4 New Eruption of Tolbachik Volcano

New Eruption of Tolbachik Volcano

Tolbachik volcano situated on Kamchatka peninsula erupts again, right before the expected doomsday - on the 21st of December. So we are going to show you more photos taken by different people from various angles and from above as well. Read more...

7 December 2012 In Russia And Ukraine

December 2012 In Russia And Ukraine

This month about 40 Ukranians have already frozen to death. Though the temperatures are not so low compared to some Russian regions. For example, in the central and eastern Ukraine it is about -28
(-10-18F). The frost was followed by snowfalls - some districts are covered with snow 53 cm high (21'). In Russia the situation is not much better - this winter is trully Russian!
7 When It Is Cold As -40

When It Is Cold As -40

Poor citizens of Novosibirsk! The temperature -40 C (-40 F) is normal for its winter. If you cannot even imagine how cold it is, just see this video.
As you probably know hot water freezes faster than cold one at low temperatures, but hardly you could imagine that it happens THIS fast!
1 Outdoor Winter Party

Outdoor Winter Party

Even on the coldest days people still want to have some fun. Some of them even feeling that their faces turn into "rubber
masks" do not hurry to find a warmer place. Because it's such a fun to have a cocktail party at -40C (-40F)!

3 Macro World of Snails And Insects

Macro World of Snails And Insects

A young Voronezh photographer Vadim Trunov has a large portfolio but his macro photographs are probably the most
impressive. Among the favorite characters of Trunov are mantises, ladybugs, ants, dragonflies, bugs-soldiers.

4 One Peak In Different Weather

One Peak In Different Weather

Ai Petri is a peak in the Crimean Mountains. It is 1234 meters high. It is one of the windiest places in Ukraine. The wind blows for
125 days a year, reaching a speed of 50 m/s (110 mph). We are about to see the peak in different weather and seasons now.
3 Winter Begins From Yakutia!

Winter Begins From Yakutia!

It seems that the word "Yakutia" itself is chilly. It is so far and so cold, how can people live there? . However it's the very place to see the
real winter. It's where the pole of Сold is located and where winter begins. You can start believing in fairy tales on this land.
2 Lava And Snow Of Kamchatka Peninsular

Lava And Snow Of Kamchatka Peninsular

Winter Kamchatka is very beautiful. And its beauty is better to be observed from height. These pictures were taken in different years
from helicopters flying over Kamchatka. The bonus is fantastic photographs of the erupting Kamchatka volcano Plosky Tolbachik.

5 Expecting the Sea to Freeze Over

Expecting the Sea to Freeze Over

In the Russian Far East it is already rather cold but the Japanese Sea is not covered with ice yet. The temperature has fallen to -15 C (5F) and
when it combines with the strong wind offshore structures get a thick ice coat. The pictures were taken in the city of Vladivostok.
5 Nature of Kazakhstan

Nature of Kazakhstan

A Russian photographer Alexander Popov went to Kazakhstan to see its nature and take photographs of
wonderful Charyn Canyon and a local ski resort Chimbulak. Some of his works are presented below.

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