45 Cutting Love Locks off

Cutting Love Locks off

Russian just married couples assumed a long-standing tradition of Italian weddings. They like to hang little or not so little padlocks on bridges as a symbol of their future long and stable married life. If it yet to be figured out if this really helps in preventing cheating or family tiffs, but the couples seem never to stop attaching steal pieces with their names on to the railing of Luzkov bridge, making it look like an ugly sculpture of vain hopes. The Moscow city authorities even set up there a big iron tree, where the happy newly-fledged wives and husbands are to hand their locks (to be totally honest, this pile of garbage on
a stem can scare anyone of any age who sees it). Still, this tree is not as popular as the railing, and two enthusiastic volunteers made up to do things right and remove everything that was sticking out from the bridge railings and had romantic inscriptions. The guys dressed as utility workers waited for wedding processions appear on the bridge and began to cut off the locks in front of shocked brides. 67 trophies and a lot more to return for – that was the result of their hard work. “I wouldn't mess with someone carrying a bolt cutter!", told one of the tough guys. Would you?
32 Plane Catastrophe

Plane Catastrophe

Yesterday, on Sunday, August 16, two greatest Russian Sukhoi Su-27 planes  crashed while doing training exercises over a cottage village. One of the planes stuck into a house like a knife into butter, the second one was led out of the village and fell on the wasteland. One of the pilots died, the two others were saved. The
local people weren’t killed, but the owners of the destroyed house got badly injured with burning fuel from the plane and were immediately taken to hospital. Now the cause of the catastrophe remains unclear, but on the eyewitness account this all could happen because of a bird stuck in the engine.
Russian truck goes boat

14 The Truck Goes Boat

The Truck Goes Boat

A fast way to convert your pick up truck to a boat was offered by those Russian guys.
All they used were two inflatable balloons and an outboard boat engine.
Russian slim girl 1

38 The Slim Story

The Slim Story

That Russian girl weighted around 145kg (around 300 lbs) after giving birth to a child. She didn't care much, until some of her old classmates asked for a photo via social network. At first she wanted to send the actual photo but
then when she made it she felt uncomfortable with the results she had, so she decided to slim fast so that to be able post cool photos on facebook. So on the first photo she was 127 kilo (the photo above).
44 A Funny Overview of Russian Men

A Funny Overview of Russian Men

We have made  a set of the most recognizable characters around us. A young father type can live a steady life of an office-manager or photographer, but when risky sex comes to his life – everything changes… With a dry milk spot on
his shoulder, he doesn’t understand  what strange smell follows him all day long. He knows all places on the Internet where he can order “best Japanese diapers” and knows how to tall them from the common ones.
18 The Most Unusual Underground in the World

The Most Unusual Underground in the World

Lebedyan town in Lipetsk region is known for the greatest juice producing plant in Eastern Europe, but very few people know that the most unique and weird underground station in the world is located there as well. It was constructed just 2 meters beneath the surface of the earth. The works began in
1984, and 166 people were eager to start as soon as possible, but when they learnt that the money would come only when the construction paid for itself, they all backtracked in a second. So, the whole project was to be implemented by the one who brought it up, Leonid Muliarchik.
89 Goth Wedding in Moscow

Goth Wedding in Moscow

White wedding dresses and old traditions are left behind. Those who still believe that a bride must be like an angel, which has just come down from heaven, be ready to change your mind. Goths in Moscow will show you how to have a gorgeous
wedding and look really astonishing in quite usual settings. You won’t see any dark castles and candles in black iron candlesticks, still there is something which can make you drop your jaw and love Goths even more than before.
34 Kiev Chocolate Festival

Kiev Chocolate Festival

If you dreamed of chocolate city when you were a child, Kiev chocolate festival would be just for you. It was full of chocolate sculptures and fine pictures painted with sweet brown liquid. The fountain made all of chocolate was
the main item of the show attracting eyes and tongues of the public. Those, who couldn’t wait any longer, could ask for some hot chocolate in plastic cups. Attention! Don’t click for more if you are on a diet!
15 Crystal Plant of Gus-Khrustalny

Crystal Plant of Gus-Khrustalny

The crystal plant is the main and the greatest construction of Gus-Khrustalny, a small Russian town, which was granted its name for the fiver it is located on (Gus) and the crystal (khrustal’) industry. In the 19th century it was known all over the Russian Empire thanks to Ivan Maltsov, who brought in a lot of European innovations, including
making Bohemian glass. In war periods the plant was manufacturing various glass mass-produced items, like thermometers, flasks, thermoses and other consumer goods. Later its status of the main crystal plant was reclaimed. In our short but fascinating photo set you can see how the crystal things are made in modern times. 
11 Russian Folklore. Koshchey

Russian Folklore. Koshchey

Koshchey is probably the most the most ugly and mean villain in Russian folklore. He is considered to be the tsar of the underground, a very greedy and highly malicious one. The second name oа this character is Koshchei the Immortal, it’s really quite hard to kill him, though, there are some ways to make him to give up the ghost. If you really want to kill Koshchey, you have to try hard
and make a lot of weird things. Usually this king is described as a tall and skinny old man, who always steals somebody’s fiancée and locks her in the basement of his castle. Still, it’s not very clear why hу does it, because he already has one, Baba Yaga (to be told about next time), which fits him like a glove, being of the same age and appearance.

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