4 Cave Crickets of Moscow Basements

Cave Crickets of Moscow Basements

Moscow basements are inhabited by many creatures: rats, mice, fleas, cockroaches, bugs, crickets, spiders and it's so remote from the full list... Some guys were installing video
surveillance systems and found a basement full of hundreds or thousands of creatures resembling crickets. It was hot and dump there and the insects seemed to like this climate.
2 The Biggest Moscow Flood of 1908

The Biggest Moscow Flood of 1908

One of the biggest floods of the Moscow river happened in 1908, when flowing water amounted to 2860 m3/s. The river
and the drainage channel united in one corridor 1,5 km wide. 16km2 of the city territory was flooded.
4 Along the Georgian Way to Kazbek Mountain: Cellphone Photos

Along the Georgian Way to Kazbek Mountain: Cellphone Photos

Some photos taken on the way
to Kazbek mountain.
6 Mother Will Never Leave Her Children

Mother Will Never Leave Her Children

This dog lived here, in Krasnoyarsk slams, and here she gave birth to five puppies. Once she was looking for food and was run into by a car. Her
spine was broken and she could not walk. When local summer residents saw her creeping on her fore feet to the puppies they cried...
9 Wildlife of Amur Tigers

Wildlife of Amur Tigers

Photos of wild Siberian (Amur) tigers are extremely
rare and difficult to find, yet here are several.

21 The Aral Sea Is Dying

The Aral Sea Is Dying

The Aral Sea is an endorheic saline lake in Central Asia located between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Since the 1960s its level and its amount of water are promptly decreasing due to drawing of water from main feeding rivers - the
Amu Darya and the Syr Darya. Before the shallowing the Aral Sea was the fourth biggest lake in the world. By today the drying Aral Sea has moved 100 km away from its former coastline near Muinak, Uzbekistan.
14 UFO In Astrakhan?

UFO In Astrakhan?

An unusual phenomenon was noticed in the Astrakhan sky yesterday. People cannot explain what
they saw. Some of them believe it was a dry thunder, others are sure it was a UFO.
1 New Nomads

New Nomads

New nomads have revived the national style of farm management with no scientific innovations just following the
call of nature. In late spring they move to meadows with all their animals and in late fall they come back.
6 Shar-Pei Adopts Tiger Cubs

Shar-Pei Adopts Tiger Cubs

Two newly born tiger cubs were refused by mom and employees of the Sochi Zoo found a
female Shar-pei that has just given birth to puppies to feed the cubs...
4 Expedition to the Arctic

Expedition to the Arctic

Let's join the expedition to the far north of Russia that will go
according to the route Naryan-Mar, Voichag island - Amderma.

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