half a century this place was being surrounded with myths
and legends but when Ukraine became an independent state the city was opened and all warheads were taken away to Russia. Today there is a strictly guarded base of the elite regiment "Tiger" of the Ukrainian police on its territory. Most of the tunnels were re-equipped for munition storage.

3 In the Center of Aerospace Education

In the Center of Aerospace Education

It is widely known that in the Soviet times the city of Dnepropetrovsk was the place where nuclear weapons were made. There is an interesting Center of Youth Aerospace
Education named after A. M. Makarov there. This centre has an exposition of those things made in Dnepropetrovsk in the better times. We are going to see some of them.

11 Huge Eagle Nest In the Woods

Huge Eagle Nest In the Woods

This amazing place was found by one geologist from Irkutsk in summer 1949. It was a huge convex truncated cone with an upper horizontal section. Inside it had a funnel-shaped recess with a dome-shaped hill right in the middle. The cone was rather big. Its height was about 10-15 meters from the upper side and 70-80 meters from the bottom
side. The average diameter of the cone was about 130-150 meters. The depth of the inner circular ditch was about 8-10 meters. It was clear the geologist found a unique natural formation which didn't resemble any others. It was called the Patomsky crater after the river in the watershed of which it was located.
1 The Very Heart of the Rocket

The Very Heart of the Rocket

Many Soviet children used to dream about becoming cosmonauts. Or to be somehow related to cosmonautics. But today it's seldom like this. Nevertheless different new projects are still being worked on and people are simply unaware of them. Here is one of such
projects. RD-861K rocket engine has been developed based on RD-861 which was used for early modifications of the carrier rocket "Cyclone". Fire tests have been conducted since 2007. The engine is planned to be used for the third stage of "Cyclone-4".

5 Revealing the Secrets of Combat Operations

Revealing the Secrets of Combat Operations

What makes combat aviation allmighty and unvulnarable? For the answers we'll go to the factory making military equipment. This place is in Moscow, and it's
quite unusual, photographers are normally never allowed to be there. It's such a luck to take some shots of a secret production like this!

8 Grand Ears of the Planet

Grand Ears of the Planet

Do we really know what is there, out in space? Not really much, we can only look at stars or ... hear them. Smart radiophysicist gave us such an opportunity when had built their huge metal plates in dense pine forests far from big busy cities. The grand ears of the planet were intended to contact the far and
alien space. They used to sit at a fire and sing their romantic songs when rested from numerous devices, apparatuses, indicators... We don't know what stars told them. But today all those devices are broken, the grand ears of the planet only hear rustling leaves of young birches....

7 Moving Clouds Away

Moving Clouds Away

They move clouds away in the sky over Moscow three times a year. Just recently they did it again to provide nice weather for the Victory Parade and the firework.
But how do the prepare aircrafts to make the weather good? The minimum task is to prevent rainfall, the maximum task is to move all clouds away.

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