4 Abandoned Biological Hormonal Research Soviet Lab

Abandoned Biological Hormonal Research Soviet Lab

        Most people know what hormones are and why they are needed, but only a few people know exactly how the research of hormonal interactions in the human body is done. For obvious reasons, and due to the complexity of these kinds of experiments, they can not be conducted on human beings. That is why, in the second half of the century in most countries, special
research institutes have been set up. Most of the necessary experiments are conducted on animals - rats, rabbits and primates. One of such institutes was called "The USSR Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy". There are a lot of rumors about the attempt to crossbreed humans and monkeys to create super-soldiers being done in this place.

3 Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip

Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip

In Russia, today (April 12th) is known as "The Cosmonautics Day", as on 12th April 1961 Yuri Gagarin made his first flight to space. TV stations are usually airing something connected with space exploration
and we post here a film strip for high school children made back in 1983. I didn't have any idea that they had taken panoramic shots of the surface of Venus as far back as the early 1980s.

1 March 26th Manned Space Rocket Launch

March 26th Manned Space Rocket Launch

Some photos from the launch that took place on March 26. Two Russian and one American were on board. Six hours before launch, the crew leaves the
hotel. Space suits are checked for leaks. These and the other images from the launch and preparation are clickable for bigger pics:

1 IL Planes 120 Anniversary: a Peek into IL Labs

IL Planes 120 Anniversary: a Peek into IL Labs

The 120th anniversary of the famous Russian airplane creator, Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin, was celebrated in the House of Scientists yesterday. Here are some photos of the testing department of "IL" airplanes. The creation of any aircraft is a long and complicated process. It includes a lot of tests, including tests for
structural strength. During static and fatigue tests, the calculated limits and working loads are confirmed experimentally. Tests confirm the accuracy of the design process under the specified load, and the question of the accuracy of the load is answered by using flight strength tests.  
5 Topol Missile Has Been Launched

Topol Missile Has Been Launched

A ballistic missile "Topol" was launched from the Kapustin Yar launch site - the oldest Russian test site of Soviet ballistic missiles. This launch site was established as two special trains loaded with seized Nazi rocket equipment arrived from Germany in 1947. At that time engineers and soldiers lived in tents as no civil construction was going on, probably in favor of the faster completion of the launch site facilities. More German Nazi FAU-2 missiles arrived there later. Some of them were studied and
disassembled, but eleven German rockets were actually launched out of Kapustin Yar, Russia. For a while this was the only Russian ballistic missile testing and launching facility. As you can see, it is still being used today. Topol, capable of intercontinental travel, is said to be capable of hitting targets up to 6800 miles away. At this time, it was pointed at a test site in Kazakhstan, and as the TV anchor reported in the video below, it hit the target, as was expected.
3 New Rocket Goes to the Launchpad

New Rocket Goes to the Launchpad

A new Soyuz2 rocket is ordered to be prepared for a launch. This is being classified as a lighter rocket compared to the bigger ones used before and it is only the second one built to date. Here we can see the photos of how it looks and a video of a launch itself. The rocket is being guarded by special army forces throughout all the time spent travelling to a launchpad.
Officers are on report. Please note plastic bags on their feet - this is done to maintain extra cleanness inside of the facility. Some of the similar launches are performed from Plesetsk - a place deep in the woods, close to the White Sea.   And a video:
2 Space Rocket Being Assembled

Space Rocket Being Assembled

This is how the assembly of the rocket "Proton" is being finished before its launch planned for later this month. In the photos you can see how the future satellites are being "stuffed" next to each other,
together with the parts of the engines which are used to propel the whole installation and then the parts of outer shell of the rocket are mounted. Photos are clickable for a larger, widescreen view.
30 Largest Oil Refinery in Europe is on Fire

Largest Oil Refinery in Europe is on Fire

"Neftekamskneftehim" is the largest oil refinery in Europe. It is located in Tatarstan, Russia and today, at 7.00pm Moscow
Time, dozens of firemen were urgently summoned as the oil giant started burning. More photos and videos inside.

0 More Winter in Chernobyl

More Winter in Chernobyl

Some more photos of the Nuclear Winter - Winter of Chernobyl. As people say this year winter there wasn't too snowy, however the temperature went far below zero, as low as -25
C. So the photos were made in one of those colder days when the bright Sun shone thru the ice freezing air on the abandoned postapocalyptic structures of Pripyat.
1 Soviet Atomic Flagship

Soviet Atomic Flagship

Shared by one of our readers, Steve, this is a video from the era when Soviet documentaries were still being translated into foreign languages. This particular one tells a story of an atomic icebreaker that could sustain people deep into the polar ice
fields without any need of external sources of heat or fuel, which was really groundbreaking technology at the time and is still pretty cool even now. There is one more documentary on atomic power in Soviet Russia as a bonus inside:

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