Russian subway horror

61 The Horror of Subway

The Horror of Subway

The horror of Moscow, Russia subway in the works of Alex Andreev, known to us by his "Hermetic Art" series featured some time ago. Now here's his view of the Russian subway. "It's forbidden to make shots in Moscow subway, there
are everywhere signs warning not to take pictures and cops checking that everyone obide this. Especially nice shots come out late at night." Some cockroaches couldn't run away when the flash was turned on.
Russian girl parking

23 Parking Sensor Fail

Parking Sensor Fail

This Russian girl was parking her Land Rover SUV and was moving backwards. Then her car fell down from the edge and smashed a few cars parked down there
too. Then the girl was asked: "Why did you do this?", and her answer was "Well, my parktronic (the parking assist system) was silent!".
Russian blondes in Riga

50 Blonde Day

Blonde Day

This weekend they had the Day of
the Blonde in Riga.
30 Drunk Children

Drunk Children

Sooner or later such scenes become the norm in the
modern world where drinking is considered to be OK.
Bubbles from CD

28 The CD Bubbles

The CD Bubbles

This Russian girl can teach you on this video how to make bubbles out of regular CD, they look like soap bubbles and when they cool down they remind condoms in a
way. All you need is just a regular CD or DVD and then a lighter. She explains the rest of the process. That's an example of outcomes.
Francisco Infante-Arana

13 Francisco Infante-Arana

Francisco Infante-Arana

Some people think that during Soviet era there were no alternative art in Russia, but only portraits of Lenin were popular and only scenes of everyday Soviet life were depicted. To tell truth I was a bit shocked when met those installations by Russian (yes, he is Russian, no matter what was his name - he had Spanish father but was raised by Russian mother in Russia) artist Francisco Infante-Arana. He
used no photoshop, mainly because most of the images you see in this post are from 1970-1980s, he used only natural objects like mirrors, ropes and cords and endulged a lot into the effect of light and shadow. He became widely recognized even by Soviet officials and hold personal exhibitions, as well as his art pieces were shown in main Russian museums like Tretyakovka.
Russian renovation

19 Fast Renovation

Fast Renovation

If you want to give your city new cool renovated look and don't want to spend much you can take the tip from Yekaterinburg city officials who have ordered
cool looking canvases and just put them on top of the houses where people live so that their city could look more attractive in summer.
12 Granny vs Steps

Granny vs Steps

After they have opened this new shopping mall they wanted to attract more people and made some crazy sales for particular goods. This old
granny wanted to take something first before others and look how she fought for her right with that mechanical moving monster.
Russian girls swim

9 Floating Away

Floating Away

Where are those brave Russian girls floating to?
Probably to get some more Jaguar drink.
Russian guy and his boneless fingers

11 Boneless Fingers

Boneless Fingers

This Russian guy seems to have
boneless fingers.

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