7 Drinking For Health

Drinking For Health

It is forbidden to sell Borjomi mineral water in Russia today because, according to the official version, it does not
correspond to the quality standards set in Russia. Let us see what kind of water it is and how it is produced.
6 At the Court And Out of It

At the Court And Out of It

Meet the second most important person in Ukrainian judiciary. She always looks graceful when she is
present at meetings in court and while taking decisions as far as important state affairs are concerned.

14 Private Life of the Royal Family

Private Life of the Royal Family

Nikolay II was an examplary family man. He spent all his spare time with his family.
True love and spiritual consonance distinguished this family from many others.
9 The Land of Chapels And Ancient Legends

The Land of Chapels And Ancient Legends

Kenozerye is a forest and lake region, the place where in the middle of the XIX century the Russian epos was written - 83 heroic epics, local old men still remember fragments of ancient Russian legends which were told by their grandparents for many centuries. Kenozersky national park is situated in the south-west of the Arkhangelsk region. There are about 300 lakes
in the park. The biggest are Kenozero - 90 km2, Lekshmozero - 54 km2. People have been living near them for a long time. The Slavs brought farming to this land: here appeared cosy villages, fields, "holy" groves existing since pagan times, coniferous forests, ancients crosses at the crossroads... And famous chapels, of course.
4 To the Olympics By the Kruzenshtern Ship

To the Olympics By the Kruzenshtern Ship

Are you planning to visit the 30th Olympic Games in London? The Kruzenshtern sailing ship took Russian journalists and bloggers,
who had arrived from Moscow to the western coast of France, to Zeebrugge in Belgium as part of their sports journey.

25 Some Grill For the Blonde

Some Grill For the Blonde

Why did she do this
with herself?
3 Sellers With a Sense of Humor

Sellers With a Sense of Humor

Funny and creative sellers ready to do
anything to sell their goods!
1 In the Happy Village

In the Happy Village

Where happinnes is born? There is a little village in the Crimea that is called
"Happy" (Schastlivoye). Let's see how happy one can be if he/she lives there.
6 Welcome to the Party!

Welcome to the Party!

We don't know who these people are
but their party had to be fun!
6 Women of the 1950s

Women of the 1950s

Photos of LIFE magazine featuring women from the 1950s
collected in one post. Aren't they wonderful?

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