4 Place Where Nuclear Fuels Are Being Made

Place Where Nuclear Fuels Are Being Made

  Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant in 2011 produced and sold 70% of world consumption of lithium isotope-7 (1300 kg). It was a new record in the history of the plant. However, the main product of the production of NCCP is  nuclear fuel ."Novosibirsk Chemical
Concentrates Plant" is one of the leading manufacturers of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants and research reactors in Russia and abroad. And the only Russian manufacturer of lithium metal and its salts. It Is part of the State Corporation "Rosatom".

0 Leeches Growing Facility in Russia

Leeches Growing Facility in Russia

Medicinal leech therapy made an international comeback in the 1970s in microsurgery, used to stimulate circulation to salvage skin grafts and other tissue threatened by postoperative venous congestion, particularly in finger reattachment and reconstructive surgery of the ear, nose, lip, and eyelid.Other clinical applications of medicinal leech therapy include varicose veins, muscle cramps, thrombophlebitis, and osteoarthritis, among many varied conditions. The therapeutic effect is not from the blood taken in the meal, but from the continued and steady bleeding from the wound left after the leech has detached, as well as the
anesthetizing, anti-inflammatory, and vasodilating properties of the secreted leech saliva.The most common complication from leech treatment is prolonged bleeding, which can easily be treated, although allergic reactions and bacterial infections may also occur. International Centre for the Medicinal Leech was created on the basis that had been formed in 1937 with  association "Medpiyavka", which had leeches in the artificial pond near Udelnaya holiday village (Moscow region). If you are not sure you can tolerate images of live leeches then maybe you better don't go further than this!

3 A Guided Tour into the Museum of the TU Planes

A Guided Tour into the Museum of the TU Planes

  The Design Bureau "Tu" was founded in 1922 by Andrei Tupolev. Since that time the bureau has developed about 300 projects of various types of
aircrafts. Planes with the inscription "Tu" on board still carry passengers and are guarding the Russian borders. Come on a tour inside.

8 New Russian Spaceport is Being Built

New Russian Spaceport is Being Built

A new Russian spaceport "Vostochniy" ("Eastern") is being built in far east Russia. Earlier, in Soviet times, the majority of launches were performed from the Soviet spaceport "Baikonur" in Kazakhstan. Now Kazakhstan is a separate state and it's said that Russia pays $115 million to Kazakhstan
yearly to be able to use the facility. The construction of the new spaceport is expected to reduce these costs and it also brings more workspaces to the Far East of Russia. The construction began in 2011 and the first unmanned flight is expected to be launched from here in 2015.
2 Russian Food That Travels to Space

Russian Food That Travels to Space

Several research institutes and experimental plants are operating in Russia for the production of food products for space. This
country is the only one in the world where operating organizations specialized in the manufacture of food for the space.
4 Abandoned Biological Hormonal Research Soviet Lab

Abandoned Biological Hormonal Research Soviet Lab

        Most people know what hormones are and why they are needed, but only a few people know exactly how the research of hormonal interactions in the human body is done. For obvious reasons, and due to the complexity of these kinds of experiments, they can not be conducted on human beings. That is why, in the second half of the century in most countries, special
research institutes have been set up. Most of the necessary experiments are conducted on animals - rats, rabbits and primates. One of such institutes was called "The USSR Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy". There are a lot of rumors about the attempt to crossbreed humans and monkeys to create super-soldiers being done in this place.

3 Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip

Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip

In Russia, today (April 12th) is known as "The Cosmonautics Day", as on 12th April 1961 Yuri Gagarin made his first flight to space. TV stations are usually airing something connected with space exploration
and we post here a film strip for high school children made back in 1983. I didn't have any idea that they had taken panoramic shots of the surface of Venus as far back as the early 1980s.

1 March 26th Manned Space Rocket Launch

March 26th Manned Space Rocket Launch

Some photos from the launch that took place on March 26. Two Russian and one American were on board. Six hours before launch, the crew leaves the
hotel. Space suits are checked for leaks. These and the other images from the launch and preparation are clickable for bigger pics:

1 IL Planes 120 Anniversary: a Peek into IL Labs

IL Planes 120 Anniversary: a Peek into IL Labs

The 120th anniversary of the famous Russian airplane creator, Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin, was celebrated in the House of Scientists yesterday. Here are some photos of the testing department of "IL" airplanes. The creation of any aircraft is a long and complicated process. It includes a lot of tests, including tests for
structural strength. During static and fatigue tests, the calculated limits and working loads are confirmed experimentally. Tests confirm the accuracy of the design process under the specified load, and the question of the accuracy of the load is answered by using flight strength tests.  
5 Topol Missile Has Been Launched

Topol Missile Has Been Launched

A ballistic missile "Topol" was launched from the Kapustin Yar launch site - the oldest Russian test site of Soviet ballistic missiles. This launch site was established as two special trains loaded with seized Nazi rocket equipment arrived from Germany in 1947. At that time engineers and soldiers lived in tents as no civil construction was going on, probably in favor of the faster completion of the launch site facilities. More German Nazi FAU-2 missiles arrived there later. Some of them were studied and
disassembled, but eleven German rockets were actually launched out of Kapustin Yar, Russia. For a while this was the only Russian ballistic missile testing and launching facility. As you can see, it is still being used today. Topol, capable of intercontinental travel, is said to be capable of hitting targets up to 6800 miles away. At this time, it was pointed at a test site in Kazakhstan, and as the TV anchor reported in the video below, it hit the target, as was expected.