0 Wicked Class Photos

Wicked Class Photos

A wave of wicked end of the year class photos is going thru Russian schools, with even old lady teachers
participating in those pranks. Here are two examples fresh out of the schools. Click for full sizes. Facepalm!
0 Lesson For the Son

Lesson For the Son

Probably they were going
to the shooting range...

8 The Border Is Under Protection!

The Border Is Under Protection!

Yesterday on 28th of May all Russia was celebrating the day of border guards. Every year Moscow border guards come
to Gorky park to drink and bathe in fountains. Like it or not, but this year didn't become an exception.
6 Driving Into the Traffic Jam At High Speed

Driving Into the Traffic Jam At High Speed

How to get through a Moscow traffic jam?
See this video for the answer!  
0 Nice Wedding

Nice Wedding

Just another wedding
video from Russia.
6 Nice Catch, Man!

Nice Catch, Man!

This man is really lucky to
have such a catch. But how??
2 Try To Explain This

Try To Explain This

to explain what is happening in this video. Why did this guy suddenly need to
wash right in the supermarket's aquarium? Lost a bet? Poor fish, anyway..
1 Bad Pizza Delivery

Bad Pizza Delivery

You start feeling a bit uncomfortable after watching this video... Was the guy really so hungry
or it's just a normal thing for delivery guys? Better keep your tips for someone else.

2 Bad Fun In Hospital

Bad Fun In Hospital

Work in a hospital is never easy. To withstand difficult days at work, nurses have to treat it differently, to pose around people so bad ill that can't move and then post it online. This is
how these medical workers from the Perm region of Russia explained these photos which had appeared in social networks. Actually police now hunts the nurses for those photos.
7 Ramzan Kadyrov Twins

Ramzan Kadyrov Twins

Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has found an unusual way to be everywhere and
always in time. Now he has an exact copy of himself who can replace him if necessary.

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