0 When It Is a Woman Who Commands

When It Is a Woman Who Commands

This video was shot in Belogorsk, the Amursk region (signal regiment). The platoon
commander is a woman - fiancee of the man who is titled as a Hero of Russia.
8 Spider Man From Kiev

Spider Man From Kiev

Daredevil Pavel, 26, from Kiev, Ukraine, hides behind his nickname Mustang Wanted. Just recently he has become the star in the Internet. And he is awesome
indeed! Just look how he can balance on one leg at height of 100 m, hang over the precipice holding the ledge with only three fingers and much more.
2 Best Wedding Video

Best Wedding Video

You are the happy one who is going to get married soon? Well, maybe you still don't know how you can
make a good video about the event. This one is here to inspire you! Or maybe to make you cry...
0 Breaking Bricks Is Not So Easy!

Breaking Bricks Is Not So Easy!

Army is the place that turns boys into real men. This is what we usually believe. Real soldier must be ready for
anything and have no fear. Just see how a young soldier is trying to prove he can break bricks with his bare hands.
1 People of the Russian Empire, Photo Art of Z. Vinogradov

People of the Russian Empire, Photo Art of Z. Vinogradov

These are wonderful shots of Zakhar Vinogradov. Unfortunately not so much is known about this talented photographer of the past. Only
that he travelled all over the Volga region of Russia and created a big photo album which was awarded and exhibited in Moscow.

2 Me And Locomotives

Me And Locomotives

This man probably likes to take self-shots and also likes
locomotives. And he perfectly knows how he can combine two hobbies.
2 Ordinary Soviet Wedding

Ordinary Soviet Wedding

Some black and white pictures of an ordinary Soviet wedding which took place in the
1970s. The newlyweds are workers of the "Intourist" hotel for foreigners.
0 The Place Where Real Men Are Born

The Place Where Real Men Are Born

Those who have to come to army are mainly absolutely unprepared for what they come across there. They have just left their careful and loving mothers to plunge into army hardships and disappointments. Professional teachers and doctors, for example, are trained for a long time while conscript soldiers have only one month of practice before they are sent to any flash point where they simply turn into
cannon fodder. This is the main reason why the military patriotic union "Cascade" was created. Boys from Zhukovsky (city in the Moscow region), mainly troubled teens, learn to swim, shoot, box, drive - everything a real man has to able to do. The best of them have a right to go to the training camp in summer. The conditions of life there are almost the same as combat ones.

8 That Far 1943

That Far 1943

A selection of impressive black and white
photographs of that uneasy year 1943.

5 Moscow 1960-1990s

Moscow 1960-1990s

Here's a nice selection of pictures which
let us go back to Moscow of 1960-90s.

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