10 Traffic in Moscow

Traffic in Moscow

A few photos of traffic
conditions in Moscow, by Ilya

5 Hermits Village in Sibir Mountains of Russia

Hermits Village in Sibir Mountains of Russia

Two thousand meters above sea level, in mountains near Krasnoyarsk Russia, there is a village where hermits moved to twenty years ago and built everything from scratch. A blogger took a
trip there too see how they live off the grid in the mountains. To get to the place one has to take an eighty kilometer trip on a mud road, like this one which the author took:

2 Abandoned resort in Chernobyl

Abandoned resort in Chernobyl

The recreation center "Emerald" is located on the shores of the cooling pond of the Chernobyl NPP. The center includes about 100 wooden summer houses where people can stay which are located in a beautiful pine grove. The "Emerald" offered for
guests a library, a ballroom, a boat station, a cinema, and a shop. After the accident, the "Emerald" was not abandoned immediately. Liquidators settled there. Their respirators and other stuff  can still be found in the area ...

8 Life in Belarus Village

Life in Belarus Village

Recently, the Belarus president has been mentioned in the news for supposedly wanting to restrict the villagers of Belarus from changing their place of residence and place of work, chaining them to their current locations. Later, he said the press didn't get his words
right, and he didn't want to enslave the peasants but was, on the contrary, talking about the managers calling for them not to change workplaces and to stay where they are. Anyway, these are the photos from AP about Belarus and life in its villages.

8 Looters Raid a Hypermarket Store in Donetsk

Looters Raid a Hypermarket Store in Donetsk

  The "Metro" hypermarket was looted in Donetsk, Ukraine. They say the store was left unattended after the battle that took place nearby. For three days it remained without personnel and guards and this fact was abused by locals. The shop
is around one kilometer away from the airport which is under the control of the local army and the area is targeted by snipers so the protesters avoid it, but locals don't. See the inside of the store inside the post:

6 Border Guard Day 2014

Border Guard Day 2014

Today it was Border Guard Day in Russia - the day when ninety-six years ago a Soviet Border Guard was established by the order of Sovnarkom (who reported to Lenin himself at time). Since then, the 28th of May is the day. Wiki says that
"foreign countries" that were previously a part of USSR honor this day for their border guards as well and celebrate it too. So Russian blogger Ilya went out to check on what the Moscow people were up to on Border Guard Day.    

0 Hydro Station on Azure Waters

Hydro Station on Azure Waters

The Miatlinskaya HPS - is the third stage of the hydroelectric power stations cascade, which are located near the village of Miatli in Dagestan. The installed capacity of the HPS is 220 MW, and the
average annual output - 690 million kW • h. In addition, the reservoir formed by the Miatlinskaya HPS provides a drinkable water supply for Makhachkala city, the capital of Dagestan.

10 Apartments of Chernobyl

Apartments of Chernobyl

"Apartments of Chernobyl." What does this phrase mean, what associations it cause in your mind? Unlike the fully resettled and long abandoned Pripyat, where only the laundry is operating now, the city of Chernobyl is partly residential - workers live there - liquidators who undertake
the construction of a new Chernobyl containment structure and totally eliminate the consequences of the accident. In the city there are also old abandoned sectors, consisting mainly of the private sector. Since 1986, only the wind of emptiness walks there.

2 “Glorious Past”: A Few Photos from Soviet Magazine Ogonyok

“Glorious Past”: A Few Photos from Soviet Magazine Ogonyok

A few photos from the Soviet magazine, OGONYOK. These selected photos of Soviet photo journalists are colorful, and
made to cheer up Soviet people all over the country. The first photo was entitled "In Moscow backyard" 1962.

6 Largest Soviet Toy Store

Largest Soviet Toy Store

"Detskiy Mir" - "Children's World" - was a network of Soviet toy stores. The chain's largest flagship store was located at Lubyanka square. The same square where the flagship KGB building
was and still is. What an irony. So here are some photos from inside the place a lot of Soviet kids were eager to get into as it was probably the best stocked store in town.

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