22 Russian Boyle Competitors

Russian Boyle Competitors

While the rest of the world talks about Susan Boyle in Russia they have their own talents from Ukraine. Here are three of the most popular ones. The first guy from the video above... well he is not a guy if to be honest, it's a Russian girl, her name is Alice. She got rejected fast but it was ok for her. Listen now. The second girl is real Russian girl and noway a
guy. Nevertheless she got rejected too, but she argued with this decision. She was a big fun for Russians too. And now a real guy, not gal. He is a cop, from Ukraine, he is the only one who spoke Ukranian but not Russian, also there was only a one guy from judges who could spoke Ukrainian - others spoke Russian. And you say Ukrane.
Russian bride, not
52 Russian Bride, Not

Russian Bride, Not

Many foreigners are into Russian brides. They come to Russia in search for a wife or just in search of fun. But those are mainly foreighn man. Now there is something that foreighn girls might like too. Meet the Prince, from Russian dating site. That's what he says about himself: "My
kingdom is growing, but there is no decent cinderella (without bad habbits) to be turned into princess by me. That should be a girl 16-20 y.o.". The news about the prince spreaded fast across Russian blogs and now it goes to to the west. So Russian Prince, anyone?
Kiev mayor Leonid Chernovetsky in paedophile article
22 Wrong Photo

Wrong Photo

The mayor of Kiev city, Leonid Chernovetsky. Yesterday one of the Britain's most popular newspapers has published an article about such nasty thing as paedophiles. They needed a photo to illustrate the article so they got one, probably from the online photo banks selling loyalty free photos cheap, probably by just searching for "lie detector" keyword. They blured the face -
well, it's not something where they could not not blur it, and published. But when Russian audience got access to the article they found out that blured-faced-guy is a hero of many Russian internet lore - the mayor of the Kiev city Mr. Leonid Chernovetsky, known in Russia as Leonid-Cosmanaut for his weird behavior, manners and statements.
Russian blonde girl at gas station
13 Gas is not Enough

Gas is not Enough

This blonde was not satisfied with just
getting gas, she wanted the gas hardware too.
65 Sorry, Wrong Car

Sorry, Wrong Car

This is the most viral video of yesterday from Russian Internet. Here is the quote from the original Russian post about this video, made by author: "Those Aizerbajanians (in the second Porsche Cayenne) has robbed the bank and killed one, wounded another bank worker and he has probably died later, this was in the news. They weren't caught at that time, but here comes the information that those bandits are going to the centre of Moscow on the black Porsche Cayenne with the plates number 177-177 on the Lenin Ave. The Moscow police special forces went there same moment and prepared to infiltrate them. First they got the report from the previous intersection that Cayenne has passed by - so you guys prepare to meet them. They stop the car, break the windows, throw light grenades inside the car but then notice that instead of the gang of Southerners there are only two Slavic dudes. Which, as they explained later, were going to Moscow downtown for the lunch. While police were processing those first guys they got a message by radio that another black Cayenne with 177 plates has passed by. As you
see the second one was correct. They had the same numbers on the plates but different letters. The Police has payed for the repair works for the first car, don't worry. The police acted so violently just because those were real organized criminals and because they have killed bank people, and because they were not lying down as asked, and because... well there were many reasons for this. Take a note that they hadn't beated the guys from the first car, and those from the second who acted as were asked too. According to the rules they need 5 people to intercept the car: first is breaking windshield with a hammer, others break the side windows and throw the light grenades inside. They shot the wheels because the car's gear selector was not at "P" position and was continue moving. Just to sum it up: they were catching not those who steal something small from the pockets and that's why acted like this". The video itself is below, guys from the first car got really in the bad place in the bad time:
Russian life
48 Only in Russia 20

Only in Russia 20

This weeks submitted photos of the casual
moments of life in Russia. Only in Russia.
Russian man stuck
9 Can’t Get it Back

Can’t Get it Back

He was called the "Fail of the day" yesterday on
Russian Internet. Look what happened:
Russian toyota burned down
30 Don’t Park Your Car Here

Don’t Park Your Car Here

People from neighborhood say that the owner of this what was else was Toyota Land Cruiser was punished for parking on the sidewalk everytime he
arrived, leaving no space for pedestrians to pass by without a risk of getting some dirt on their cloths by the close contact with the car.
free wifi in Moscow
24 Connected


That's the way to stay connected even when you stuck in the traffic jam in Moscow downtown. There is
always some free wifi network around, just, for better coverage, you gotta leave your car a while.
23 A Fur Tree in the Lungs

A Fur Tree in the Lungs

The X-ray photograph. Yesterday Russian media reported a weird medical story about the man from Russian city Izhevsk. The man had severe pains in his chest and went to the doctor for a consultation. After the X-rays were made the doctors were sure the patient has a tumor in his lungs and decided to perform surgery. "When I opened the tumour I found something very strange - so strange that I couldn't believe my eyes", was telling the surgeon to journalists, "there was a real
fur-tree, but very little it was, just a few cm (about one inch) tall growing through his lungs. I blinked three times and then called my assistant to take a look, and then he confirmed this". The tree was removed later and was sent to a lab for tests on how it could get growing there. The photo of the object together with the surrounding body part is down there, thow it's not too pleasant to look at. The patient.

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