4 Faces of Russian Military 2016

Faces of Russian Military 2016

Today we have a huge posting devoted to the faces of common Russian men serving their duty in Russian army, in Russian navy in Russian air forces and other military
divisions whose duty is to handle guns, protect and attack and do all things military. It might be an eye candy for the women but not only! Take a look!

6 Girls of Soviet Union

Girls of Soviet Union

It's 8th of March today, universally acclaimed "women's day" in all ex Soviet countries and date of much importance for all Soviet people during USSR time. There was a matching pair of dates equally important for all Soviet boys, girls, men and women - the 8th of March - the women's day and February 23d was universally considered to
be  a men's day. Every girl had to get a present for 8th of March, no exception no matter if she was 2 years old or 98 years old - women were getting presents on these day, hands down, and still do get. So because it was that important let's see some Soviet gals, girls, ladies, women back from that era.

4 Soviet Youth Captured by LIFE Photographer

Soviet Youth Captured by LIFE Photographer

In 1967 an American photographer Bill Eppridge has arrived to Moscow by special appointment of LIFE magazine. He was one of the famous American photographers at time, having shot the last photo of JFK. However he was yet to become the celebrity
photographer, and what helped him were those photos of Russian youngsters which he called "Soviet Youth" and which got extremely popular in USA at that time. Many of the photos were made at the beach, some other at cities etc. Let's check it out!

25 Carnations to Stalin

Carnations to Stalin

Yesterday was a special day for many Russians. 63 years ago passed away "one of the greatest men who had ever lived in this world - Joseph Stalin", at least some of the people gathered pretty sure in this statement.. Early in the morning,
despite adverse weather, people formed the line at his monument to put carnations on his grave. Elderly people, young people, even children... They looked rather sad, some even cried. They would really wish to have Stalin back...

3 Russian Old School Mercedes S500 Became an Offroad SUV

Russian Old School Mercedes S500 Became an Offroad SUV

Just take a look what they have made this time! They took the classy Mercedes S500 out of 1990s, also known as Mercedes W140 and merged it with Russian Army legend GAZ-66 all road
truck. They took all the huge elements from the truck but the transmission and powerful five liter engine comes from Mercedes. Let's see it in detail and how it was created.
4 Bottle of Vodka in One Minute

Bottle of Vodka in One Minute

This Ukrainian elder shows some skills. He was asked by the youngsters outside if he can drink a full 0.7 liter (24 fl. oz.) bottle of vodka in one minute. He said "No problem". They told him that he could have only one
cigarette - "No problem". "Just two stops!" "Three!" "Ok". So the man takes the bottle, drinks it all in three steps, and then puts the bottle to a rubbish bin. The youngsters were impressed by his skills.

8 Russian Airborne Wedding

Russian Airborne Wedding

We've seen plenty of unusual weddings here. They are always interesting to see. Here's another one. This time it's all about the Russian sky army! Perhaps,
the groom is serving in airborne forces and wants his bride to be a part of his reality. Quite a good idea - no need to buy a wedding suit...

6 Russian Soldiers in Arctic Drive Dog and Deer Sleds

Russian Soldiers in Arctic Drive Dog and Deer Sleds

Photos have been posted which give us a clue that special forces of Russian army are being extensively trained to ride deer and dog sleds deep
in the snows of the Arctics. Also their restplaces are primitive huts of Eskimo or Chukchi people. Let's see it in detail inside!

68 Donetsk in 2016

Donetsk in 2016

Russian traveller Anton Krotov has travelled to Donetsk recently and decided to post his travel photos.
Thanks to this we are able to see what's going on in this region right now. Please see photos inside:

0 Pripyat Chernobyl as Seen from Sixteen Stored Buildings Rooftops

Pripyat Chernobyl as Seen from Sixteen Stored Buildings Rooftops

Russian Blogger Alexandr P. is one of the few people (and photographers) who have been on all the tallest rooftops of Chernobyl and made photos of surrounding views from all of them. He says that there is seven in total such buildings all of them are sixteen floor
typical Soviet residential complexes, abandoned. He climbed those rooftops during his numerous trips to Chernobyl during different seasons of the year. Because it's winter now, let's see the winter Pripyat from a rooftop for a starters, let's go inside:

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