4 Inhabitants of the White Sea

Inhabitants of the White Sea

The author of these photos works at the White Sea biological research station of the Moscow State University as a head of the diving department and as an underwater photographer. In the cold
waters of the White Sea there are a lot of little and big creatures. Unfortunately naturalists' profession is not popular nowadays so the guy takes such pictures more as a hobby.
8 Animals At War

Animals At War

During WWII Soviet army used various animals. Some
pictures on the topic are for your attention.
25 Soviet Cars Advertising, Part III

Soviet Cars Advertising, Part III

Check out the previous parts
of the nostalgic vintage ads:
1, 2.
52 Are You Safe In Moscow Streets?

Are You Safe In Moscow Streets?

The guy decided to make an experiment and check if people can feel safe in the Moscow streets. On 9th of May he took an AK-74 gun and had a nice walk along the central streets of
the Russian capital. Funny or scary but nobody stopped him or even asked him any questions while the city was full of police. What if it was not just an experiment?
33 Victory Parades 2012

Victory Parades 2012

On the 9th of May in many Russian cities Victory Parades were
traditionally held. Some photos are for your attention.

11 Old Color Magic Of Peter Vedenisov

Old Color Magic Of Peter Vedenisov

Peter Ivanovich Vedenisov (1866-1937) graduated from the Moscow conservatory in 1888 and came to Yalta where soon became one of the most interesting persons in the city. He was a professional pianist and often perfomed. Was interested in local history,
meteorology and photography, could make color autochromes on the glass. They looked wonderful on the screen being projected there by a magic lantern. 150 color sheet glasses of Peter Vedenisov made between 1909 and 1914 have been preserved till today.
20 Russian Police in LA!

Russian Police in LA!

When you see something spelled like "МИЛИЦИЯ" be sure it means POLICE in Russian. People used to see those a lot on Russian police cars etc. Of course, they used to see this in Russia, on Russian soil. Then, some enthusiasts tried to imagine what it would be like if the Russian POLICE went to chase the criminals on American soil. They tried to inject Russian speed police cars into action games such as GTA so that it could cruise the sunny palm beach landscapes
bearing cyrillic "МИЛИЦИЯ" logos. And it all seemed so unreal at that time. Unless recently. Here we go, full time operational Russian "МИЛИЦИЯ" Police car down there on the streets of LA. Equipped with a Russian-style full size blue light flasher (see on top of the car) and California road permits and car plates, this Russian police vehicle can successfully chase the suspects on the streets of SoCal.
34 The First Chechen War In Photos of A. Nemenov

The First Chechen War In Photos of A. Nemenov

In this post we present a set of photos by Alexander Nemenov about the First
Chechen war. Warning: some photos may seem unpleasant or scary.
15 Being Guests In The Berkovs Family

Being Guests In The Berkovs Family

This book was found by someone on old upper shelves... And it deserves
some attention, we guess. The family described is quite unusual.

14 New Look At WWII

New Look At WWII

These photos can be called rare and unique.
They are not what we've got used to see...

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