13 Big Muslim Holiday in Moscow and St. Petersburg 2014

Big Muslim Holiday in Moscow and St. Petersburg 2014

Today, Moscow celebrates Uraza-Bairam - the first day after a fast is over. Moscow blogger, Ilya, has visited the place with his flying and regular camera to take the
photos of the people and the event itself, as its considered to be the largest Muslim holiday in Russia and for sure is pretty important for many people.
4 Half Million Dollars Heart

Half Million Dollars Heart

In the city of Mirny, diamond capital of Russia, a cool flashmob was held and
visited by 457 people. They assembled a really huge heart from diamonds.

1 Moscow Children In the Early 1960s

Moscow Children In the Early 1960s

American photographer and journalist, Carl Mydans made a series of wonderful color photographs for LIFE magazine
in the early 1960s. You are going to see winter Moscow of that time and kids enjoying a Russian frost.

1 1950s In the Industrial Russian City

1950s In the Industrial Russian City

Pictures of Ukta, an industrial city of the Komi Republic, Russia, taken in the 1950s by an
unknown photographer. Back then bears playing with kids in the yard was a normal reality!

9 Soviet Time At Its Best On the Pictures of Semen Friedland

Soviet Time At Its Best On the Pictures of Semen Friedland

Images of a Soviet photographer and journalist Semen Friedland (1905-1964) taken back in the 1950s in
different places of the USSR. They hit the Russian blogosphere, now it's your turn to check them out.

1 Life And Work at the Bolonsky Nature Reserve

Life And Work at the Bolonsky Nature Reserve

This post is about the Bolonsky reserve and one architect who willingly chose life in subhuman conditions. Vladimir maintains order in his portable cabin, standing
lonely at spring Muchien, in the Khabarovsk region, Russia. Last year this territory was completely flooded, the aftermath is still visible everywhere.

3 Lumber Industries of Arkhangelsk Back in 1958

Lumber Industries of Arkhangelsk Back in 1958

Lumber and saw wood production in Soviet Union was a pretty big thing. First because there was (and is!) a huge amount of natural resource for this, and the second is because of the constant state of construction going on. Also the foreign neighboring countries lack such endless woods
on their territory, so they had to buy the wood from somewhere and the Soviet state was exporting. Arkhangelsk city was one such center for this industry, and these are the photos from back in 1958, showing the scale of how much wood was prepared and handled.

1 Battleship Gangut, 1911

Battleship Gangut, 1911

Even in our age of developed industrial technologies the appearance of the larger man made objects being assembled out of steel touches me, when the people working on the ship or submarine are hundreds of times smaller than the metal giant they are building. So I can imagine how impressive this was a hundred years
ago when it was fresh and those achievements of human engineering were just popping up for the first time. Building something half the size of the Titanic in a wooden barn really should look tremendously awesome for the ones who could take a peek inside. We can take a look inside, too.

9 Russia Sixty Years Ago

Russia Sixty Years Ago

Semyon Fridlan was a Russian photographer that worked at the state owned magazine, OGONYOK. He was a photographer who had the chance to travel to numerous Russian places and document in color life at the time. His topics of interest were out of different spheres - he took photos of people, of the cities, of plants and nature, art pieces and trains -
virtually everything he could find an inspiration in. They said at the time that his photos were lost but then at some point in time the American (!) researchers found his photos on Agfacolor film, they scanned them and published them. Thanks to this work we can get a glimpse of a country sixty years ago. Here we go:
10 We Dont Like Your Plates Sir

We Dont Like Your Plates Sir

If you have the number 666 on your car's number plate, be ready to face religious activists that will use spray paint to ruin your plate, your car and your day. At least this is what happened in Moscow a few days ago. It's interesting that they didn't just spray paint on the
number plate but also deliberately painted out the "KIA" logo of the car, like they have something against this word too. Also it seems that the number 777 is not what they like, either. Also the paint color choice was some tint of gold or bronze.

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