2 Kamchatka: Up To Avacha

Kamchatka: Up To Avacha

It's not so hard to climb Avachinsky volcano. The path
leads up only in some places sinking in snow...
15 Being Guests In The Berkovs Family

Being Guests In The Berkovs Family

This book was found by someone on old upper shelves... And it deserves
some attention, we guess. The family described is quite unusual.
1 In the Chrome Labyrinths

In the Chrome Labyrinths

Chromite ore is the main raw material for obtaining chrome. It was extracted in the 1930s when Russian industry needed alloy steels. After the
deposit depletion the pit was abandoned. Deep at night, when normal people already sleep, some guys decided to visit this place.
13 Guests In Pripyat

Guests In Pripyat

Another outing to
notorious Pripyat.
3 Back to Alatyr, Russian Venice

Back to Alatyr, Russian Venice

Let us check out some more photos from flooded
Alatyr where almost 200 houses are sunken.
6 It Has Been Raining In Vladivostok

It Has Been Raining In Vladivostok

Russian roads and Russian weather. This time we'll pay attention
to the absence of stormwater drainages in Vladivostok...
8 On the Highest Peak of Russia

On the Highest Peak of Russia

Mercury Tower of the business centre Moscow City is the highest construction in Russia for now. The height from the ground to the
top of the crane boom tip is more than 380 m! Inside the post you'll see one of the last winter sunrises of Moscow.
2 Kadom, Another Victim of Flooding

Kadom, Another Victim of Flooding

Water level in the river Moksha that has broken its banks is higher 8-9 m than normal. The dams made by the locals from sand are being actively washed away and the densely-populated village is being flooded on. The streets have turned into Russian Venice and it
even looks beautiful but the people have lost almost everything they had. The road connecting Kadom with the big world has disappeared for a distance 1 km long. These people do not believe anymore that someone will help them but themselves...

4 White Marble of Koelga

White Marble of Koelga

Koelga settlement is famous for its marble quarry - one
of the largest in the world and the largest in Russia.
8 Hunting For Elks

Hunting For Elks

A story of one hunting for elks near
Kabanovo village, the Moscow region.