7 Machu Picchu On the Former USSR Territory

Machu Picchu On the Former USSR Territory

Yes, it can probably be called "Machu Picchu" on the former Soviet territory. The main difference
- real Machu Picchu has tourists but no locals, this place has no tourists, only locals.
4 Mad About Octopi

Mad About Octopi

Octopi are awesome creatures and this guy wanted his profession to be connected with them. In Russia it was hard to
realize but he found the way out and started to photograph them in the Japanese Sea being in Vladivostok.
7 Infinity Sign Over the Temple

Infinity Sign Over the Temple

Such a strange cloud formed over the new dome of the temple in the Kaluga
region. For some time it was hanging above then slowly vanished.
2 In the Fann Mountains

In the Fann Mountains

In the time of the USSR these mountains were popular enough among climbers and hikers. Contemporary tourists have almost forgotten about these picturesque places. Mostly foreign tourists come there today. The best city to stay in for a trip to the Fanns is Penjikent. The main places to visit in the Fanns are wonderful lakes. Let's see one of such places called Seven Lakes not far from Pejikent. Earthquakes had partially ruined
the mountains and in these places later formed the lakes. There are 7 of them, one over another. They are all different in size and color. Along the river and the lakes there are kishlaks where you may find guest homes. Prices are not high, but the conditions are Spartan though locals are very hospitable. From the market of Penjikent you may take a bus or a shared taxi to the kishlaks.
4 Deep In the Ural Mines

Deep In the Ural Mines

In 1930s in the Urals they found ore containing rare metals, titanium, niobium, vanadium and tantalum. But only in 1941-45, when the country needed doped alloys so much, they started
development. Upon the mining works all entries were exploded and thus the underground labyrinths were shut down. Let's visit the place where humans have not been for 60 years already...
2 Forgotten North Land

Forgotten North Land

Vanavara is a lonely place somewhere on the boundless territory of Evenkiya. Mainly sad news have come from there lately: a boiler room
exploded, tap water smells with gasoline or something... But there were times when the Krasnoyarsk region was even proud of it!
6 Beauty of the Zhambyl Region: Like Centuries Ago

Beauty of the Zhambyl Region: Like Centuries Ago

The hot temptating and so diverse Zhambyl region. Two talented photographers of Kazakhstan, Nikolay
Postnikov and Oleg Belyalov, managed to show all the unique beauty of the southern region.
12 Fish Broth Aroma Or Ideal Dacha Day

Fish Broth Aroma Or Ideal Dacha Day

Why is food prepared alfresco always much tastier than at home? And when
summer is gone you remember that aroma all winter long till the next time.
9 Rostov Steppe Safari

Rostov Steppe Safari

A lot of the hoofed animals live in this place in almost unrestricted conditions. This wild steppe territory is some thousands hectares big and it's situated on the border between
the Rostov region and Kalmykia. American and Asiatic bisons, yaks, Bactrian camels and wild Don horses inhabit the territory. It's not Africa but nevertheless...
1 In the World Of Tiny Things

In the World Of Tiny Things

Microminiature is a rare kind of art representing creation of tiny amazing things under a microscope. Vladimir Aniskin is one of microminiature masters. He lives in
Novosibirsk. Some of his works are literally made on the end of a hair. In Russia and near-abroad countries there are not more than a dozen of masters of such kind.