29 Photo Manipulations In The USSR

Photo Manipulations In The USSR

Contemporary news agencies are often blamed for photo manipulations. It started long ago in fact. Back in the times of WWII graphic artists learnt to distor reality and show what they wanted to show but not what really had happened. Thus, they often added excessive Nazi atrocities, terrible ruins and looting to fill papers with horrifying images. However we do not have to exclude that such atrocities and other terrific events could
really happen, it was just difficult to catch them with a camera due to their spontaneity. Photographers were rarely in a right time and in a right place. It's today when everyone has a cameraphone we can shoot everything we see. Photo manipulations as an instrument of propaganda is claimed to be natural. Below you will see some photos taken during WWII that underwent montage for the purpose of propaganda.

2 In the Village of Miniature Painters

In the Village of Miniature Painters

Twenty kilometres from Moscow, in a small cosy village Fedoskino, there is a historical centre of lacquer miniature founded by merchant Peter Korobov in 1795. There is also an art school in the village where young people can
master various specialties. Many students of the school are members of the whole dinasties who were or still are painters of unique Fedoskino craft. Here you may see how they create their sketches and paintings.
6 The Museum In A Submarine

The Museum In A Submarine

Today can see what submarines look like from the inside. Welcome to a museum based inside a submarine boat. It
sails in the waters of Khimki water reservoir (the Moscow region) and everybody is invited to the place.
7 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IX

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IX

Today in the video: a crow breaking a windshield, very weird pedestrians of Moscow, dancers who seem to be
immortal, a tsar's carriage on the modern road, a brave schoolgirl who revenges an angry teacher of English.
18 Mansion of a Russian Banker Back In the XIX Century

Mansion of a Russian Banker Back In the XIX Century

Baron Alexander von Stieglitz (1814–1884) was a Russian philanthropist and banker. He was the first governor of the State Bank of the Russian Empire, the predecessor
organization to today's Central Bank of the Russian Federation. We are going to see here how successful financiers of the nineteenth century used to live in Russia.
0 Excavators Bring Some Fun

Excavators Bring Some Fun

Work of excavator drivers does not assume any entertainments. But many drivers understand that the machine itself can be used
not only for heavy work but for light entertainments as well. It has everything they might need for having some fun.

13 We Will Discuss It Tomorrow, Have Fun Now

We Will Discuss It Tomorrow, Have Fun Now

Croatian policemen were surprised to see this picture: a wrecked yacht at the rocks. The driver of the yacht turned out to be a Russian guy who lost control and ran into the
rocks. Right after the accident the driver and his Russian passengers didn't panic but came ashore to continue the party where they all were found by the police.

8 Wedding In a Village

Wedding In a Village

When you see photos from someone's wedding you can actually understand if it happened these days or twenty years ago. Even despite the fact that many traditions remained the same. The further you go away from larger cities the more traditional stuff
you can get. No wedding limos, no kitschy guests... Seems nothing is changing and time has stopped there. So when you get the photos of a wedding happening somewhere deep there you got not clue if this from today or ten years ago.
9 Hello Kitty Axe

Hello Kitty Axe

Usually an axe is a tool for men. However, it is so sexist! Why can't women and even young girls have their own sort of an axe?
"Hello Kitty" axes, for example? That's told to do! Here's our "Hello Kitty" axe and some short DIY instructions.
7 Chasing a Courier Van

Chasing a Courier Van

Real police chase, with firing bullets swearing etc. The courier service
van probably did something wrong. Happens in St. Petersburg.

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