Russian girl

53 Yet Another Date

Yet Another Date

This girl was spotted on Russian facebook clone for some strange hobby she had. Looks like she
has published there every single date she made and seems she had a lot of them.
Russian photoshop

10 Photoshop Master 20

Photoshop Master 20

This shot from some kind of parade became
inspirational for Russian photoshop lovers.
Russian Soviet youth

56 Soviet Punks

Soviet Punks

In Soviet Russia... Well, in Soviet Russia the state tried to control everything and such things like music people were listening or the cloths people were wearing was under strict regulation. School children in every Soviet school had to wear uniforms and were obliged to buy it each year. There were no single school where kids were dressed in color nice cloths - everyone was wearing the one and only styled form in Russia at
that time. Same story was on the streets. If the police have spotted someone looking weird he could be easily taken to psychiatric clinic and treated there with severe mind altering stuff. Still, some, especially closer to the times when the Soviet Union ceased to exist started breaking this barrier and their extraordinary looks shocked people. Here are some of the photos from that times.
Russian bride and groom

19 Pretty Russian Bride, Not

Pretty Russian Bride, Not

Who said that all the brides
should be pretty?
19 The Brave Blonde and Cruel Cop

The Brave Blonde and Cruel Cop

Today we have two pretty cool videos from Russia. First one (above) was made by surveylance cam and shows how guys from the SUV car forced the guy on Honda to pull over to the sideway because it looks like he got to close to them. They were pretty rude with him and then the brave blonde came into play. The
second video is about Russian policeman. He forced his children from an early age to do things like: walk on broken glass, cut hands with knives and more more more. In Russia he was not sued for this, on contrary he became a sort of star. Watch those crazy things his daughters do.
Russian news

16 Live Maggots, Spectacular UFO and more

Live Maggots, Spectacular UFO and more

Today's edition of short stories being popular in Russia lately. Some of them too small for a separate post but fits well in one big. The first photo
here is about some grand-dad and a bear, though some say he is gipsie, not Russian, anyway let's go inside to see what's more.
Dangerous Russian Granny

16 Serious Russian Granny

Serious Russian Granny

One better not mess with
this Russian granny.
Russian social network people

11 Social Finds

Social Finds

There is one Russian online community members of which are fond of finding different strange looking people among the participants of Russian social networks and publishing them there. The community name is "The School of Freaks" and
today we can see their latest finds. Top 18 most disturbing Russian social network guys (and gals) from the last week. Captions are just translated from Russian. First one, above: "Shrek is not green, he is gay"
Russian subway horror

61 The Horror of Subway

The Horror of Subway

The horror of Moscow, Russia subway in the works of Alex Andreev, known to us by his "Hermetic Art" series featured some time ago. Now here's his view of the Russian subway. "It's forbidden to make shots in Moscow subway, there
are everywhere signs warning not to take pictures and cops checking that everyone obide this. Especially nice shots come out late at night." Some cockroaches couldn't run away when the flash was turned on.
Russian girl parking

23 Parking Sensor Fail

Parking Sensor Fail

This Russian girl was parking her Land Rover SUV and was moving backwards. Then her car fell down from the edge and smashed a few cars parked down there
too. Then the girl was asked: "Why did you do this?", and her answer was "Well, my parktronic (the parking assist system) was silent!".

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