10 Preparation for Paskha (Easter)

Preparation for Paskha (Easter)

  On Paskha (Russian for Easter) some homes used to serve round cakes with sugary decorative toppings which they call Kulich. According to Wikipedia, those kuliches were a tradition of pre Christian slavic people of Russia, which was sort of ritual bread to celebrate a few important occasions during the year, like the New Year or early spring or in autumn for harvest holiday. Later
however, it got a Russian Orthodox church meaning and now it's sort of connected with Russian Christianity. There are factories specializing in these sorts of cakes closer to Easter, and priests sometimes come to the factory to give their "blessings". The cakes used to be decorated on top, and some of them are decorated by hand using brushes and edible paints:

1 Car on Ice At Night Illuminated from Underwater

Car on Ice At Night Illuminated from Underwater

We've had car on the Baikal lake ice already here. This is something alike, but different. This is the same place, but at night with some artificial illumination planted beneath the ice. I don't recall seeing something
like this before. So here is the story, told by the authors: "We didn't know if we would be able to illuminate the car thru the one meter (3 feet) thick ice. However we decided to give it a try..."

28 A Police Station Stormed in Gorlovka, Ukraine

A Police Station Stormed in Gorlovka, Ukraine

Today in Gorlovka, Ukraine, close to Donetsk city, people have stormed a police office. It is being reported that a few hundred people participated, mostly dressed in sportswear and wearing masks on their faces. They
threatened policemen with death if they don't surrender, a Russian news website reports. After they got into the building, a few policemen were beaten and a British journalist, Paxton, got his camera seized.

3 Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip

Soviet Space Exploration Film Strip

In Russia, today (April 12th) is known as "The Cosmonautics Day", as on 12th April 1961 Yuri Gagarin made his first flight to space. TV stations are usually airing something connected with space exploration
and we post here a film strip for high school children made back in 1983. I didn't have any idea that they had taken panoramic shots of the surface of Venus as far back as the early 1980s.

11 Faces of USSR by Underground Soviet Photographer

Faces of USSR by Underground Soviet Photographer

The Soviet photographer Schekoldin was taking photos of people in the USSR. As it is was reported in the article, he was taking his photos but was not publishing them as they for sure were different from the
propaganda photos of that time. In the interview Schekoldin describes his style as "soc. cretinism - socialistic cretinism". "It was my reaction to the official propaganda, for the brainwashing."

0 Herders of Salekhard

Herders of Salekhard

Salekhard is a city on Russian North, was founded in 1595 and has a population 46,650 people. It has schools, colleges, a few factories and a port. However if you take a snowmobile and run sixty miles away from the city one can see the life of people in the wild like the rain deer owners, living in
traditional houses called "Chums".  They author of the photos, Ivan, has took a guide with him, as he didn't risk going on a snowmobile all alone deep into the wilderness. "Staying there is awful, they drink blood!",  Ivan says that this is what he was told by a policeman when went there.

1 Kaspersky Triumphant Elephant

Kaspersky Triumphant Elephant

Evgeny Kaspersky, the founder of "Kaspersky Antivirus" has reportedly purchased a
Triumph Elephant by Salvador Dali and installed it in "Kaspersky" office.

0 Large Quarry in Belgorod, Russia

Large Quarry in Belgorod, Russia

The common life of Belgorod's quarry is shown in the following photos. A chalk and clay quarry is located not far from the cement plant. It was founded
in 1989. There were a lot of plans to close it because chalk dust can be harmful to human life, but no matter what, it is still working.

2 Fishing for Omul

Fishing for Omul

Nikolai in his blog tells how he took a trip to Baikal lake and took photos of locals fishing for a fish called "Omul" and talked with the locals: "Not much of Omul left in Baikal, before we
could get a ton of Omul from just one net. We can sell one kilo of omul for roughly $1.20". So by this logic, they could get up to $1200 for just one fishing net full of Omul.

14 People Continue Findings World War 2 Bits and Pieces

People Continue Findings World War 2 Bits and Pieces

Even sixty nine years after World War II ended for Russia, things remaining from its events can be found in the Russian ground. Getting a metal detector can yield one something like this on these pictures. I wonder if someone has started a travel company for
history lovers from other companies to come to Russia, get their metal detector and wander in the fields to dig things out, as the dates on photos as recent as March and April 2014, which can give a clue that things continue to be coming in bulk.

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