89 Goth Wedding in Moscow

Goth Wedding in Moscow

White wedding dresses and old traditions are left behind. Those who still believe that a bride must be like an angel, which has just come down from heaven, be ready to change your mind. Goths in Moscow will show you how to have a gorgeous
wedding and look really astonishing in quite usual settings. You won’t see any dark castles and candles in black iron candlesticks, still there is something which can make you drop your jaw and love Goths even more than before.
34 Kiev Chocolate Festival

Kiev Chocolate Festival

If you dreamed of chocolate city when you were a child, Kiev chocolate festival would be just for you. It was full of chocolate sculptures and fine pictures painted with sweet brown liquid. The fountain made all of chocolate was
the main item of the show attracting eyes and tongues of the public. Those, who couldn’t wait any longer, could ask for some hot chocolate in plastic cups. Attention! Don’t click for more if you are on a diet!
15 Crystal Plant of Gus-Khrustalny

Crystal Plant of Gus-Khrustalny

The crystal plant is the main and the greatest construction of Gus-Khrustalny, a small Russian town, which was granted its name for the fiver it is located on (Gus) and the crystal (khrustal’) industry. In the 19th century it was known all over the Russian Empire thanks to Ivan Maltsov, who brought in a lot of European innovations, including
making Bohemian glass. In war periods the plant was manufacturing various glass mass-produced items, like thermometers, flasks, thermoses and other consumer goods. Later its status of the main crystal plant was reclaimed. In our short but fascinating photo set you can see how the crystal things are made in modern times. 
11 Russian Folklore. Koshchey

Russian Folklore. Koshchey

Koshchey is probably the most the most ugly and mean villain in Russian folklore. He is considered to be the tsar of the underground, a very greedy and highly malicious one. The second name oа this character is Koshchei the Immortal, it’s really quite hard to kill him, though, there are some ways to make him to give up the ghost. If you really want to kill Koshchey, you have to try hard
and make a lot of weird things. Usually this king is described as a tall and skinny old man, who always steals somebody’s fiancée and locks her in the basement of his castle. Still, it’s not very clear why hу does it, because he already has one, Baba Yaga (to be told about next time), which fits him like a glove, being of the same age and appearance.
7 Bell-Ringing


Bell-ringing is a very old and beautiful tradition of Orthodox churches. Each religious holiday can’t be imagined without melodic ringing of small and huge bells on churches. This profession requires both physical strength and ear for music, and it was passed on from one generation to another up to the Soviet time, then there was a huge period of silence and now it is revived.
Ringing is a real system of musical work, involving not only ability to read musical notes but plasticity and mathematical skills as well. This is a great cultural phenomenon, and to understand it you have to breath with it and fell it with every part of your soul. Or at least click more and see what a few moments of a bell-ringer’s day are like.
53 Russian Paratroopers Day

Russian Paratroopers Day

On August 2, 1930 near Voronezh a parachute subdivision of 12 men landed in the fields and  this started a new tradition of the Soviet and then Russian army. This date is the professional holiday of paratroopers and is celebrated for
already 79 years. Over this period landing troops took part in all armed conflicts of the former USSR. Nowadays these troops are believed to be the elite of the army. The motto of the Blue berets “Nobody but us”.
34 Russian Folklore. Spirits. Domovoi (+video)

Russian Folklore. Spirits. Domovoi (+video)

Russians believed that the world is full of spirits which live next to people, but can be very rarely seen by them. Usually, they were malicious creatures, but still they could help human beings and even protect them in dramatic situations. The spirits inhabited forests, lakes,
fields and even houses, and if a person didn’t show respect or didn’t gain their favor by giving some things, they could get really angry, destroy the dwelling, kill the cattle or even murder him or her. Let’s have a look at the list of Russian evil spirits. 
68 Povolzhye Famine

Povolzhye Famine

Soon after the Revolution hit Russia the political changes in the country and bad weather in the south of the state led to the Russian famine of 1921, which is better known as Povolzhye famine. It began in early spring in 21 and lasted through 1922, being the most severe thing that ever happened in Russia.  More that 5 million people died during the year and a half, some of them passed away because they just had nothing to eat and some of them fell prey to their neighbors,
parents or children.  To survive in those terrible conditions people ate corpses of their family members, who were killed or just died of starvation. This period was very hard for the region, but it could not happen so, if the Soviet government hadn’t traded the grains to the other European countries, wanting to get more money for its industrialization purposes. Please proceed only if you are ready to see those disturbing documentaries.
Russian girl crashed into store

26 Visit to a Drugstore

Visit to a Drugstore

She went shopping to the
local drugstore.
Russian jets without canopy

70 Russian   Jet Cabrio Flight [updated]

Russian Jet Cabrio Flight [updated]

Those photos are real and were made during the filming of the Russian movie involving jet fighter stunts. In one episode they had to film the jet without a canopy, so rather to film it on the ground they decided to hire a high-class pilot to make a real flight without that glass thing. He had to take off a few times on such plane in order to film enough material to be included in the final footage. "The maximum speed I achieved on the jet plane without a canopy glass was around two times greater than speed of sound. While on this speed I even managed to pull out my fingers in glove for an inch or two outside - it became heated very fast because of immense friction force plane undergoes
with the air.", writes the pilot. "Usually such tests were conducted in winter time, so it was deadly cold without a canopy and I was pretty glad when this heating began, counting minutes before the plane would reach enough speed/velocity so that the air around becomes hot enough. But it wasn't the main problem for me. In my personal rating of the dangers connected with such tests one of the most bad sides was the extreme roar. Because of this extreme roaring you couldn't hear the radio so you were flying in deaf mode, you were afraid to pull throttle harder just because going faster was meaning going louder.", he continues.

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