1 Deep Roots Of Siberia

Deep Roots Of Siberia

Today we'll go to a remote city in Siberia, Yugorsk, to meet its ancient
people who had lived there much before the Russians came to the place.
6 In the Clouds of Locusts

In the Clouds of Locusts

The other day
in Kalmykia...
14 Latvian Capital From Above

Latvian Capital From Above

Welcome to the city of Riga, architecture of which combines all possible styles that have
been widely spread in Europe starting from the Medieval period and in the Soviet Union.

4 The World That We Normally Do Not Notice

The World That We Normally Do Not Notice

Nice macro photographs of a guy
whose nickname is d-a-ck9.
4 Wooden Temples Of The Past Centuries

Wooden Temples Of The Past Centuries

Ukraine has many beautiful ancient churches. Let us have a look at them and note the
difference between cathedrals built in different centuries and under different influence.
5 The Land For Tough Tourists

The Land For Tough Tourists

The name of this place is no secret just is of no much importance. It can be any settlement in the north or Far East of Russia... Shabby walls, line dry outside, flowers in colorful tires, dirty Toyotas, timatable in an airport saying "it will arrive if the weather is good", attempts to reach civilization by all-terrain vehicles (if only we could find roads!), cow-parsnip 3 meters high, fishing that feeds 99% of local
population, cheap caviar here and now, "Muscovites are the only ones to blame", "do not try to run away from a bear or you are killed", "TAWS" system yelling "TERRAIN! PULL UP!" in zero visibility ... By the way, if you believe that Norway is expensive for tourists, welcome to Kamchatka and try to visit its nature reserves, geysers... And Norway will seem to be some Turkey in off-season...
5 The City Of Mighty Bridges

The City Of Mighty Bridges

Kiev has many beautiful bridges. Photos of some of them were taken in severe Ukrainian winter from the frozen
surface of the wide Dnieper river. Others are shown in the rays of electric light between dusk and bed-time.

7 Drinking For Health

Drinking For Health

It is forbidden to sell Borjomi mineral water in Russia today because, according to the official version, it does not
correspond to the quality standards set in Russia. Let us see what kind of water it is and how it is produced.
2 Day And Night of One City

Day And Night of One City

The photos were taken in Astana, Kazakhstan. Night views
of the city are really beautiful, don't you think so?

3 Instagram Kirgizia

Instagram Kirgizia

Some charming instagram
photos of Kirgizia.

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