8 Semi-Abandoned Concrete Producing Plant

Semi-Abandoned Concrete Producing Plant

The plant producing concrete units is semi-abandoned today. Only one part of it is engaged
in manufacture of different products including border stone and panel plates.
12 The Most Expensive And Unique Hotel In the World

The Most Expensive And Unique Hotel In the World

The Russian company "Orbital Technologies" is going to create a hotel in Earth's orbit at an altitude of 350 kilometers from the surface. The unusual hotel will be able to accommodate
seven guests. It will be opened by 2016 and will probably become the most expensive hotel in history. A five-day stay will cost you about 5 million rubles (about $ 180.000).
11 Treatment Of Waste Water In The Gulf Of Finland

Treatment Of Waste Water In The Gulf Of Finland

Saint-Petersburg central aeration station located near the Gulf of Finland takes in sewage wastes that come
from the central part of the city. Let's see how they process the water before it enters the Gulf.
18 A 100-Year Old Power Plant

A 100-Year Old Power Plant

The Porozhskaya hydroelectric power plant is the oldest functional power plant in Russia. Last year it
celebrated a centenary of trouble-free operation and has unique destiny like many other things in our country.
16 Human As A Part Of The Wolf Pack

Human As A Part Of The Wolf Pack

Would you like to know how wolves live by staying in their pack? Well, it's proven that they can accept people who learned to behave in a right
way. Meet a zoologist Jason Badridze who grew up several generations of wolf cubs and taught them to escape hunters and people in general.
12 A Trip By Nanotrain

A Trip By Nanotrain

The Russian Railways Company has launched a new project, a mobile exhibition complex where leading foreign and Russian companies presented their innovative projects. On August 6 2011 the train left
its starting ground in Saint-Petersburg and went to Vologda city where it was open for guests from 10.30 AM till 7.30 PM. Let's visit the nanotrain and view the exhibits presented.
12 The Last Wooden Planetarium In The World

The Last Wooden Planetarium In The World

Welcome to the planetarium built in a city park of Penza 80
years ago. It is the only wooden planetarium in the world.
16 Training of the Emergency Response Team

Training of the Emergency Response Team

On 25 March 1995 members of Aum Senrike used GB gas in the result of which over three thousand people got affected. 12 of them could never survive the attack. To prevent such an act in the Russian capital a special emergency response team was formed. It includes around 200 people and has
more colonels and majors than any other detachment. The fact proves that the unit embraces the best specialists who sharpened their skills in Chernobyl, Afghanistan, Chechnya, etc. Let's see how the emergency response team dislocated in the Moscow region is trained.
18 Two DIY Things

Two DIY Things

Can you boast of making things with your own hands? Below you will find several instructions
which will guide you through the construction process of a subwoofer and a telescope.
16 A Visit To The Almaty Television Tower

A Visit To The Almaty Television Tower

The Almaty Television Tower was built between 1975 to 1983. It is one of the most seismically stable and tallest buildings in the world. It is the second tallest building in Kazakhstan and 32nd in the world. The
tower is located on the slopes of the Kok-Tube at a height of 372m above sea level. To date the tower is closed to tourist. Here is an exclusive view of the tower both from the outside and from within.

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