Russian stalker game

48 The Real STALKER 2

The Real STALKER 2

Some time ago we had some photos of Russian guys playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game for real. They had a lot of cool hardware like AK-47 guns and Soviet style gas masks. For those who doesn't know the game it's game play takes place in Chernobyl, at the powerplant blow up site and so do those guys - they play this game right in Chernobyl where the ground and some metal structures still hold
unreal doses of radiation and people don't live there yet, and it's said they won't in the nearest fifty years. /p> All this don't stop them. This year they have better hardware, better costumes - just like a real thing. Coming from different parts of Russia and other countries just to participate or see this with their own eyes. You can check it out now.
Russian soldier in Afghanistan draws pictures

39 Ballpoint Afghanistan

Ballpoint Afghanistan

This Russian soldier, he was on a few wars, in Afghanistan in Tajikistan and then in Chechnya. He got in real battles and lost many of his friends in action, that's a true story true soldier.
Everywhere he went he took one thing with him that helped him to cope with all that. It was a simple ballpoint pen that he used to draw the most touching memories on the paper.
Russian catalogue

22 The First Retail Catalogues

The First Retail Catalogues

For long years of communists reign there was no free commerce or telemarketing retail sales in Russia. None could start a business or a company, it was not possible. Only the state had the right to be a vendor. Then in one moment things has changed. Now anyone could sell almost anything to anyone. So first experiments sprang out devoted
to the power of direct postal sales bringing out such masterpieces of commerce art like this catalogue. Some photos from those first editions bring smile to every Russian who remembers that times of strange fashion and standards. See yourself what you could by first years after the "perestroika" began.
Russian boeing engine replacement
21 An Engine Replacement

An Engine Replacement

If your BOEING 777 gets in trouble in Russia, then no worries engineers can do complex repair works
right on place. This one got it's engine mechanically damaged in result of an accident.
Russian Fungi Jesus

38 The Fungi Miracle

The Fungi Miracle

What do this people look at? They see a miracle. A miraclous image done by
fungi appeared on the wall. And they even ready to kiss it.
Russian bears walk on streets

34 The White Citizens

The White Citizens

Most of the Russian friends would start convincing you not to believe in rumours about bears wandering around the streets and playing balalaykas after one or two beers or vodka shots. Don't
believe them! We have a proof that the bears actually do wander around and even visit construction sites. And yes, those are white polar bears which even adds to this.
Russia in the year 1896

50 Russia, 1896, in Color

Russia, 1896, in Color

Russia. 100 Years Ago. Again. We had it from Russian photographer Prokudin-Gorsky whose photos are being stored in the Library of Congress in USA, but now it's totally different case. Photos were made by Czech photographer while on his travel thru Russia back in
the year 1896. Most of them were lost later due to two wars in Europe and other tragical things but some still managed to survive till our year 2009 and now we can see them here. It's a big pity that there are only such a few of them left.
17 The Station Panic

The Station Panic

Remember that blast on Russian hydro power station? We had it here and here. Now there are
surveylance cams video footage has been released, that's where real panic is.
Life in Russia
21 Various Finds

Various Finds

Today we are having some various finds from Russian blogs recently. Like
this brown fish none could identify for sure what it was.
40 Let It Be, Comrade!

Let It Be, Comrade!

Speaking about music, this one was big in Russian
blogs lately. They call it best Beatles cover yet.

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