1 Most Ecological Lawnmower is a Rabbit Lawnmower

Most Ecological Lawnmower is a Rabbit Lawnmower

These days the environment conservancy awareness is at the rise. More and more ways to go green appear worldwide, replacing the traditional but nature unfriendly methods of doing things with more greener ones. Not to miss that, one Russian inventor reportedly started a production of the most green lawnmowers one can imagine. The idea was to build a large size mobile rabbit cage without the flooring inside. It could fit enough rabbits and cover some part of the
lawn for a few hours while rabbits eat. Then in a few hours its being moved to another neighbor spot and then stays there for a few hours more while rabbits finnish all the grass around. The more rabbits you have inside the faster this "lawnmower" works. At a good pace you can get your yard mowed just in one day, wasting zero gas and chilling around while it mows itself. Also no annoying noise is being heard while it works.

47 The City That Used to Be Japanese

The City That Used to Be Japanese

Kholmsk is a city in the Far East of Russia located on the south-western coast of Sakhalin island. It contains two sea ports that are never
frozen and was founded in 1870. The place is inhabited by followers of different confessions such as orthodoxy, catholicism, Buddhism, etc.

6 A Northern Russian City of The Soviet Period

A Northern Russian City of The Soviet Period

These are the photos of Soviet Arkhangelsk and its neighborhood. The city was formerly known as Archangel. It is
located next to the exit into the White Sea. It had been the chief seaport of medieval Russia until 1703.
29 Photo Manipulations In The USSR

Photo Manipulations In The USSR

Contemporary news agencies are often blamed for photo manipulations. It started long ago in fact. Back in the times of WWII graphic artists learnt to distor reality and show what they wanted to show but not what really had happened. Thus, they often added excessive Nazi atrocities, terrible ruins and looting to fill papers with horrifying images. However we do not have to exclude that such atrocities and other terrific events could
really happen, it was just difficult to catch them with a camera due to their spontaneity. Photographers were rarely in a right time and in a right place. It's today when everyone has a cameraphone we can shoot everything we see. Photo manipulations as an instrument of propaganda is claimed to be natural. Below you will see some photos taken during WWII that underwent montage for the purpose of propaganda.
0 The City That Used To Be A Fortress

The City That Used To Be A Fortress

Samara is a nice city that has many worth-visiting high-level and underground places. The city is located on the left bank of the Volga river at the site where it is united with the Samara river. 1 166
million people inhabit the city being actually the six biggest inhabited area in Russia. It was founded as a fortress in 1586. Its symbol is the promenade which is the longest in Russia.

7 A Beach of Delicatessen

A Beach of Delicatessen

A recent typhoon in Vladivostok resulted in a big success for its citizens! During the storm tons of shellfish was cast
ashore. People tried not to lose a chance of gathering some delicatessen given by the typhoon they had been afraid of.

1 Cuties of the Pacific

Cuties of the Pacific

Meet pretty and sweet sea lions inhabiting the Sea of Okhotsk and northern waters of the Pacific ocean. One
of the largest colonies of the animals is located next to Moneron Island. This is where we'll go today.
5 Russian Kitty Crash Test

Russian Kitty Crash Test

In Russia they have
kittens for crash tests!
59 Wooden Russia Of The Past

Wooden Russia Of The Past

Photos of ancient Russian cities taken by a Russian photographer Prokudin-Gorskoy are often called 'pictures'. The cities are shown in their unreal and unearthly beauty and harmony
where landscapes are naturally combined with buildings. 99% of Russian people of those days lived in nice wooden houses the only exception being formed by the capitals.
5 The Land of Bears

The Land of Bears

Kurilsk lake is famous not only with its wonderful landscapes and surrounding volcanoes, but also with the demographic situation of bears which is very good as there are plenty of the animals here. This is where one can get a clear
understanding that a bear is not a fluffy toy but a dangerous predator and doesn't kill people only because there is an abundance of tested and safe food around. As soon as the food is over, no person can be saved.