19 Supercars Racing In Moscow

Supercars Racing In Moscow

Drag racing competition Moscow Unlim 500+ annually attracts owners of supercars from different
regions of Russia and even Europe. Only cars of 500 hp and more are allowed to participate.
3 Metal Chips Instead of Paints

Metal Chips Instead of Paints

Vladimit lives in Tetyushi, Tatarstan. Working at a plant he looked at metal chips in a different way than others - like at the
material for creativity. Now he tries to find better ways in this art direction because nobody did something similar before.
17 Asking God to Send Rain

Asking God to Send Rain

It had not been raining in a little village Saty of the Almaty region for a month already and so the locals decided to arrange
"Tasattyk" - invoke to the Supreme Being for help. It's a holiday in many regions that have their own traditons related to it.
9 Mercedes Turns Into Rolls Royce

Mercedes Turns Into Rolls Royce

Ruslan Mukanov, 24, from Shakhtinsk created his own Rolls-Royce
Phantom after seeing a photo of the car in some magazine.
3 Human Soul Is Going to Be Digitized!

Human Soul Is Going to Be Digitized!

A group of researchers "Russia-2045" showed the first Russian robot-android. It has an appearance of one of its creators Dmitry Itskov. It cannot do many things yet, but it can recognize faces and move its fingers. The final goal is impressive - human immortality by 2045. The intermediate stage - commercializing of a fully functional Homo sapiens copy by
2020. By the middle of the century the creators want to learn digitizing a human soul - it will be downloaded in a personal android and thus its copy or even several copies will be created. One will work, another one will go shopping etc. When the human body dies, the soul will continue its existence on Earth - almost eternally...
9 Back From the Army

Back From the Army

A guy from Grinevichi village of the Omsk region
Sergey Saikovsky is back from the army...
3 Russian Shrek And Fiona

Russian Shrek And Fiona

Far from noise and curious eyes, in Akimovka settlement of the Zaporozhye region, there is a
cosy and spacious stone castle where happily lives a couple of spouses the Galitskiye.

6 Sound Mind In a Sound Body

Sound Mind In a Sound Body

A nice set of pictures to
make you do some exercises!
17 At the Eastern Front of WWI, 1914-17

At the Eastern Front of WWI, 1914-17

Some photos taken at the Eastern
Front during WWI, 1914-17.
13 Wanna Fly Again

Wanna Fly Again

While restoring and returning 2 units of IL-14T to heaven you realize that planes have souls too. If you treat it as a friend you have a friend's response. It tries to
help, shows itself from a better side. Even "an ill" plane tries to keep its spirits up willing to show it can still be useful and shouldn't be discarded...

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