16 Training of the Emergency Response Team

Training of the Emergency Response Team

On 25 March 1995 members of Aum Senrike used GB gas in the result of which over three thousand people got affected. 12 of them could never survive the attack. To prevent such an act in the Russian capital a special emergency response team was formed. It includes around 200 people and has
more colonels and majors than any other detachment. The fact proves that the unit embraces the best specialists who sharpened their skills in Chernobyl, Afghanistan, Chechnya, etc. Let's see how the emergency response team dislocated in the Moscow region is trained.
18 Two DIY Things

Two DIY Things

Can you boast of making things with your own hands? Below you will find several instructions
which will guide you through the construction process of a subwoofer and a telescope.
16 A Visit To The Almaty Television Tower

A Visit To The Almaty Television Tower

The Almaty Television Tower was built between 1975 to 1983. It is one of the most seismically stable and tallest buildings in the world. It is the second tallest building in Kazakhstan and 32nd in the world. The
tower is located on the slopes of the Kok-Tube at a height of 372m above sea level. To date the tower is closed to tourist. Here is an exclusive view of the tower both from the outside and from within.
19 The Inside Of Electronic Devices

The Inside Of Electronic Devices

We live in the world of electronics and don't think much about the way it is manufactured. Today we'll visit
a Russian enterprise that specializes on development and production of different electronics boards.
18 The Museum In A Submarine

The Museum In A Submarine

Do you feel like seeing the inside of a former
submarine vessel which is now being used as a museum?
16 Old And Famous Construction Projects Of Samara

Old And Famous Construction Projects Of Samara

Russia has seen a lot of different constructions throughout its existence. Building a power plant on the Volga river and erecting a bay in Samara are just
a few examples. Today you will fling yourself into the creative upbuidling processes the results of which are left for the future generations.
14 Reaching The Stars In A Minute, Part 2

Reaching The Stars In A Minute, Part 2

Some pictures of a military launch area located in Plesetsk were shown in a previous post. Today we'll continue our journey along the place and see more of Soyuz-U rocket firing. Read more...
16 100 Year Old Hydro Power Plant

100 Year Old Hydro Power Plant

Year 1908... There isn't yet a hint of the First World War and the followed it revolution. The economy of the Russian Empire is rising. The metallurgical plant in neighboring Satka city has already been working for 150 years and the Uralian part
of the Trans-Siberian Railway has already been finished. In such favorable conditions, the aristocratic family of Mordvinovs decides to build a unique for those times enterprise - a power station and a plant in one bunch.
37 Rocket Launch In the Plesetsk Cosmodrome

Rocket Launch In the Plesetsk Cosmodrome

These photos were taken in the Plesetsk cosmodrome during preparations of the rocket for a launch:
from the transportation to the assembly place to the installation on the launch platform.
26 Abandoned Crimean NPP

Abandoned Crimean NPP

The construction of the Crimean Nuclear Power Plant was started many years ago, in far 1975. Then, the state spent millions of Soviet rubles on it (according to some sources, even billions). But when the plant was almost finished in 1989, it was decided to stop its construction. Why? Because the memories of the recent disaster at Chernobyl were still very fresh. Besides, a new political situation, the
views of environmentalists and many other factors played their role as well. Now this abandoned facility is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most expensive nuclear reactor which remained unfinished. Imagine the scale - it had to provide the entire Crimea with electricity. Let's have a walk around its ruins and look at the process of its dismantling.

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