4 Moscow of 1900-1914 by Sergei Chelnokov

Moscow of 1900-1914 by Sergei Chelnokov

Today we have some previously unpublished vintage photos of Moscow from around 1900 - 1914. The photographs are all by one man - Mr. Sergei Chesnokov. He was not a professional but rather a hobbyist - concentrating on
everyday life of the city. In 1917, after the October revolution, he had to emigrate abroad and then lived in Denmark. Over 1,500 photos were left behind by him, so today lets take a look at a few of them:

12 Life in Russian Village 2015

Life in Russian Village 2015

One Russian photographer, Alexander Belenkiy, has travelled to a random Russian village to see how people live there, to make photos. He says that the life of the people there might seem similar to
the people of the cities but same time its completely different. So the village is  in Kostroma region of Russia and thanks to Alexandr we can see what people are up to in there:
6 Hundreds of Tanks Made of Snow and Ice in Russian Backyards

Hundreds of Tanks Made of Snow and Ice in Russian Backyards

Probably due to the latest interest of many Russian men there have been spotted hundreds of tanks made from snow and ice in
the back yards across different Russian cities. We here have a collection of photos depicting this phenomena.

6 Moscow in Color in 1931

Moscow in Color in 1931

They say that these photos were made in 1931 but then lost for a long time, until recently they have surfaced in an archive, already in color. It's obvious they were not originally been made in color but was
colorized, however the timing of this is not known - they might be colorized at the time of making. Anyways a pretty stunning collection of everyday Russian people life in the capital back in 1931!

18 New Guns from Zlatoust

New Guns from Zlatoust

Famous Russian defense enthusiast and authority Mr. Korotchenko is a frequent visitor to different national and international exhibitions of
armaments. This time again he was invited to an event in Arab Emirates where Russian guns from Zlatoust were exhibited. Here are some of his photos:

10 People of the Soviet Union

People of the Soviet Union

A pretty large set of photos of Soviet people at work. The collection of photos of famous USSR photographer Semion Friedland. He worked as a journalist in Russian "TIME" analogue - the "OGONIOK" magazine.  People that present on those photos
have been photographed in time span of 1940s-1950s - one of the most hard times of the Soviet state, just recovering from the devastating war rolled throughout the country. Let's see inside how people looked at this time:  

9 German Nazi plane on Moscow Square in 1941

German Nazi plane on Moscow Square in 1941

In July 1941, one month after the Nazi Germany has attacked Soviet State, there was an unusual exhibition on one of the Moscow squares - a  german Junkers Ju 88A-5. It was a scout plane that has got deep into Russian territory and was shot down by the Soviet fighters. The crew of the
German plane was four people which are marked as missing in action in the German archives. Five days later they recovered the plane and brought it to Moscow so people could see a sample of the huge armada approaching the Soviet capital. We can see it too on this photos:

13 Inside of Russian Army Rocket Regiment

Inside of Russian Army Rocket Regiment

On 20th February the Governor of one Russian region was visiting the 39th Russian Rocket Regiment. The press was coming along with a governor and so did
Nikolay, the photographer. Now, thanks to Nikolay we can see what's inside the closed and secured doors of Russian rocket regiment. The story is inside:

52 Preschool  Kids Weapons Education

Preschool Kids Weapons Education

In one of the preschool facilities of St. Petersburg the soldier has started a class of how to use the weapons for kids. He has brought the weapons, including
AK-47s, grenade launchers and hand grenades. The man says that "Kids should not be afraid of the arms, get used to them early". A few more photos inside:

4 19th Century Russian Artist Fyodor Vasilyev

19th Century Russian Artist Fyodor Vasilyev

The life of Fyodor Vasilyev was drastically short: he lived only for twenty three years from 1850 to 1873, just imagine. But in this very short span of his
life he has left a whole legacy of his artwork telling about the life in Russia and Russian village. As this first picture above. More are inside:

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