3 The World Strongest Man at Age of Sixty Five

The World Strongest Man at Age of Sixty Five

Michael is sixty four but he is pretty much not your average old man. He is actually an active powerlifter who still participates in powerlifting contests. He easily can lift more than 300 kg in a deadlift. He holds a few
world records and lives in Belarus, considers himself to be the strongest man of his age and his wife just gave a birth to his youngest kid! There are some more photos and words of wisdom from the man inside.
0 Russian Police Public Ad Based on Mario Game Called Nightmario

Russian Police Public Ad Based on Mario Game Called Nightmario

Recently a video surfaced, supposedly produced and prepared by Police department of Vladimirskaia District, Russia. It is based on famous Nintendo Mario game but they call it "Nightmario" as "Nightmare". He is an extremist. He searches google for how to become a
satan worshiper or a skinhead, then he searches where to buy bazooka cheap, then paints swastika graffiti and then gets caught. "Extremism won't pass" is the message from the video to masses. Still fun to watch this sort of creativity.  
0 Capybara on a Run

Capybara on a Run

  A capybara called "Prokhor" has broke free from its cage in Krasnoyarsk zoo. It headed directly to the rides section of the park making the visitors getting their phones out of the pockets for the unique video of a zoo
staff chasing real life capybara running around. Capybara is a giant rodent if you didn't know, which is a relative to mice and others but is really much bigger than those. See one of the videos from the zoo here.

5 Giant Underground Fridge in Samara Russia

Giant Underground Fridge in Samara Russia

Sergey has visited a huge underground structure in the Russian city of Samara. This refrigerator can hold up to two hundred railway cars of food! The Soviet Union liked to build big, and this is one of the examples of such construction. Also, from outside you would never, ever suspect that there is something that huge below this regular red brick building in the middle of the city. Soviet authorities were keeping the strategic surplus of food here for
Samara city. Samara has a population of one million citizens and in case of a disaster they need lots of food, so they built this huge storage locker and placed it deep underground under a regular house so that the enemy would not suspect it and would not bomb it. Even many of the people who live here don't suspect that such a huge structure is hidden underground, and thanks to Sergey we can see it too now! Welcome inside.
0 Russian Spetznaz does a Robot Dance

Russian Spetznaz does a Robot Dance

Russian Spetsnaz robot-dance at military expo 'Army-2015'. And they are pretty serious with this. Also, inside of
this post you can find a slightly modified version with a music changed to be probably more appropriate:
0 Testing a Helmet with a Sledgehammer

Testing a Helmet with a Sledgehammer

Here a group of obviously drunk Russian people trying to test how good Rescue Service helmets are.
They yell - "Bring a sledgehammer" and here is what follows. Looks like the helmets are good.
2 Women Only Beach in Chechnya

Women Only Beach in Chechnya

A women only beach has been opened in Chechnya, Russia. In its capital city - Grozny, once devastated fully during 1990s and now rebuilt, the beach with a 1.82 meter tall (six feet) fence is for women only, mainly of Muslim
origin. In Chechnya the control for the women dress code is very strict, women don't risk going around with bare head or short skirt or even pants as there were occassions of them being beaten for this.  
7 No Justice for Migrant Workers

No Justice for Migrant Workers

On this video footage some Russian kids treat immigrant workers from Southern ex Soviet republics as low as they can. "Where are you from? Where were you born? In Tajikistan? Then this is your present from Russia (slaps in a face)". The kid is really young, probably
ten or twelve old but bullies a whole bunch of migrant workers, who often treated as slaves as they don't have necessary papers to work and value their income too much to go to police. And that's not only trouble for migrant workers in Russia:

12 Russian Welder Girl is Famous on Instagram

Russian Welder Girl is Famous on Instagram

So if you think most Instagram girls become popular thanks to their selfies and bikini shots you need to rethink it thanks to Elizaveta, a Russian welder girl from Ekaterinburg who is
popular on Instagram because of her welding skills. She works in a custom body shop in Yekaterinburg Russia and is really fond of what she does. See inside the gallery:
8 Chasing the robbers

Chasing the robbers

A guy have been robbed of his bag where he was holding 30 thousand dollar in cash. Then this chase
followed - spoiler he got his cash back. Who needs action movies, when you have footage like this?

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