7 Up Side Down Houses

Up Side Down Houses

Lately in Russia the trend to build up side down houses has emerged. As far as I understand the sole purpose of those is to make cool photos - both outside and inside, so a few was built in
different Russian cities. Like in St. Petersburg they already have a few of those. And thanks to the photographers we have some photos of those from different parts of Russia.

9 Sneaking into an Active Russian Bomb Shelter

Sneaking into an Active Russian Bomb Shelter

Armahema can be called a Banksy of Russian urban bloggers - he is always on a track to some forbidden highly guarded places. What differs him from many others that he often visits the places that even not yet abandoned but fully active and guarded. He gets in there like in his own house, turns the lights on
and makes those awesome photos showing the objects like they are. Then leaves and publishes his photos. This time Armahema went to one of the active bomb shelters. He doesn't like put much text with his photos, probably due to security reasons. So here is his photo set and no comments.

7 A Parent of the Year?

A Parent of the Year?

One Russian dad told this story: "When I was a kid, my dad has made me a New Year costume (in Russia children sometimes dress for New Year party like in Helloween). This was not a regular costume, but one of a Russian cavalerist - Hussar. Then when I went to the school I
was a hero - half of school came to see my costume, students and teachers, all alike flocked to touch it, ask where did I get it etc. Now I have a little boy son and I wanted to do something similar. So I made this". What did he make? Let's see inside!

3 Sneaking Illegaly into Nuclear Power Plant

Sneaking Illegaly into Nuclear Power Plant

Remember those guys who sneaked illegally into St.Petersburg largest civil airport and wandered there, touching the planes and stuff? Now same group of guys made another trespassping endeavor, now into the nuclear
power station near same city - St. Petersburg. They were able to climb the huge chimneys and even get into the reactor building and make everywhere photos, selfies etc. We have some photos inside!

4 Ice Frozen Spheres Along Russian Baltic Coast

Ice Frozen Spheres Along Russian Baltic Coast

People at the Russian Baltic sea coast near St. Petersburg found one morning that ice had frozen into almost perfectly shaped
spheres along the coast. Alexander, the photographer, rushed to the sea shore to take the photos we can see here now.

6 Russian Guys on the Roofs of New York

Russian Guys on the Roofs of New York

Maybe you remember there was a group of Russian guys who climbed Dubai towers one day? They bypassed all security and sneaked on to the roofs of the tallest buildings in the country, taking breathtaking shots. We now know their names - the leader of the group is Vitali Raskalov, he became instantly popular after publishing all these crazy photos and videos and it seems that there was no roof too high for him to climb in Russia. He was even on the stars on top of those Stalin Seven
Sisters buildings one day, so we thought there is nothing he can do to surprise his audience. However, a few days ago he published some new photos, and once again, these ones are breaking what we previously thought to be impossible. Those daredevils, Vitali and his friends, has travelled to New York City and illegally trespassed on some of the most famous and tallest buildings of the city to take selfies on top of them. Here we have the whole set!

2 Christmas Moscow 2014

Christmas Moscow 2014

It looks like they have put in a big effort to spread Christmas spirit on the streets of Moscow this year. They made a lot of decorations, opened Christmas bazaars and highlighted city landmarks with lights
and ornaments. One of the most popular Russian bloggers Ilya has taken a trip around the New Year Moscow one evening recently and now we can see the streets through the lens of his camera here!

2 Man From Belarus Keeps Crocodile As Pet

Man From Belarus Keeps Crocodile As Pet

Bezodnitsa village near Minsk, Belarus is getting ready for the New Year holidays. People heat their bath houses, decorate trees, and remove snow from their yards... And just like
other busy locals a Nile crocodile, Gena, looks forward to celebrate the upcoming holidays too. He observes the world from the 2 x 0,5m terrarium and looks rather happy.

5 Road in Udmurtia

Road in Udmurtia

Talking about roads, this is an example of the road in Udmurtia, someone sent us. However, this might be strictly because of
the harsh climate conditions. Like, people of Canada and Brasil sometimes tell they have similar problems around..
0 Ukrainian Security Service General Grand Dad Showing Skills

Ukrainian Security Service General Grand Dad Showing Skills

  This Ukrainian grand dad was a KGB (and then Ukrainian Security Service) general. Even that he is pretty old he still has some skills and someone has got him on video so we decided  to share this video with you. He says those are normal
AK-47 knives, "nothing special, just regular non-modified AK-47 bayonet knife". I am not sure exactly of his age, but this man is Konstantin Siry - was an Ukrainian anti-terrorist center officer. People call him "legendary".

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