5 Tennis Was Popular In Old Russia Too

Tennis Was Popular In Old Russia Too

It turns out that back in the times before the revolution of 1917 tennis was popular enough in Russia, too. Especially among aristocrats. It
was played by people of all ages. This vivid example is the family of a famous Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy (in the image above).

11 Nice Looking Small Church on the Island

Nice Looking Small Church on the Island

If you are into Russian fairy tales, or just want to see something splendid and pretty much unique then you should not miss this post
about a little secluded church placed on the tiny piece of land right in the middle of a huge lake. Let's see it in detail!

0 At the Pulkovo Airport At Night. Illegally

At the Pulkovo Airport At Night. Illegally

A group of young people infiltrated the airport of Pulkovo for an extreme excursion. Dressed in reflective vests, they simply climbed over the fence and started to walk along the territory of the guarded planes. They took plenty of pictures, got into helicopters and planes, and had a lot of fun. Now the
administration of the airport, having seen their photos, is going to investigate the incident. The company may be finally punished. But it's probably just a reason to think about better protection of Pulkovo, isn't it? This way or another, we thank the guys for the risk and these curious images.
25 30 Curious Facts About Russia

30 Curious Facts About Russia

Some of these facts are widely known but we think
they worth another mention here, in this post.

18 Russian Federal Highway LENA

Russian Federal Highway LENA

A few years ago, we had this Russian road called "Federal Highway LENA" which runs for 1163 km. Some parts of it are paved, and some parts are a swamp
all of the time. In 2012, they decided to upgrade the road but from the photos of the place, it looks like it still isn't fixed. Let's see.
109 Donetsk These Days

Donetsk These Days

Donetsk these days is like this... The girl behind the camera, the kid, says "This is beautiful". Her mom responds: "What's beautiful??". Then hushing her daughter like her loud voice can attract the fire on
themselves. It's GRAD systems firing, hosted in an apartment building front lane. This is how they live those days there. Also here is the google maps location of where the fire is coming from:

5 Moscow Police Hires Ten Dogs to Fight Parking Violators

Moscow Police Hires Ten Dogs to Fight Parking Violators

We told you some stories of how drivers put different stuff on their plates in order to cover them from the parking enforcement cameras and workers, and avoid paying for parking and parking fines. Recently, Moscow police has hired ten dogs to run
after the parking enforcement cars and clean up the plates, removing the pieces of junk car owners place there. Here, a few of them have already started working and we have a report on how the dogs help parking enforcement:
10 Church in Space

Church in Space

  The Soviet State, the USSR, was declared to be "religion free" and atheistic. Churches were demolished, the priests were hunted down (especially in the
beginning), and all the results of the development of the country were attributed to materialistic scientific research. Now things have changed. Let's see how.

6 Soviet Arctic Exploration Pioneers

Soviet Arctic Exploration Pioneers

Looks like a few of our previous posts were devoted to the Arctic exploration of more recent times, however before that, in the early 20th century, there were other Soviet people who laid the foundation for the contemporary Arctic visits.
The people who first reached the Northern pole, the ones who were governing uninhabited Northern territories, pioneers establishing the first Northernmost outposts. Want to take a look into the photographic story of them?

26 Soviet People

Soviet People

Another selection of colorful photos from back in Soviet times. Usually they are either in color but look like propaganda, or if they
are more informal they are black and white. This time they are in color and don't look like propaganda. So let's take a look.