13 A Bridge Strength Test: 25 Loaded Kamaz Trucks

A Bridge Strength Test: 25 Loaded Kamaz Trucks

So this is how they test newly built bridges in Russia nowadays. A pack of KAMAZ tip trucks loaded with sand stand side by side, very close to each other. Each truck weighs 25 tons, so this pack grosses at more than six hundred tons tightly packed into one spot. Then this bunch of weight on wheels is moved to another part of the bridge, measurements are taken, then the process is repeated again and again. So the photographer nicknamed Wizarden was
watching for the whole morning to see how six hundred tons of sand were moved, waiting to see if the bridge would collapse. The spoiler - it didn't collapse. Want more of a spoiler? Here: do you know where the top managers of the contractor who built the bridge spent their time during this KAMAZ test? You won't believe it, but they were loaded into a small boat and went under the bridge (probably praying). See more here:
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29 Ten Jobs Women in Russia Cannot Work At

Ten Jobs Women in Russia Cannot Work At

  You might not have known, but there are professions in Russia that women are forbidden to take by law. Like, there is a law that says "some professions are too dangerous for women to take on, so this is the list of those positions where the female is forbidden to be employed." And this list takes in over 350 positions, which is pretty impressive. I am not sure if any feminist organizations have ever tried to argue this or if they fully
realize that those positions are not very much wanted by any woman. However, besides really dangerous occupations, this list features some that you might be amazed at, like "Why don't they allow a woman to be a bus driver?" Some of them are ridiculous, some are reasonable. Well, I am getting a bit ahead of myself here, let's see a list of ten strange positions prohibited for women to join by law in Russia:
33 Awesome Production of SU-30

Awesome Production of SU-30

One of the forests in the Moscow region and abandoned
equipment again. Put on the rubber boots and come go with us!
5 Post Apocalyptic Chicken in Ukraine

Post Apocalyptic Chicken in Ukraine

If you wondered how the post apocalyptic world might look like seconds after a disaster this might be a real life, not movie taken, scene. Thousands of suddenly freed chicken leave the farm, trying to eat something, trying to each other, going to other
sides. Please note an alarm sound on the background adding to the atmosphere and people looking pretty shocked seeing all this. Video of this incident is inside and besides we have one more story of chicken in Ukraine inside too:
4 Soviet Dancing Youth in 1989

Soviet Dancing Youth in 1989

  If you have ever wondered how a late Soviet dance event might looked like then this is how. A short video but almost guaranteed to make you smile at least.
Well, I don't think its too much different from other countries but still it's different, so I suppose you gotta see this! Watch it here:  

5 Washing Lettuce and Cutting Salads

Washing Lettuce and Cutting Salads

From time to time we get our hands on pre-made, pre-chopped salads in fast food chains, or sometimes pre-washed salad ingredients in the stores. I was thinking the salads were chopped on site in the local fast food place, and wasn't even suspecting that pre-washed chopped greens are using such a
complex conveyor system to get into those plastic bags. But Aslan, the blogger, has visited a place near Moscow where a lot of Moscow fast food salads are being made and now we can see how this is being done in reality. If you are still curious - there is a story inside.

3 Flying Above the Autumn Tundra

Flying Above the Autumn Tundra

Tundra is the name of the forests that can't become full-scale forests because of lack of sun light. They are normal in the Northern-most parts of countries of the Northern hemisphere. Russia and Canada are probably the countries with the most tundra forest, and when the autumn comes to those places (it comes there early,
in August) they prepare to shed their small and not very abundant leaves and at this moment it turns into a colorful sight which can best be appreciated from above. So Vladimir, the photographer, has taken a helicopter trip over the Russian tundra and taken these photos that we have here today.
26 Kharkiv: Lenin Down

Kharkiv: Lenin Down

About an hour ago a Lenin's monument was downed in Kharkiv city, Ukraine. Kharkiv is pretty large city - metropolitan population of around
1,700,000 people and they say this Lenin's monument was the largest in Europe. Not any more. Forty seconds of video how it went is inside.

1 A Gameday in Moscow

A Gameday in Moscow

A few photos in color and B/W from sporting events of old Moscow. Soccer, tennis, water polo - these sorts of games have attracted
thousands of people to "Luzhniki" - the main sports arena in Moscow. You can see here how it looked back in the 1950s.
4 If It Fits it Sits

If It Fits it Sits

    "If it fits it sits" - humorously say about the cats that tend to squeeze themselves into different sized boxes and other stuff. This Niva car ain't a cat, but it looks like this hole in the road was a perfect fit to it, so it couldn't resist. Or perhaps it
was at night and the driver simply didn't notice the hole. Whichever is simpler should be correct. It's from Ukraine by the way, but not where they shoot and fight, from some other "peaceful" region. There is one more photo of this accident inside.