2 Ancient City And Its People

Ancient City And Its People

Bukhara is one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia located in Uzbekistan. The region around Bukhara has been inhabited for at least five millennia, and the city has
existed for half that time.The city has long been a center of trade, scholarship, culture, and religion. Let us look at some details of the city and meet its people.
17 People Of Tomorrow

People Of Tomorrow

Have you ever thought that robots might appear in social networks? Seems it has started to happen. The author of
these photographs became acquanted with a girl whose name is Alice who turned out to be ... a real robot!

22 Moscow And Its Citizens In 1984-88

Moscow And Its Citizens In 1984-88

These photographs were taken by different foreign tourists who travelled to Moscow in 1984-88. This is how thay saw the Russian capital and
its people. Those tourists were John Carter McKnight, Steve's Wildlife, Andrew J Green,  Ernst Bergmans, Philippe Moroux.

7 A Beach of Delicatessen

A Beach of Delicatessen

A recent typhoon in Vladivostok resulted in a big success for its citizens! During the storm tons of shellfish was cast
ashore. People tried not to lose a chance of gathering some delicatessen given by the typhoon they had been afraid of.
4 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part VI

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part VI

Today in the selection of video awesomeness: a guy who wanted to show a bicycle trick but almost sank in the end, two guys who had a real man's
talk, a guy who became a very very lucky pedestrian, a guy who produces strange sounds... These guys alltogether will make you smile today.

22 Hurray! I am Getting Married!

Hurray! I am Getting Married!

What reasons made this girl get married? Unexpected pregnancy? Rich husband and no love? The whole story
may stay behind her face. Hey, babe, give us a single smile on the happiest day of your life!

175 Chechen Battles: 1994-1995

Chechen Battles: 1994-1995

January 1995 in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. What was it like? Ruins, black soot, wrecked and burned military equipment and weapons, broken walls, mud, mangled
bodies... It's when people, in a full mess, beat not the enemy but those who were on their side. They say that every second one was killed this way.
2 Desperado, Georgian Version

Desperado, Georgian Version

Probably the best Desperado cover theme version, at least the best that comes from ex-USSR part of the world. Basically, what guy does is he plays this Desperado song as if he
was different types of Georgian, Armenia etc. personalities, occassionally inserting phrases in Russian. The power of expression he projects is really awesome.
37 Soviet City of Belarus

Soviet City of Belarus

Bobruisk is a city in Belarus. The place had been inhabited by people since the fifth-sixth centuries. The city was first mentioned in 1387 as part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1792 it became part of the Russian
Empire and was included into the borders of Belarus in 1795. Today it is actually the largest city in the country. The photos made in the Soviet epoch show what the life in the city at those times was like.
0 Work of the Aerobatic Team From Inside

Work of the Aerobatic Team From Inside

The Russian "Rus" aerobatics team flying by L-39 jet planes which is one of the best in the world and is one of top-ten world aerobatics teams. The scenario of their shows is always the same: the planes come from nowhere, perform
graceful and complex tricks and disappear suddenly leaving lost in admiration spectators alone. But what work precedes the performance and what happens behind the curtain? We'll try to answer the question today.