1 Excavators Vs Lack of Roads

Excavators Vs Lack of Roads

What remains to do when you need to move but there are no roads
around? Only water. In Siberia they know how to solve this problem.
16 Female Face of the War

Female Face of the War

When all men die in battles or captured by the enemy, it becomes the turn of women to fight for their native land. Some military units fully consisted of females.
Did they have many chances to survive? No. But they were marching, singing, smiling and supporting each other. There were so many heroes among them.
1 Meanwhile In Georgia

Meanwhile In Georgia

It is never quiet in a Georgian family!
Especially if they have a very angry sheep!
2 Dont Drink

Dont Drink

Drinking is not that fun as it seemed from the beginning as a shovel turned out to be such a thing that can be used in many
various, sometimes dangerous ways. Russian villagers entertainment went wrong. Just watch this video till the very end.

8 WWII As It Really Was

WWII As It Really Was

Military photojournalists often were with their cameras at places where they almost had no chances to survive. Thanks to their enormous work we have an oppurtunity to touch the history today and to see the war with our own eyes. Mikhail Savin was one of such photojournalists. His shots are real classics today. Mikhail was born in far 1915, started to take photos in 1941. He managed to catch interesting moments of Soviet
troops retreat, the defense of Moscow, the Kursk battle, attack of Soviet troops in Europe etc. He had a talisman and believed it always helped him to survive on the most difficult and hopeless days. It was a porcelain ring for curtains hanging. All his work is one of the best samples of how a real professional treats what he does. It gave us a chance to see the war the way it really was.
0 Road Rage of the Addict

Road Rage of the Addict

It sooner resembles some Hollywood movie but in fact it's happened recently in the very centre of Moscow. One addict stole a police car and started his crazy road rage.
Everything he was doing was shot with a cam inside of the car... He crashed three cars more and tried to escape but was hit by another car and hospitalized.
5 This World Is Not Hopeless

This World Is Not Hopeless

We can often see how rude and insolent drivers can be. But it's not about
everyone. Some drivers are suprisingly kind and ready to help others.
0 The Number of My Car Is 999

The Number of My Car Is 999

Such a conflict recently happened on one
of the roads of a Russian city Omsk.
2 Really Big Origami

Really Big Origami

This big dragon was being made by one person for more than a week. The piece of paper used for the origami was as big as 7x7 meters! Two
hours more were spent for painting the model and set it on its feet. This dragon became the biggest origami ever made in Belarus.

8 40 Days of Fidel Castro In the USSR

40 Days of Fidel Castro In the USSR

Exactly half a century ago, on the 27th of April, 1963, the leader of the Cuban Revolution paid his first visit to the USSR, that journey lasted for forty days. He managed to see a lot of cities and visit numerous factories, secret military bases, a
nuclear submarine, walk along Moscow without security guards, talk to the authorities and ordinary people. He became the first foreigner who came up to the podium of the mausoleum and even received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

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