19 One Monster Truck from Belarus

One Monster Truck from Belarus

When we hear "monster truck" we usually imagine a normal sized truck on a set of oversized wheels. This time Belarus auto enthusiasts took the monster truck meaning to a really "monster"
level. Their creation has six pairs of wheels that can rotate practically in any direction and thanks to this it can climb any trench and other obstacles. Let's see how it looks.

9 40 Craziest Russian Balconies

40 Craziest Russian Balconies

Since the demise of the Soviet state, most Russians found themselves living in typical old Soviet buildings. Most of the buildings had balconies and this is where the urge for individuality was expressed. People started heavily modifying their balconies for a number of reasons. Firstly, most of the balconies were just open air balconies and were not isolated from the outside, so they couldn't be used in winter, or during rains, etc. So the first stage of modding a balcony was to
turn it into a sort of room to be able to use it all year round. Since everyone was doing this job independent of other people living in the same apartment building the balcony room designs emerged with a really diverse variety. And since every balcony was individually designed, people started to decorate them, often very heavily. So let's see what happened with this selection of what might be the forty most crazily modded Russian balconies!

43 Turkish Consulate in Moscow Was Stoned and Had Bottles Thown Through  It’  Windows

Turkish Consulate in Moscow Was Stoned and Had Bottles Thown Through It’ Windows

Over five hundred people gathered at Turkish embassy in Moscow to protest and throw stones, bottles, paint cans and even eggs into the building to express their opinion on the recent act of the Turkish air force which
downed a Russian jet bomber in Syria yesterday. The embassy building was secured by police who arrived promptly but they didn't arrest anyone. Let's see how the building looks after the protests.

13 Russian Police on Instagram photos

Russian Police on Instagram photos

Instagram in Russia is very popular, in fact the Russian audience is said to be the second largest among Instagram viewers worldwide. This means that Russian police officers, being a numerous part of a
population, also often have Instagram accounts where they post photos of their job from time to time. This is a small selection of them, we have published some similar photos before as well. Take a look!

3 Russian Tourists Luggage Returning from Egypt

Russian Tourists Luggage Returning from Egypt

Since the Russian plane tragically crashed over the Sinai peninsula in Egypt, all flights from Russia to Egypt were stopped and all the Russian tourists remaining in Egypt (and Egypt has been the most popular Russian travel destination for years) were urgently evacuated. However this evacuation was done very quickly and because the authorities had fears that the plane was brought
down by a bomb in someone's luggage, they ordered that all of the luggage must be left behind! So tens of thousands of people were transported without their bags and suitcases to reduce the risk of new explosions in mid air. But now with all that luggage arriving in Moscow and other airports they are said to be flooded with the bags. Let's see a few pics.

8 Russian Guy Marries a Pizza

Russian Guy Marries a Pizza

This Russian guy from Tomsk city has married a pizza. He even managed to receive
an official marriage certificate and held a ceremony.  Here is his story.

10 Russian Abandoned Soviet Collective Farms

Russian Abandoned Soviet Collective Farms

During Soviet Era there were a lot of collective farms. Most of Russian state food input at that time was coming from them. Some of them were very successful and large and were called "millionaires". Like  for example this collective farm which according to Soviets
statistics and memories of the locals was one of the most important and successful in the region. It produced tons of grain and meat, veggies, milk and everything else farm can get in this climes. Now it is all abandoned and destroyed. Please take a look.

12 Family of Russian Old Believers

Family of Russian Old Believers

Dersu is a small village on the Russian Pacific coast. It consists mainly of Russian old believers. They are people of strict religious beliefs which prohibits them from
using modern day technologies, wearing modern clothes and so on. Let's see how they live there - thanks to an awesome blogger Alex H. who published these photos!

11 Almost abandoned Russian city – Sinegorye near Magadan Russia

Almost abandoned Russian city – Sinegorye near Magadan Russia

This town in the Magadan region of Russia is called "Sinegorye" or "Blue Mountains". A very nice name for a town, but in reality this is an almost completely abandoned place, and is now the size of a village. Its population has fallen by 70% since the collapse of the USSR and so almost 3/4 of its buildings remain empty
and abandoned, including many huge apartment complexes like the one in the a picture above. Sergey, the awesome Russian blogger we so like to post here, has visited this place and says it's very easy to say which buildings are abandoned - in the abandoned buildings all of the window glass is broken.

10 Russian Depressing and Creepy Kids Playgrounds

Russian Depressing and Creepy Kids Playgrounds

Some time before we published from time to time some of the creepiest images taken at Russian kids playgrounds. For some reason many cities have plenty of those - maybe because the playgrounds are maintained by enthusiasts who are not very aesthetically sound and just do their best to support what they have. But this doesn't make this
things installed on the playgrounds look less creepy and strange. Just I am sure you would be shocked on how strange Russian playgrounds can look. In many instances you won't be able to identify what the authors have tried to achieve, and be swept away by the materials they used. Really depressing scenery inside!