3 Russian Bear in the Window

Russian Bear in the Window

Like, in Russia, people say that abroad people say about Russia that they have bears on the streets. And like laugh about this - how stupid might be foreigners thinking that we, civilized people, have the bears on the street. Well,
what else have people to think after seeing a video of people feeding stray bears from the comfort of their house (or apartment) just putting some food on the window sill? See the video for the "shocking details":

8 Abandoned Submarine Defense Complex

Abandoned Submarine Defense Complex

They say that this is a unique and the only survived complex of coastal defense with a special weapon which was targeting excessively underwater vessels. Aya, the urban explorer which prefers the top-secret locations, has
again surprised us and visited this unique surviving structure: "There is a rumor that there is one more complex like this in this region but nobody yet found it", says Aya. Let's see what she saw there!

9 People Still Live Here

People Still Live Here

Russian blogger Alexander, pretty much popular local blogger, was traveling to Russian region Karelia - an area bordering Finland in North-West part of Russia and then in one small town he said he was attracted by a wooden house that according to him was in rather shocking condition. That's what he
says:  "I was walking around and found this house. You won't believe people still live inside. People tend to get used to everything. I was afraid to get inside of others people house but my curiosity took over and I made a step in". Want to see more? We can, thanks to Alexander:

17 Bi Level Double Decker Trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Bi Level Double Decker Trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg

This February for the first time ever the double decker train cars appeared on "number one" Russian rail road route - Moscow to St. Petersburg. If in many parts of the world double leveled carriages are not a
novelty, here its something that attracts sights and evokes interest on how is it inside. So let's see, how, thanks to cool Russian photographer Dmitry who have visited one of those and made those photos:

8 Russian Armored Truck Ural

Russian Armored Truck Ural

A few photos of Russian armored truck URAL, the newer model - from inside and outside. Those
trucks are used by different regiments - including the scouts.  Let's see what's inside:

2 Photos of Russian Village in 1890s

Photos of Russian Village in 1890s

This photos are of good quality and previously not posted here and anywhere else on the network until recently, as far as the search suggests. Again the photos show a lot about the
conditions common people were living before the October revolution of 1917. Scarcity, wooden shoes,  cloths in extremely bad condition - however still faces look content. Take a look: 

1 Spotting Planes at the Snowing Airport

Spotting Planes at the Snowing Airport

Marina, the airplane photographer we like a lot, has posted another set of photos. Now the scene of action is one Moscow airport. She says that Moscow airports invite photography enthusiasts at least once in three
months to take photos right on the airfield. These time, probably because of weather, not many people have attended. Would you like to see what did it look like there? The let's see inside this post:

4 Russian Roulette Reimagined

Russian Roulette Reimagined

Valery, guy from Russian city perm, has reimagined the old Russian game "Russian Roulette". Instead of risking to get a bullet people participating in this new game risk to get...
electrocuted. The guns, those little tasters have an "electric bullet" occupying one of the seven empty slots. A person shoots and risks to get a shock. Let's see inside the details:

10 Closed Shops and Cafes in Moscow Downtown

Closed Shops and Cafes in Moscow Downtown

According to the rumors that are being spread in Russian social networks lately there are over 800 shops, cafes and so on have been closed in Moscow alone since the year started. They say that the main reasons might be the national currency price which is now two
times less than it was last summer. The blogger Ilya - who we are really fond of for his nice photos of Moscow and other places - has went into the city to make photos and understand by himself are the shops really closing and why this might be:

17 Stone UFO-shaped Disc Found 40 Meter Underground

Stone UFO-shaped Disc Found 40 Meter Underground

In one mine, forty meter underground in Kuzbass miner region of Russia the local mine workers have unleashed a few stone discs
that are shaped exactly as UFOs you used to see on the photos. Inside there are more photos proving the shape point:

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