38 Byelorussian Culinary Festival

Byelorussian Culinary Festival

That’s not a common festival, just in one Byelorussian village they thought it would be fun to ask eight local women (the exact number of participants) show the public what they usually cook at home. The range of products was quite
narrow – traditional boiled potatoes, bacon, pies, and stuff, but the participants assured the guests that their dishes were completely unique and you could never find their recopies in any present-time cooking book.
Russian hostages
31 The Hostages

The Hostages

A group of journalists were kept as hostages by a bunch of Southern looking guys dressed in military uniform. Well, almost. It is a new experience one can get in Chelyabinsk city, Russia in the recently opened special courses of "How to behave during if you was taken as a hostage". First a bus full of people is being
stopped in the middle of nowhere by a bunch of Arabic people yelling "Allakh Akbar" each and every five seconds. Those are not real terrorists, but Russian SWAT soldiers carefully picked by appearance - with Southern roots so that they could resemble ethnical Chechen or Arabic threat.
Russian steam punk phone

12 The Steam Punk Phone

The Steam Punk Phone

Russian steam punk phone from the Russian man famous for his daughter which started a court plea against Russian state for "having no
alternative in current school education for the Darwin theory, putting it as the only right in the minds of schoolchildren".
Russian harvest
57 Harvesting in Russia

Harvesting in Russia

Harvesting time is the busiest period in the Russian agrarian region and it lasts just for a month or so. Once the crops are ripe, they have just 20 days to harvest it or 30 days if they have a special grain drier. The fields are enormous, but as the schedule is tight, hundreds of combines work in fields day and night, processing 6 square kilometers of area per shift, each of them
harvesting 130-160 tones of grain daily. A combine operator gets $1.300 thousand salary a month on the average, and as the work is seasonal he doesn’t earn anything the rest of the year. Each of the working vehicles has air conditioning systems, and with the temperature going above 90 degrees Fahrenheit sitting in the cabin is like sitting in hell.
Russian star wars wedding

21 Star Wars Wedding, Again

Star Wars Wedding, Again

In ex Soviet countries there are a lot of Star Wars fans
too and they make themed weddings as well.

45 Cutting Love Locks off

Cutting Love Locks off

Russian just married couples assumed a long-standing tradition of Italian weddings. They like to hang little or not so little padlocks on bridges as a symbol of their future long and stable married life. If it yet to be figured out if this really helps in preventing cheating or family tiffs, but the couples seem never to stop attaching steal pieces with their names on to the railing of Luzkov bridge, making it look like an ugly sculpture of vain hopes. The Moscow city authorities even set up there a big iron tree, where the happy newly-fledged wives and husbands are to hand their locks (to be totally honest, this pile of garbage on
a stem can scare anyone of any age who sees it). Still, this tree is not as popular as the railing, and two enthusiastic volunteers made up to do things right and remove everything that was sticking out from the bridge railings and had romantic inscriptions. The guys dressed as utility workers waited for wedding processions appear on the bridge and began to cut off the locks in front of shocked brides. 67 trophies and a lot more to return for – that was the result of their hard work. “I wouldn't mess with someone carrying a bolt cutter!", told one of the tough guys. Would you?
32 Plane Catastrophe

Plane Catastrophe

Yesterday, on Sunday, August 16, two greatest Russian Sukhoi Su-27 planes  crashed while doing training exercises over a cottage village. One of the planes stuck into a house like a knife into butter, the second one was led out of the village and fell on the wasteland. One of the pilots died, the two others were saved. The
local people weren’t killed, but the owners of the destroyed house got badly injured with burning fuel from the plane and were immediately taken to hospital. Now the cause of the catastrophe remains unclear, but on the eyewitness account this all could happen because of a bird stuck in the engine.
Russian truck goes boat

14 The Truck Goes Boat

The Truck Goes Boat

A fast way to convert your pick up truck to a boat was offered by those Russian guys.
All they used were two inflatable balloons and an outboard boat engine.
Russian slim girl 1

38 The Slim Story

The Slim Story

That Russian girl weighted around 145kg (around 300 lbs) after giving birth to a child. She didn't care much, until some of her old classmates asked for a photo via social network. At first she wanted to send the actual photo but
then when she made it she felt uncomfortable with the results she had, so she decided to slim fast so that to be able post cool photos on facebook. So on the first photo she was 127 kilo (the photo above).
44 A Funny Overview of Russian Men

A Funny Overview of Russian Men

We have made  a set of the most recognizable characters around us. A young father type can live a steady life of an office-manager or photographer, but when risky sex comes to his life – everything changes… With a dry milk spot on
his shoulder, he doesn’t understand  what strange smell follows him all day long. He knows all places on the Internet where he can order “best Japanese diapers” and knows how to tall them from the common ones.

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