2 When The Water Went Away

When The Water Went Away

The water went away from Krymsk and now we can see the aftermath of the huge flood.
People try to get rid of the panic and start to restore their life somehow...
7 Glamour Against Kiev Decorations

Glamour Against Kiev Decorations

It's interesting to see how a glamourous model looks like
in the decorations of the Ukrainian capital - Kiev.
18 Hello from the Past!

Hello from the Past!

Some touching and memorable
photos from the Russian past...

15 Caucasia and Transcaucasia: Ethnic Photos From the XIX Century

Caucasia and Transcaucasia: Ethnic Photos From the XIX Century

Dmitry I. Ermakov (1845—1916) was a Russian photographer, orientalist, ethnographer. He was
travelling much and took a lot of interesting ethnic photos of Caucasia and Transcaucasia.
17 When the Whole Life Just Floats Away, Part III

When the Whole Life Just Floats Away, Part III

The events in the Krasnodar region and particularly Krymsk are being discussed widely in the Russian internet. People from different cities feel sorry for those who are suffering the
tragedy and are trying to help somehow... The authorities keep spreading lies about the real situation and real number of the dead... (Also read Part I and Part II).
7 Fish Soup Holiday

Fish Soup Holiday

Look how they celebrate the holiday of
Don fish soup ("ukha") in Kurgan.
15 Where Do Passport Photos Come From?

Where Do Passport Photos Come From?

The girl solved the problem with the photo in the
passport in quite an original way... Check it out!
33 Whisper of the Nature

Whisper of the Nature

You do not need much to plunge into state of harmony with nature. Hippies just take a rucksack, a tent and a sleeping
bag and go to the Carpathians. "Shipot" festival attracts a lot of punks, Rastas, nudists, various freaks...
6 From Junk To Masterpieces

From Junk To Masterpieces

This citizen of a Ukrainine city Kanev is a true fan of cars. He has his own business, his daughter is a pilot of the women's rally KRAZ Raid Team, but
the hobby of all his life is cars. Let's look at some cars the Ukrainian master made with his own hands or restored from rusting junk.
16 What Summertime Is For

What Summertime Is For

One photo story of 8 friends who rafted on the Don river. In the daytime they were floating, bathing,
fishing, having fun. At night they were feeding mosquitoes and playing poker. Their route - 80 km.

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