22 Steven Seagal Watches Russian Weapons in Action

Steven Seagal Watches Russian Weapons in Action

The Russian government invited Steven Seagal to visit and see Russian arms in action. Photographer Marina was lucky to be
present there too, and thanks to her we can now see what Steven saw there and how he reacted. The photos are inside. 

7 Do Not Litter, Not

Do Not Litter, Not

Sergey has travelled through Siberia and has been puzzled by where so much trash is coming from. "There are much fewer villages around than
in the European part of Russia. People are pretty much not rich, so how do they produce so much trash??", writes the blogger.  

7 Soviet People Ten Years after the War

Soviet People Ten Years after the War

These are color photos by Semyon Friedland, of Soviet people on the verge of the "New World": WW2 had already been over for ten years, so the famine and destruction was mostly
overcome and people were heading for some new, bright future as they expected it would be. At least that is how I feel they were thinking, posing for those photos.
3 Another Weird Car

Another Weird Car

  Talking about weird cars this is another one that has been sent our way. According to the story, these were built in Soviet times by the people working in what can be called the Park Rangers
service - people taking care of forests. They were probably in need of cars which could go easily on the dirt roads and also wanted to stay comfy, so they came up with these.
4 Pave-work of Ukhta

Pave-work of Ukhta

It's a pretty long video of six minutes, I think watching just a couple of minutes might be enough to get an idea of what sorts of pavement you might meet there. As they say it costs a few millions per mile to pave the road and
this is the quality they get in Ukhta, Russia. I am not sure, maybe this is pretty normal and they just panic for nothing, but still it looks cool when a paved road can be disassembled just with a one man power.

10 Soviet Mission In Afghanistan

Soviet Mission In Afghanistan

Afghanistan has always been a key to Asia and in all times it was becoming a center of geopolitical interests of different empires. For centures they made attempts to conquer Afghanistan, they located
communities and sent military advisers there. Thus, in 1979 it was the Soviet troops that entered the country. Pictures of that ten years lasting mission are presented below in the post.
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45 Some Empty Shelves

Some Empty Shelves

A few days ago Russian government has posted a bill to ban import of different foods coming from Europe and US (also Australia and Canada). It was said that this ban would be active for one year long and its term can be changed at any time. What did they ban? Mostly all dairy and meat products out of these countries, also as I understood all fruit and vegetables are
forbidden to import too. People started already posting photos of empty shelves into their blogs and twitters and instagram accounts that are said to be meant display food connected photos in them. News reports says that the trucks full of foreign foods being turned away from the borders.  Some photos here from the shops I stumbled upon today:

6 Life in the Russian Countryside, Happy One

Life in the Russian Countryside, Happy One

Pictures from a modern Russian village don't have to be always gloomy. These ones, taken in Ushakovo village, for
example, portray the best we normally may imagine when think about joys and pleasures of life in a countryside.

3 Russian Astrophysicists of 1960

Russian Astrophysicists of 1960

Here, the photos of Russian astrophysicists doing their jobs in Crimea lab in 1960. I find those pics pretty enchanting - the space science on verge of its golden era with so
many expectations and support, when only the bright minds could find their ways to the jobs like this working with such sophisticated equipment. Just look at them.
5 Gas Station Blew Up: Video

Gas Station Blew Up: Video

  If you ever wondered how does gas station blows up in real life and not in movies, then this is how. Real action starts after the first minute of this video. By the way
the gas station brand was "EXSON" (not Exxon). There are numerous fake names of the gas stations mocking world known brands in Dagestan, Russia, where this happened.

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