1 Good Citizen

Good Citizen

This world still has kind and good people, who
are not indifferent to problems of others.
3 Sketches of One Russian City

Sketches of One Russian City

Just some photos from Nizhny Novgorod, the city which developing more and more
resembles Moscow and becomes less and less authentic like many other cities of Russia.
0 Words Written By Soldiers

Words Written By Soldiers

Soldiers are quite inventive when entertainments are concerned. Such small
flashmobs are rather popular in Russia. What words do soldiers form for fun?
0 Casual Fight For Gay Rights

Casual Fight For Gay Rights

In fact the guys who are obviously losing in this battle will be
made fun of by the whole city for a long long period of time...
0 Fluffy Thieves

Fluffy Thieves

One man came to the base to sell meat and fish procured in summer. The smell of food attracted bears which started to taste
what was brought. But the seller was not a coward at all, being unarmed he stated driving the thieves away with screams.
4 So Many Ukrainian Brides

So Many Ukrainian Brides

The traditional Brides Day took place in Kharkiv, Ukraine. You
are about to see many pictures of this event right here.
1 Patriotic Russian Police

Patriotic Russian Police

It's the video of Russian police singing a national anthem, looks like it
was not meant to be leaked, but became pretty much viral in Russia lately.

1 Back To Early 90s

Back To Early 90s

Here is a collection of photos of a Far Eastern city of Russia called
Vladivostok taken in early 90s. They wonderfully convey the spirit of that time.
1 The Man Who Feels No Fear

The Man Who Feels No Fear

Saveliy liked animals so much so that he opened his own zoo in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine.
It's where he feels like a king and fears absolutely nothing even next to wild beasts!

9 So Special Soviet Charm

So Special Soviet Charm

Soviet charm was absolutely special, maybe if you
look at these photos you will capture the mood.

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