Russia in the year 1896

50 Russia, 1896, in Color

Russia, 1896, in Color

Russia. 100 Years Ago. Again. We had it from Russian photographer Prokudin-Gorsky whose photos are being stored in the Library of Congress in USA, but now it's totally different case. Photos were made by Czech photographer while on his travel thru Russia back in
the year 1896. Most of them were lost later due to two wars in Europe and other tragical things but some still managed to survive till our year 2009 and now we can see them here. It's a big pity that there are only such a few of them left.
17 The Station Panic

The Station Panic

Remember that blast on Russian hydro power station? We had it here and here. Now there are
surveylance cams video footage has been released, that's where real panic is.
Life in Russia
21 Various Finds

Various Finds

Today we are having some various finds from Russian blogs recently. Like
this brown fish none could identify for sure what it was.
40 Let It Be, Comrade!

Let It Be, Comrade!

Speaking about music, this one was big in Russian
blogs lately. They call it best Beatles cover yet.
15 Tupac from Kazakhstan

Tupac from Kazakhstan

Looks like people of Kazakhstan
know English and know Tupac.
35 A Grande Wedding

A Grande Wedding

You probably think you've seen big wedding corteges or celebrations, but for sure those you've seen can't compare with modern Chechn wedding celebrations. Like this one on the video above.
A few police support cars are the must, as well as shooting in the air - that's a tradition. And of course if its in Moscow it's even more fun. sent by Evgeny
Russian wedding

21 A Wedding Present

A Wedding Present

Sometimes when one is invited to a wedding but he/she doesn't have any money for a present but still in mood to present something "heavy" then this is the idea. Traditionally, in Russia newly married couple waits for something useful as a wedding present.
Often this means they wait money or something that is hundred percent needed in the future household, like a washing machine or TV set. This time the present was really heavy, but people afraid that the newly married won't get it.
Russian gangsta style

72 Now These Are Gangstas

Now These Are Gangstas

All that Hip Hop mania is in Russia too. Those
sons tend to look real gangsta..
Russian comics book

38 The Unknown Russian Comics Books

The Unknown Russian Comics Books

Recently, a few series of previously unknown Soviet Russian comics books came to the daylight. Here are the covers of some of them. The first one is "Chekists" or if to translate it something like "Special Security
Agents". "...In 1918 the new Special Agents comics series appeared and gained huge popularity. The violence level increased with each next edition, and eventually every page had scenes of murders in it."
appartments in Russia
31 That Flat is OK

That Flat is OK

One guy with his young family had to move to his wife's mother's house. What he found there shocked him deeply. He tried to tell the story to his friends and coleagues but they simply didn't believe him until he made those
photos. This probably what happens when everyone in the family exhausts of motivation of keeping the house tidy. The photo above is how the room of his father-in-law looked like when they moved in.

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