3 Fox Intruder Learns To Dance

Fox Intruder Learns To Dance

True professional performer will never stop to act: even if he / she feels ill or unsure or if someone is jumping about the
stage during the permance trying to copy everything the performer does. Just exactly like this cute little fox did.
4 Instead of Tinted Glass

Instead of Tinted Glass

Does the driver use this instead of tinted glass or what? Couldn't he find any different ways to transport the hay? This funny video, soldiers
singing "Bad Romance" of Lady Gaga, one complicated accident, a guy who chose the weird bride and other cool moments in the selection of today.
4 Dirty Dancing At the Wedding

Dirty Dancing At the Wedding

"Dirty Dancing" is an old movie but it still inspires many couples to dance. Its main song is often chosen for the first dance at a wedding.
The most talented and creative couples even try to dance it in the same way Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey did it in the movie.
4 Soviet Planes On the Photos of the Foreigner

Soviet Planes On the Photos of the Foreigner

Howard Sochurek was a photographer for Life magazine. He joined Life in 1950 and worked in many
countries including the Soviet Union. His photos of Soviet airplanes taken in 1958 are shown below.
0 Trick On the Bar Went Wrong

Trick On the Bar Went Wrong

The guy wanted to show some cool trick on the bar but something went terribly wrong. This video, a
cool soldier dancer, an ugly car and other funny moments caught on cameras in the selection below.

22 The Lost Bet

The Lost Bet

Reportedly, two villagers made a bet whose car is more powerful. They agreed that the one who would lose had to burn his car. The owner of the
«Range Rover Sport» lost the bet. His car couldn't climb the high hill while the «JEEP-550» of his opponent managed with the task.
11 Cool Dancing Flashmob

Cool Dancing Flashmob

Citizens of Novosibirsk held a cool flashmob involving everyone around into dancing. Even the police officers
who seemingly came to restore the order could not resist the fun. Maybe they will make you smile as well.
6 Best Massage For a Kitty

Best Massage For a Kitty

Did you know that cats might enjoy a vacuum cleaner massage? It helps to relax in the end of a hard day, improves circulation and promotes good sleep. Try it once, and
if your pet is not frightened by the noise of the vacuum cleaner it will ask for some more. The funny cat and other cool videos are in the post below.
2 Meet a New Superhero: Tentman!

Meet a New Superhero: Tentman!

Russia represents its own type of super hero: Tentman! Maybe he's not giving much hope to save the world if the
world needs it, but it will make people laugh. See the funny super hero and other cool video moments below.

48 The First Day of a Muslim

The First Day of a Muslim

Young boys in Muslim families have such a period in their lives when they wear girl's dresses. It means they have just undergone the circumcision rite. Of course other children do not lose a chance to make fun of them,
but all these physical and moral sufferings are soon rewarded with a stack of bills. We want you to see now how they arrange one of the most important rites in life of every Muslim - circumcision.

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