3 Village Sculptor

Village Sculptor

How much space does a village life leave for art? It does not seem to be the best place for making sculptures. Nevertheless living on a plain you often strive to climb a mountain. And
maybe every village has a big talent but talented people gasp for more air and normally go to big cities. That is why Andrey, a village sculptor, stands out from the rest.

1 Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor

Who's there
driving this BMW?

8 Illegally In Pripyat

Illegally In Pripyat

 Yes, it's about Pripyat again, but no abandoned dolls, kindergartens, decaying books and portraits of leaders this time. This report is mainly about penetration of
stalkers to the exclusion zone and landscapes available for observation only to those who come there illegally - all these sunsets, twilight and nights...
7 Moments of the Soviet Life

Moments of the Soviet Life

A nice set of pictures taken in the period from 1972 to 1992 by a photographer
Vladimir Krykov: people of the Soviet epoch, genre scenes and events.

3 Unusual Friendship: Boy And Bird

Unusual Friendship: Boy And Bird

We have seen many examples of unusual friendship between humans and animals. This is another similar story: a boy aged twelve found a little sparrow that was about
to die. He took care of the bird and helped it to recover. The sparrow named Ebby is so grateful now that does not leave its rescuer even for a minute.
3 Celebrities in Hospital

Celebrities in Hospital

One Russian guy went to the hospital a few days ago and met there unexpectedly a lot of people
looking like celebs. Here are a few examples of photos he took during that trip.
2 Ghetto Dance, Unlimited

Ghetto Dance, Unlimited

Ghetto dance would be a ghetto dance no matter which country you go to. However, as in every creative aspect of
human interaction there might be a sheer beauty of the self expression. Now meet the ghetto dancers!
3 Another Way to Use Flying Bots

Another Way to Use Flying Bots

Recently the mini flying copters controlled with smartphones are becoming more and more popular, mostly due to the technolgy being more and more affordable and reliable. So this time in Estonia they proved the copters can perform pretty unexpected stuff. A flying remotely controlled bot was used to tamper with a live air studio show, where one of the
mayoral elections candidate in Tallinn, Estonia was interviewed. The copter appeared unexpectedly behind the glass window of the studio on the forth floor and this way displayed an unwanted political ad against the man that was on air. The video here shows both videos - from on board of helicopter and from the tv studio.
0 People of Baikal

People of Baikal

We are in an ordinary Buryat village to see how people live
their, what clothes they wear, what traditions they keep.
0 Another Stalins House

Another Stalins House

This house is the place where Joseph Stalin rested in summer 1921, so this house is turning 100 years old soon. There, In Nalchik, he was deciding what pieces the Mountain Republic of the USSR
had to be cut into. As a result Kabardino-Balkaria was formed and Kabarda lost its Cherkessk lands and gained Balkar ones. That and other decisions bring many problems even today.

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