2 Saving Equipment from Shattered Ice

Saving Equipment from Shattered Ice

When traveling on an atomic ice-breaker, the crew often make stops and drop different equipment onto the ice, because the mission is not purely entertainment but rather scientific research. So people disembark onto the ice and spend time doing some scientific stuff, staying for days on the ice near the ship. However, there is a risk of the ice shattering,
sometimes it can happen very fast and these things are hard to predict. Now, this time when Sergey travelled with an icebreaker team, they had three containers of scientific equipment, life supplies and a few people out there on ice, when suddenly the ice broke and people were cut off from the ship. See how it went further on:

10 Fourteen Days in Taiga of Kola Peninsula

Fourteen Days in Taiga of Kola Peninsula

The people in this posting had to take two plane flights and then spend four hours in the car to get there. Why anyone would do this? Let's see
the photos and get the answer. Like the first photo of caviar that was probably in a fish just a few minutes before this photo was taken.

7 Selected Shots of the Soviet Past

Selected Shots of the Soviet Past

Twenty four (or there abouts) bright photos from the Soviet years from 1921 to 1990. These photos have been selected to remind us of how it was and just to enjoy. Let's start without
further ado. By the way, the first photo is not just some semi-naked dudes, but famous Russian athletes from different sports engaging in arm-wrestling in 1980. Let's move on: 

6 Russian Tactical Drill on Pacific Coast

Russian Tactical Drill on Pacific Coast

I am not big fan of the army marching and showing what they have, however they do do this and it makes for pretty nice photos of the military equipment, which are to my taste and looks pretty captivating, so why not post them? Also, they do it in Primorye, which is on the Pacific
Coast, and not for the first time. Basically they have drills there (and not near Ukraine), and lately there are rumors in Russia that the Chinese army has been moved closer to the border, so maybe they are doing something there. Anyways, here are the photos:

6 Thousand Feet Underground: Salt Caves Used for Treatment

Thousand Feet Underground: Salt Caves Used for Treatment

Kiril Kuletski, a photographer, has visited a unique treatment facility in Ukraine. This is an underground salt mine which has been used for more than forty years to treat respiratory difficulties and it has been proved
to be doing this well. No walls, nothing but pure salt caves. So people come deep inside the mine to spend a night, or a few nights. How deep is this? Over 300 meters (1,000 feet) deep! Let's see more:

9 Beautiful Shots of Moscow from Above 2014 and a lot info

Beautiful Shots of Moscow from Above 2014 and a lot info

From time to time, we have seen Moscow as well as other cities from above. However, the city changes and people come up with new ways of getting photos, so let's see a very fresh set of photos of Moscow from above taken recently in 2014. Very nice and colorful in the moment when the day changes to night so illumination is already on on many buildings but you can still
get a glimpse of the fading day.  BUT THIS POST IS NOT YOUR REGULAR POST. It really is a MUST SEE! There is a lot of new stuff to learn about Moscow and these beautiful, beautiful photos! Come on, see it inside! And remember photos are clickable and can be viewed at a much larger size and scrolled from one to another with arrow keys!
10 Faces of Russian Authorities

Faces of Russian Authorities

  One Russian website collects faces of Russian government workers - those who are in the top roles
in Russian federal and regional government. Just look at those faces and try not to laugh.

1 Underground Lava Rivers of Kamchatka

Underground Lava Rivers of Kamchatka

Sergei went to Kamchatka (Kamchatka again) to all those flaming volcanoes and thermal geysers valleys and took some nice photos
of what he calls "Underground fire rivers" - or lava streams. Here we offer them for you to enjoy the view too:

1 Russian Dramatic Theater in 1958

Russian Dramatic Theater in 1958

Very colorful photos of Russian theater back in 1958, actresses and actors. It is highly recommend to see them. Even though there are not many photos, they are very bright and
telling. Also, the photos are clickable for larger sizes. They say these were taken in Arkhangelsk (the same city where the previous photos of the submarine were taken).

1 Moscow Airport DOMODEDOVO from Above

Moscow Airport DOMODEDOVO from Above

So if you ever travel to Russia and your ticket has "DME" written on it, it means that you are coming to Domodedovo airport, one of a few Moscow airports. Here are the sights you might be lucky enough to see from
onboard the airport if there are no clouds, if it is not a night flight and if you have a window seat. If you don't plan to come, here are the photos of one of the Moscow busiest airports taken by Alex:

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