1 New Nomads

New Nomads

New nomads have revived the national style of farm management with no scientific innovations just following the
call of nature. In late spring they move to meadows with all their animals and in late fall they come back.
11 Summer Residence of Joseph Stalin In Novy Afon

Summer Residence of Joseph Stalin In Novy Afon

Since 1993 this object eventually came into possession of the Abkhazian authorities (the leaders of the USSR including Gorbachev had liked to come here),
but lately it became a place of tourits' interest. For $3 you can have a short excursion and VIP stay in the residence for $800-900 per day.
3 Forgotten North Land: Baikit

Forgotten North Land: Baikit

Let's continue our journey along Evenkiya, this time
we'll visit Baikit, 600 km away from Vanavara.
7 How To Make Authorities Repair Roads?

How To Make Authorities Repair Roads?

The guys from Tver decided to draw attention of the authorities to the problem of roads bad condition. They did it in a quite unusual
way. Pits and bumps were outlined with color paints and crosswalks were adorned with bright zebras. But will it finally work?
0 Officials Have Been Here

Officials Have Been Here

The Country Games of Kuban is not the event that would attract much public attention. And the organizers of the Games decided to announce that some government officials had to be there too hoping to attract more
people to the event. No officials were there, of course. So they simply used Photoshop to make the officials come. People are having fun of this incident making their own shopped pictures.
6 Kiev Art Projects

Kiev Art Projects

Check out some photos from the 1st International Festival of Modern Sculpture - Kyiv Sculpture Project and the 1st Kyev International Biennale Arsenale 2012.
15 works of sculptors from six countries (Ukraine, Great Britain, Australia, Poland, Russia, the Netherlands) participated in the Project.
16 Be Afraid of 228!

Be Afraid of 228!

228 section of the Russian criminal code is given for having possession of, or using
illegal drugs. And these guys probably like to break laws and make it trendy.
15 Do I Look Alike?

Do I Look Alike?

These people truly believe that they are copies of the celebrities. They download their photos in
the Russian base of celebrity lookalikes. Look and comment if they really look alike.
9 Civil War In Russia: Reconstruction

Civil War In Russia: Reconstruction

On the 3rd of June they held a reconstruction of Russian Civil War in
Chernogolovka, the Moscow region. Look at some photos of the event.
9 Soviet Russia By Eduard Gladkov

Soviet Russia By Eduard Gladkov

Photos taken by
Eduard Gladkov.

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