3 Insect Macro World

Insect Macro World

Check out some macro photos of an
author who calls herself Iryna.
18 Moscow Trees: Then And Now

Moscow Trees: Then And Now

Once Moscow was a green pleasant city. Today it is sooner a stone sack for dirty cars storage. It's hard to imagine that squirrels used to jump and birds used to sing on lime and chestnut trees of Moscow.  People even didn't notice when they disappeared. Due to lack of care some of them simply died others were cut off. And a passer-by of today walks not in the shadows of wonderful trees by through cars parked in dusty streets... The officials say trees
can't survive in so bad environmental conditions. It's nonsense, of course. Trees still feel well in any part of Moscow. They were destructed just because they hampered car owners and businessmen. They covered bright shop windows, signs, banners, they prevented drivers from parking wherever they wanted. However trees created pleasant atmosphere in the streets, because people still prefer walking among trees, not cars.
2 Death Dancing of Capelin

Death Dancing of Capelin

Even those who have been living in Kamchatka for dozens of years haven't always had a chance to
see this phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of fishes are performing their last dance.
1 Flood On a Micro-District Scale

Flood On a Micro-District Scale

Krasnogorsk has a district that repeatedly turns into a huge trap-puddle after
each heavy shower. Local authorities still cannot do anything about it.
2 Fuel Oil Spill Right At the Moscow Ring Road

Fuel Oil Spill Right At the Moscow Ring Road

In the end of April one car turned upside down on the Moscow ring road, the car was carrying fuel oil. It got to a storm water drain and then to a lake which is in the Troparevsky landscape reserve.
As a result fish and birds died. There are concerns that the pollution zone may grow. Since that moment almost two months have passed but no efficient measures have been taken yet.
3 Photo Tour In Kyrgyzstan

Photo Tour In Kyrgyzstan

14 Kursk Is Sinking

Kursk Is Sinking

Photos from Kursk of
June, 12, 2012.
7 Gabion Wall Falls In Vladivostok

Gabion Wall Falls In Vladivostok

As a result of long-lasting precipitations the gabion wall fell
in Vladivostok. Luckily nobody suffered but the garages...
1 What Remained Of a Ural Pit

What Remained Of a Ural Pit

Novo-Ezhovsky pit was one of the Kalatinsky group pits and was opened in 1967, near the old depleted pit Ezhovsky. The
mining zone was almost in the middle of the top of Ezhovaya mountain and went 550 m deep and 650 m wide.
8 Travelling Along the Russian Far East

Travelling Along the Russian Far East

Extreme tour all over Russia, from Moscow to
Vladivostok. The Far Eastern part.

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