2 Kazakhstan Super Grannies

Kazakhstan Super Grannies

A sort of strange show has started on Kazakhstan TV, as reported by a Kazakhstan online news outlet. They take women in their early sixties, then they call them  "super-agents-grannies". Well, people in some other countries might argue that a woman in her sixties is not yet a granny, but in Kazakhstan, with its average life expectancy of sixty eight years (as
reported by Google), the early sixties might be considered the age of being a granny. As far as I understand it, they dress those grannies awkwardly, hand them guns and fast cars and instructors and then air it all to the public showing how the "grannies" manage to cope with all this. Let's see what else they have, other than the guns.

8 A Blonde Bus Driver in Belarus

A Blonde Bus Driver in Belarus

Setting aside all the fun jokes about blondes that can't drive, people of a Belarus daily news portal published a story about a young blonde that can drive and actually drives a big MAZ bus through the suburbs of the Belarus capital. "I have to renew my manicure more
often and sometimes boys want to hook up with me while I am in my workplace - behind the wheel of this big bus", says Yelena, the driver, having twelve years of experience driving and owning the license for passenger car, large bus and large truck.

3 Bears on Russian Streets

Bears on Russian Streets

For years "Bears on Russian Streets" seemed to be a myth that people who thought that Russia was a wild place to go were telling each other. However, through the years a collection of photos surfaced from different Russian cities, villages and other places showing that there are still some occasions where people can meet bears on the streets. It
probably happens much more often than a statistical probability or than it happens in some other parts of the world. So here we go with almost sixty photos of bears on Russian streets. Bears on leashes, bears sitting on the park benches, swimming with bears, even bears trying to make love with a real pig - all those are inside.

2 Seventies, Again

Seventies, Again

Blogger Evgeni has posted these photos of the Soviet past that were shared by a person named Vasilij. He says that the time frame of the photography is around the 1970s and 80s. "Looking thru these
photos, I get a feeling that people of Soviet Russia were trying to demonstrate something to you all of the time." says Evgeni. Take a look, those photos are pretty interesting.
3 Wrong Type of Weed

Wrong Type of Weed

An interesting couple of photos were sent our way. According to the story, the community workers have messed up with the lawn seeds and weed seeds in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. In spring, when they planted the seeds, it all looked
nice and green, but later when it went all the way through - and in some Russian cities they don't mow the lawns too often, the people of the neighborhood found something that seems to be a wrong type of weed..
5 A Few Photos from the ER Twitter

A Few Photos from the ER Twitter

      We at ER prefer not to make single-photo posts, however from time to time we come across the photos that you really need to see. Where do they usually go? They go into ER twitter feed, that you might want to subscribe to here. If you don't have twitter
that's not a big deal as here are the latest photos we posted in twitter, starting with a photo from Georgia (Gruzia) where it seems not to be a problem to have a horse in an apartment complex. What else do you need your balcony for? Here are some more:

4 Flying Around an Ice Breaker

Flying Around an Ice Breaker

Russian blogger Sergey went on an ice breaker journey through the Arctic. He says that there is a helicopter on board the vessel. It is a
Russian KA-32C copter and he took a trip on it around the ice breaking ship while deep into the ice of the Arctic. Photos are inside.

10 Strange PT Cruiser Limo from Novgorod

Strange PT Cruiser Limo from Novgorod

A custom car mod agency in Novgorod came out with a car for use as a luxury wedding ride. They tried to make it look like a medieval coach, I can't say if they
succeeded in achieving the feel or not, but the car looks out of this world for sure. Some more photos of the interior and exterior are inside the post.

15 Saving a Tiny Motorboat with an Giant Atomic Submarine

Saving a Tiny Motorboat with an Giant Atomic Submarine

This post is from Oleg, a blogger based in Severodvinsk - a city port on the White Sea where Russian atomic submarines are being built and repaired. He says that more and more often the huge atomic
underwater cruisers are being used to rescue civilian boats that get into trouble in storms. This time he shares the story of the small motor boat being rescued by a big submarine and a helicopter.
2 A Visit from a Rocket

A Visit from a Rocket

This would be a one-photo posting, however I find it important to include here. During the last few days there has been a flood going on in the Altai region of Russia. Hundreds or even thousands of houses are flooded and the people are suffering there, however this post is not about the flooding itself but rather an event happened in one village in the affected region. As news outlets mention, during the recent flooding event the villagers were pretty shocked to find in the morning that their local river has brought a part of space rocket to their small place, located in the middle of the wilderness. This
piece of a rocket you can see on the photo above. It's not clear where the river got it from, however it is probably a piece of a space mission that fell back to the ground during the launch and was not recovered and recycled in a timely manner. So it was probably somewhere in the forest until the flooding happened and the higher water levels made the hardware float and move down the slopes of the Altai mountains towards this village where it was met with great amazement: it's not everyday your village is visited by a space rocket, coming in by itself.  

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