0 Strong Winds in Southern Russia

Strong Winds in Southern Russia

Strong winds, up to 70 mph, hit the Southern Russian Coast of the Black Sea. Ten foot waves hit the local Black Sea beaches. In the city of Novorosiysk, one of the largest southern Russian ports, the
wind was so strong that it was tearing up the houses, billboard ads and trees. The authorities banned trucks from entering the city in an attempt to keep them safe. Video is inside:
3 Russian City Under Occupation

Russian City Under Occupation

Several curious images of Lgov, in the Kursk region of Russia during the time of nazi occupation in
1942. Hard days for refugees who lost their homes and bridges of the city blown up by the enemy.
8 Follow Me: Police Version

Follow Me: Police Version

It's a reply from the Krasnoyarsk police to the project of the Russian photographer Murad Osmann that became very famous. They decided to do this just before the International
Women's Day celebrated on March 8th. By the way, Kransoyarsk police are becoming more and more social, they already have their own pages on the most popular social networks.
4 An Explosion at Novokuznetsk Power Plant

An Explosion at Novokuznetsk Power Plant

Novokuznetsk, Russia - photos have been posted of a power plant that suffered an explosion earlier today. As per the photos, it looks like the plant itself received some severe damage. As per official information, at 9.55am there was explosion inside the room where the main turbines are located. Authorities and the rescue mission could
not get inside at first because of the hot air. In the video below there can be seen a thick smoke, as high as 150 ft above the power plant. Novokuznetsk is a city in Russia with a population of over 500,000 people. The power plant is question has the power capacity of 100 Megawatts. More photos inside.
4 Climate in Ukraine

Climate in Ukraine

With all the recent talk about war and Ukraine, we decided to remind everyone what the climate in Ukraine really is like. Basically in winter, though it is a bit milder than in Siberian parts of Russia, it is
still almost as severe as in European Russia. This means snow and temperatures way below zero. Here is, for example, how the highway connecting two Ukrainian cities looked just a few weeks ago.
2 A Flower from the Cops

A Flower from the Cops

When a police officer pulls you over you can expect him to give you a ticket, to talk to you about driving safety, or in other words, people don't expect anything good when this happens. However, if you are in Russia these days, you can get pulled over by a cop just to find out that he wants to present to you a flower. Only if you are a woman. The road safety police these days give away hundreds of flowers to random lady
drivers across the country, in an effort to celebrate International Women's Day - a holiday that is widely being observed in Russia. Holding a flower behind his back while pulling the unsuspected lady to the side of the road might be a trick that's a bit cruel, as all things she might have done wrong might go through her mind until she finds out that this was not the reason for the stop.

10 Russian Traveller Ketov

Russian Traveller Ketov

Vladislav Ketov is an outstanding traveller from Russia who, by the way, turned 64 in February. No, he has neither managers nor sponsors, and his experience has never been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records, but
facts speak for themselves. He became the first man in the world to travel around the Earth. It took him twenty one years and twenty one days to travel 167 000 km cycling along the coast lines of the continents...
1 More Army Movements (Updated)

More Army Movements (Updated)

More movements of army units were spotted through different cities of Russia today. The photos are of the numerous army vehicles moving through Voronezh city. Also, after this post got published, we received
some more photos from Astrakhan, where more army units on the move were witnessed. Those photos can be seen below too, and the video is from Kazan where another unit on the move was seen.
1 Enthusiast Puts Rubber Mats on Downtown Public Bus Stops

Enthusiast Puts Rubber Mats on Downtown Public Bus Stops

An enthusiastic Krasnoyarsk man, Anton, decided to solve the problem of the slippery icy and snowy surfaces that haunt the bus stops of the 13th largest Russian city, Krasnoyarsk, with a population of over one million people. For this purpose, he uses rubber mats that are equipped with a heater inside. "I decided to do this after I saw the statistics on the accidents of people falling down at bus
stops" says the man. As the municipality was pretty skeptical about his approach, Anton decided to invest his own money to complete equipping the pilot bus stop with the mat and the heater. He said it cost him almost $1200 and he was hoping the installation would serve for at least five years. Here are some pics and also there is an ending to this story inside:
4 Protesters in Donetsk, Ukraine Crash Police Cars

Protesters in Donetsk, Ukraine Crash Police Cars

As witnesses report from Donetsk, Ukraine (the fifth largest Ukraine city, population 970 thousand) the supporters of the New Ukrainian government stormed the streets shouting "Ukraine!", "Unified Ukraine!" and other words in support of Ukraine as a single state. Previously, it had been reported that Russian flags were raised upon the administration
buildings of Donetsk, however the majority today were holding Ukrainian flags, as you can see in the photos. Later, the protesters hijacked a police bus which was used to hold arrested protesters, and smashed the police cars with this bus. The rest of the people applauded. You can see this moment on the video posted below.

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