0 The Quarry That Was Luckily Forgotten

The Quarry That Was Luckily Forgotten

Kadykovsky quarry became famous for its flux limestone of a very high quality. But when the place started to be flooded it got abandoned and soon was forgotten. A new project called "Balaklava Green" worth 2 billion dollars is going to bring second life to the quarry. They want to create a resort area here, build hotels,
SPA-centers etc. But for now it's just a shelter for seagulls and ravens that like to enjoy this lake with blue water. The territory of the quarry is closed, by the way. It's forbidden to approach the lake due to the possible danger of rockslides. But the author of these photos took the risk anyway...
2 To the Top of the Volcano

To the Top of the Volcano

Avacha volcano is rather huge. Its height is 2700 meters (8860 ft), people start climbing it from the height of 800 meters (2625 ft).
Thus, they should climb 1900 m (6233 ft) high. It is not so easy. It usually takes from six to eight hours to climb this height.

3 The Milky Fog Over Kiev

The Milky Fog Over Kiev

We are asleep such an enormous part of our life! It's a pity because we must be missing
something worth seeing. Like this morning fog that recently covered the city of Kiev, Ukraine.

10 The Danger Hidden High In the Mountains

The Danger Hidden High In the Mountains

Back in 1996 orbiting satellites detected a huge ice lake near Khorgos river on the Kazakhstan-Chinese border. Last summer there was sent a research
expedition to that place and the specialists were shocked: a catastraphic mudslide could happen in any moment! The lake was called "Kapkan" ("Trap").
0 Flying Around the Ukrainian Capital

Flying Around the Ukrainian Capital

Today we are going to the Nalivaikivka airfield which is located 50 km (30 miles) from Kiev to have an air
tour over the Ukrainian capital and see how it looks like in the colors of the golden fall from above.
3 The Burning Hill

The Burning Hill

Yanardag is a hill on Apsheron peninsular, not far from the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. "Yanardag" means "a
burning mountain" and it really burns. Literally. Spurts of flame appear on the ground and on the stones.

8 To the Endless Vasts of the Carpatians

To the Endless Vasts of the Carpatians

The Carpatians are worth seeing: their endless valleys and green meadows alternated with dense coniferous arrays. They
open beautiful panoramic views, show wonderful landscapes. And people seem so small near the huge mountains.
4 On the Land of Herders

On the Land of Herders

It's the herders' camp in Krasnoselkup village in the Yamalo-Nents Autonomous District of Russia. This place is
often called "the region of untold fur wealth".  We are going to see now how real herders live and work.
10 One Journey to the Wild Northern Land

One Journey to the Wild Northern Land

Taimyr peninsular is the northernmost mainland. Further are only scattered little islands and the Arctic Ocean. Here starts the Anabar plateau - terra incognita, practically unpopulated area, the poorly studied region. This land is characterized by the largest livestock of migratory deer herds, the angriest bears, the tastiest grayling and trout, the purest nature. There
are no roads and airfields here. For all the history of our planet here have been fewer people than on the Everest. What an interesting expedition to this land must be! Bloggers from Russia decided to travel there for rafting on the Kotuikan river, enjoying the untouched nature, living in tents. Check out some photographs from the journey.

38 Swimming In The Frost

Swimming In The Frost

The swimming pool in Moscow was built at the place of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour that had been demolished in 1930. The construction started in 1958 and in 1960 the swimming pool welcomed
its first visitors. That was the largest swimming pool in the USSR and one of the biggest pools in the world that time. Today it is just a history as the construction was demolished.

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