9 Rostov Steppe Safari

Rostov Steppe Safari

A lot of the hoofed animals live in this place in almost unrestricted conditions. This wild steppe territory is some thousands hectares big and it's situated on the border between
the Rostov region and Kalmykia. American and Asiatic bisons, yaks, Bactrian camels and wild Don horses inhabit the territory. It's not Africa but nevertheless...
1 In the World Of Tiny Things

In the World Of Tiny Things

Microminiature is a rare kind of art representing creation of tiny amazing things under a microscope. Vladimir Aniskin is one of microminiature masters. He lives in
Novosibirsk. Some of his works are literally made on the end of a hair. In Russia and near-abroad countries there are not more than a dozen of masters of such kind.
8 Russian North In Photographs

Russian North In Photographs

Amazing photographs from a National Geographic contest
"Russian North". Freshening Russian beauty.

2 Hydropower Stations of Dagestan

Hydropower Stations of Dagestan

You probably know that Dagestan has many beautiful places and
impressive constructions. Let's visit some of them in this post.
1 The 4th Class of Fire Danger

The 4th Class of Fire Danger

A serious fire-hazardous situation occured in the south of the Almaty region. Lack of precipitations and strong wind
caused in the 4th, last but one, danger class. Let's fly over the region and see how they try to solve the problem.
4 Fighting the Swarms of Locusts

Fighting the Swarms of Locusts

Southern regions of Russia are annually invaded by locusts. This year the most problem zone is the Limansky district of the Astrakhan region. Young locusts are greedily eating plants, it's a serious damage to
agriculture. In fighting the insects an An-2 plane is being used, it is spraying pesticides from the air on the larvae spreading spots, besides, some tractors and manual sprayers are in operation.
Avacha Up 21
2 Kamchatka: Up To Avacha, Part II

Kamchatka: Up To Avacha, Part II

Let's continue the way to Avachinsky volcano. It only seems that its
top is conic, in fact it's like a field... a lava field.
6 Middle of May In Norilsk

Middle of May In Norilsk

Norilsk nature doesn't play according to the rules! Summer is just
round the corner, but winter still doesn't want to leave!
11 The Hellish Ball of Mosquitoes

The Hellish Ball of Mosquitoes

Huge clouds of mosquitoes arranged a hellish ball yesterday in a village Mikoltsy near Myadel, Belarus. The mosquitoes emitted so loud sounds
that even cars could not be heard. Such activity of mosquitoes is probably caused by the weather. Luckily they didn't sting.

4 Inhabitants of the White Sea

Inhabitants of the White Sea

The author of these photos works at the White Sea biological research station of the Moscow State University as a head of the diving department and as an underwater photographer. In the cold
waters of the White Sea there are a lot of little and big creatures. Unfortunately naturalists' profession is not popular nowadays so the guy takes such pictures more as a hobby.

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