1 In the Picturesque Mountains

In the Picturesque Mountains

Kirgizia has many wonderful places and
landscapes. Here we are going to show you some.
19 Time to Cut Antlers

Time to Cut Antlers

Cutting antlers in Altai happens in May - June. After the cutting they are preserved by boiling
or drying to be sold in August-September. Many antlers are exported to South Korea.
2 Better Stay Home

Better Stay Home

A couple of days ago the weather in Lipetsk suddenly got bad. No warning from forecasters had been
given. The wind speed reached 24 m/s. One man aged 49 died being pressed down under the tree...
6 The Pyramids of the Talc Pit

The Pyramids of the Talc Pit

This talc pit is an interesting and unusual place. It seems that ancient Egyptians were here, in the Sverdlovsk region, to make their pyramids. The development started in the end of the 19th century,
extraction in the 30s of the 20th century. In the time of perestroika the extraction stopped and the pit was closed down. Since then tourists started to come here looking for something unusual.
2 The City At the Sea

The City At the Sea

Let's see some photos of a nice Far Eastern city
Vladivostok, the city at the Japanese sea.
3 Volcano Colors In the Evening

Volcano Colors In the Evening

Avacha volcano of Kamchatka is wonderful in any weather.
Look how its colors are playing after the sunset.
2 Sunset Over the City

Sunset Over the City

We've already published some posts about beautiful Khiva (1, 2, 3).
Some more photos of local people and sunset over the city.
22 Dogs With Wolf Blood

Dogs With Wolf Blood

Attempts to cross dogs and wolves have been made since the time of the Ancient
Rome. And only the project of the Perm wolf-dogs can be called successful.
3 Insect Macro World

Insect Macro World

Check out some macro photos of an
author who calls herself Iryna.
18 Moscow Trees: Then And Now

Moscow Trees: Then And Now

Once Moscow was a green pleasant city. Today it is sooner a stone sack for dirty cars storage. It's hard to imagine that squirrels used to jump and birds used to sing on lime and chestnut trees of Moscow.  People even didn't notice when they disappeared. Due to lack of care some of them simply died others were cut off. And a passer-by of today walks not in the shadows of wonderful trees by through cars parked in dusty streets... The officials say trees
can't survive in so bad environmental conditions. It's nonsense, of course. Trees still feel well in any part of Moscow. They were destructed just because they hampered car owners and businessmen. They covered bright shop windows, signs, banners, they prevented drivers from parking wherever they wanted. However trees created pleasant atmosphere in the streets, because people still prefer walking among trees, not cars.