2 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part 1

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part 1

Latvian special forces at work, tricks and a highy explosive truck on the road, a car that does not need a driver, a
chick that can't learn which pedal means break - all this stuff inside the first post of daily awesomeness!
31 Soviet Conflict With The Chinese

Soviet Conflict With The Chinese

Russian people have been neighbors of the Chinese for centuries and got used to peaceful life and friendly relations.
However, in 1969 there had been an armed conflict when China occupied a disputed territory deciding to capture it.
2 The City Of The Dead

The City Of The Dead

Visiting ghost-towns must be an exciting experience. But once you decided to go to such a place, you'd
better hurry up and see as much as possible before the sunset. Who knows what may happen after?
3 Video Selection, Part XXIV

Video Selection, Part XXIV

Everyone needs some care. Even the most brutal worker. This is a new creative way how to
give some care to feet after a long hard working day... They gonna be smooth and soft!
51 Last Summer Of The USSR

Last Summer Of The USSR

That summer it became clear that the USSR won't exist for long. They gave numerous reasons for that starting from the state authority
and ending with inability of the state to cope with the needs of its population. Photos below remind us of what it was like.
8 I Want My Photo Be Shopped, Again

I Want My Photo Be Shopped, Again

Authors of these shots asked their friends to make them look better with help of graphic editors. Next time they will think twice before asking someone to
photoshop their images. They better remain as they are... Ok, let's see what sometimes happens after a request to photoshop someone's not very nice image.

4 An American In Siberia

An American In Siberia

1959. Bratsk, Siberia. These people are going to see a foreigner for the first time in their lives. Children from a summer camp, builders, teachers... They are standing on the dock, so excited and happy, as if
they are meeting a long-awaited close relative... The guest is William Averell Harriman, an American Democratic party politician, businessman, and diplomat. That's what we call a warm welcome.

11 Four-Leggers Against Crime

Four-Leggers Against Crime

Police dog service is a place where people work with smart animals. It was constructed in 1990 by enthusiastic employees of the Ministry of
Internal Affairs of Russia who tried to make lives of the dogs as comfortable as possible. There they get everything they need.
14 Types of Men From Social Networks

Types of Men From Social Networks

So different men join social nets searching for love or friends or simple communication. They share their photos trying to show themselves from the side they consider to be the
best. Many of such photos have much in common. Thus, men in social nets can be classified according to the photos they willingly show. What type do you belong to?
5 Video Selection, Part XXIII

Video Selection, Part XXIII

Many cities keep suffering because of bad weather, streets and roads are
flooded, cars sooner resemble boats, public transport cannot function...