4 Cows And Milking Robots

Cows And Milking Robots

Last spring a new unusual dairy farm started to work in the Samara region. The cows of the farm are milked not by people, but by robots. We are going to see how it works. They
began from buying a Soviet farm for a song - some semi-destroyed structures sinking in the mud and overgrown with weeds. And here is what they have got today.
6 Colors of the Carpatian Fall

Colors of the Carpatian Fall

Autumn is a wonderful season if you take everything from it. These pictures were taken during the trip to the
Carpatians. Where else can one find so many beautiful landscapes? Enjoy the colors of the Ukrainian autumn.

10 Dwellers of Kamchatka, Part II

Dwellers of Kamchatka, Part II

Here is another set of photographs taken at Kuril lake in the south part of Kamchatka peninsular. Almost all of
them belong to Alexey Bezrukov, another photographer who travelled there for shooting the local wildlife.
Gorshkov Photos 8
2 Dwellers of Kamchatka

Dwellers of Kamchatka

Now we are going to present works of another photographer who travelled to Kamchatka as well. Sergey Gorshkov is the most titled
Russian wildlife photographer, winner of different contests, participant of many exhibitions at home and abroad.

17 Bad Time For Geese

Bad Time For Geese

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk The first frosts have come to the village Redutovo of the Chelyabinsk region. Traditionally
they start slaughtering geese on this time each year. They behead birds, pluck them and procure meat for winter.

2 The Forgotten Coal Mine

The Forgotten Coal Mine

Minerals is what South Ural is rich in. In the 1930s they made a lot of open pits in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. The most famous of them is the Korkinsky one. But others
deserve some attention too. For example, the Krasnogorsk mine is quite impressive. There is an artificial pond in its bottom which looks like a small mountain lake.

9 Bears of Kuril Lake, Part II

Bears of Kuril Lake, Part II

Last week it was Sergey Ivanov whose photos of bears appeared at ER. Today you can
see some photos of Nikolay Zinoviev from Moscow, who also visited Kuril lake.

9 Unknown Kazakhstan

Unknown Kazakhstan

You are about to see a collection of photos from the exhibition held in Almaty which is called "Unknown Kazakhstan". Some
photographers made a trip around the country to take unique photographs. Some of them are presented below.
0 Bears of Kuril Lake

Bears of Kuril Lake

Kuril lake attracts many lovers of wild nature and many photographers among them. Sergey Ivanov from Kirov is one of them. He came to
the lake for the first time in 1995 and has been there for eight times since then. Some of his photos can be seen below.

1 Landscapes of Kirghizia

Landscapes of Kirghizia

It usually happens that tourists do not expect much from Kirghizia but once they come there they are
often impressed by its beauty and diversity. Time flies so fast and they want to see more and more.

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