0 Destructive Hailstorm In Georgia

Destructive Hailstorm In Georgia

The other day in Georgia storm wind, tropical hailstorm left hundreds of people homelss and thousands with no hope for harvest... Thousands of sown hectares including vineyards were destroyed.
Lots of trees were brought down. Thousands of people have no electricity. Those who have no place to live at are given tents. Luckily nobody died though 25 people were injured.
1 The World Is Wider Than We Think

The World Is Wider Than We Think

Eduard Kislinsky is an author of many wonderful photos of tree frogs. Their
life and life of little amphibians and reptiles are in this post.
6 Unusual Lake In Kazakhstan

Unusual Lake In Kazakhstan

This unusual lake is situated in Kazakhstan. In 1911 there was a bad slip here and the valley
was flooded. The new lake was called Kaindy. It's a favourite place of many divers.  
4 Hail In the Middle of the Summer

Hail In the Middle of the Summer

Right in the middle of this hot summer it started hailing heavily in
Yekaterinburg. Green grass got covered with pieces of ice.
7 What Grows There?

What Grows There?

In the historical part of Kiev there is an office building of "Gazprom-EXPORT". This organization is quite close
to the govermental structures. But what do we see? Isn't it the plant forbidden in whole Ukraine?
3 Two Seasons Of the City

Two Seasons Of the City

Severe cold winter 2012 in Gelendzhik was
followed by the severe hot summer.
2 When The Water Went Away

When The Water Went Away

The water went away from Krymsk and now we can see the aftermath of the huge flood.
People try to get rid of the panic and start to restore their life somehow...
4 Friday 13th In Moscow

Friday 13th In Moscow

There is such a place in Moscow that always turns into a pond after heavy
showers. So on Friday, 13th of July it was raining heavily again...
0 Heavy Shower As a Natural Disaster

Heavy Shower As a Natural Disaster

It was heavily raining in Odessa on the 11th of July. The showers formed 4 rivers in its streets. The centre of the city is all flooded. Trees fall and add even more
difficulties on the roads. Many buses have changed their routes. In some places water is 0,5 m high. People use air matresses to move along the city.
4 Beauty of the Ukrainian Nature

Beauty of the Ukrainian Nature

A set of pictures taken in Ukraine: nature and
landscapes of the Kiev Sea and Korostyshev.

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