29 Soviet Past of Today

Soviet Past of Today

Perm. A huge city, the third largest in Russia, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is growing fast, invading more and more territories from the Ural forests. Old blocks are being promptly rebuilt too. Walking we pass by office buildings, banks, stores, cafes and restaurants, and somewhere in the end of the
street we find ourselves ... in the past. Soviet past, almost forgotten. Six two-storey wooden houses, with no gas, central heating or water supply. Each is a hundred years old or even more. They stood here before the revolution! And people who inhabit them are also not from modern time.
18 Postwar Moscow: Huge Collection of Photos

Postwar Moscow: Huge Collection of Photos

A big set of photographs
featuring life in Moscow of 1947.
2 Sunset Over the City

Sunset Over the City

We've already published some posts about beautiful Khiva (1, 2, 3).
Some more photos of local people and sunset over the city.
12 Forgotten North Land

Forgotten North Land

We've already visited Baikit and Vanavara - places in
Evenkia. Today Kuyumba village is going to meet us.
17 Ethnic Diversity of the Russian Empire

Ethnic Diversity of the Russian Empire

People of the Russian Empire on the unique
photographs of S. M. Prokudin-Gorsky.
1 Echo of the 90s In Armenia

Echo of the 90s In Armenia

Armenia is not a big country (7 times smaller than Belarus territory), that suffered much from the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict and its economy still has not restored. But it has enormously rich Orthodox heritage. Its
cognac is popular world wide but its wonderful pomegranate wine is not. Like in Azerbaijan and Georgia Armenian people are very kind and hospitable. Some mobile phone photos of the trip to Armenia.
45 Soviet Medicine And Police

Soviet Medicine And Police

Old photos featuring two honorable professions: doctors and policemen. Some of them
you might have seen on ER but surely not all of them in one collection.
1 So Lookalike But So Different

So Lookalike But So Different

Those who look so much alike are often very
different people. It can be seen even on photos.
22 The Strongest Girl On Earth

The Strongest Girl On Earth

Varya Akulova aged 12 weighs 40 kg but lifts 350 kg in three exercises (press, strike and push-off). When she was 3 she managed to lift her first hundred of kilograms, at the age of 4 she got a senior category. Varya consists of granite will power, transparent body and thread tendons.
She eats nothing but macaroni because her family is rather poor and Varya has to support it. Varya believes she will become an Olympic champion one day. She's the strongest girl on the planet, and this fact was confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records twice. 
47 Soviet Union 1989 In Photos

Soviet Union 1989 In Photos

A set of photos taken by an American
amateur photographer in 1989.

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