20 Terrible Accident In Ukraine

Terrible Accident In Ukraine

They say that the driver fell asleep at the wheel. The bus drove down the slope and turned over. It was full of pilgrims from the Kursk region who planned to visit the holy places of
Ukraine. There were 43 passengers and 2 drivers in the "Scania", both drivers survived, 14 passengers died. 15 people more are in a sad plight. Caution: dead bodies inside!
2 Back to the Battles of the Past

Back to the Battles of the Past

Reconstruction of the battles that took place on the Red Guard
boundary. The photos were taken by one of the participants.
14 Lynx As a Pet

Lynx As a Pet

Spouses Pavel and Svetlana from Kaluga had kept 4 Kurilian bobteils but in 2009 a little lynx named Zen also became a
member of their family. The owners say it behaves like an ordinary cat and even sleeps with them in one bed.

38 In the Army 2011

In the Army 2011

The draft season is almost over. Some soldiers leave, some come
back. These are some photos taken in the army last year.

9 So Different Tajikistan

So Different Tajikistan

Pamir has a special position. It's the most high-altitude region not only of Tajikistan but of all the former Soviet Union. Its Gorno-Badakhshanskaya autonomous region occupies almost a half of all the country but its population is only 3% from all the republic's one. Local citizens are officially considered to be Tajiks but in fact they are a group of peoples with their own languages, culture
and even religion. Khorog is bordering Afghanistan. The town is inhabited by representatives of all Pamir peoples. There are some universities here. Locals like to study, it's a part of their religion. Though the local young people prefer English today, they are good at Russian too. Tourists like this place, there are many hotels and guest houses in the area.
29 Worshipping The Chair

Worshipping The Chair

Can anyone tell why are these people worshipping ... the chair?
Why are they kissing it? Do not laugh! We are serious!
29 Under Fire!

Under Fire!

Special mission units have their own skill criteria. These are the photos from
special competition where trained people demostrated their skills in firing.
16 The Day of the Miracle Working Icon

The Day of the Miracle Working Icon

It happens every year in July, 2nd, in Tutaev, the Yaroslavl region.. The miracle working icon was painted in the middle of the 15 century by one famous icon-painter. It is really huge, about 3 meters tall. The full length saviour adorns the
icon. The icon is carried along the city with songs and prayers. People can get through the "healing" hole under the icon on their knees or squatting for a healing prayer. It should be done three times for a healing effect!
8 If You Know Physics Laws You May Get Some Profit

If You Know Physics Laws You May Get Some Profit

Yesterday people could try themselves in a new sports amusement in Moscow. Anyone who agreed to pay 100 rubles (about 3 USD) and could hang for 2
minutes on the bar were promised to be given 1000 rubles (about 30 USD)... But people were not warned that the bar could rotate on its axis...
29 Battle For the Soviet Power

Battle For the Soviet Power

In May 1918, the Czhechoslovak corps were coming back home, their echelons were stretching along all the Trans Siberian line. The corps rose in the armed rebellion and for the shortest time more than 50 thousand soldiers assisted by the local population
overthrew the Soviet power behind the Urals. In May, 26, the White Czechs captured Chelyabinsk, in June, 29, a small detachment of the Ural Red Army joined the unequal battle. Here is how they tried to reconstruct the century-old events...