3 The Best Pictures of the Russian Nature 2012

The Best Pictures of the Russian Nature 2012

We decided to show you the works of those who won the All-Russian annual photo contest "The
Best of Russia". Today we present the best pictures in the nomination "Nature".
0 Fairy Tale Marble Canyon

Fairy Tale Marble Canyon

You are going to see the Ruskeala Marble Canyon on these photos. It is located in Karelia, Russia. The thin ice lies
under the the layer of sleet and water.  This place is a nice way to find yourself in a winter fairy-tale.

6 Life of Direct Descendants of Noah Today

Life of Direct Descendants of Noah Today

Khinalyg is an ancient Caucasian village going back to the Caucasian Albanian period. It is located
high up in the mountains of Quba Rayon, Azerbaijan. We are going to visit this place right now.
1 Russian Seine Fishing In Winter

Russian Seine Fishing In Winter

Winter fishing is not for everyone. But it used to be a regular entertainment for Soviet men. They went fishing alone or in
a company and often took sons if they had any. And which is even more important they really brought fish home.
2 Underground Christmas Party

Underground Christmas Party

Christmas tree, music, champagne, decorations, lighting effects, hookah, barbecue, fireworks, skating and good mood - they had everything to have
a typical nice celebration of New Year 2013. But the place where they were having fun was quite unusual - it was one of Ural mines.
6 Polar Circle: the Kingdom of Snow And Ice

Polar Circle: the Kingdom of Snow And Ice

We are about to visit one little village at the very polar circle. The temperature rarely falls below -30C
(-22F). But at night it's very beautiful here: one can see numerous stars in the sky or even Northern lights.
7 Kirghizian Mountain Wilderness

Kirghizian Mountain Wilderness

Low emerald grass is under the feet, endless blue sky is over the head. Somewhere afar, over the clounds, so close to space, a white dragon is
sleeping - ancient as our world. We are at the Celestial Mountains of the country called Kirghizia located in the east of Central Asia.
9 Sailing the River Under Moscow City

Sailing the River Under Moscow City

The Rybinka river is a major tributary of the Yauza. Though diggers do not often come down to see it. There are no stairs under most of the hatches. We gonna see the historic area of the river -
it's a brick circular 3.5-meters chimney with a chamber two meters wide. The authors of the pictures got the place without any stairs or ropes, just using the power of their hands.

16 Diving Deep At -36

Diving Deep At -36

It was a really cold photoshoot! They made it in the Orda cave of the Perm region of Russia when it was -36 C (-32.8) outside! According to the legend the Orda river has a spirit who helps divers in difficult situations. This became the main idea of
the photoshoot. They decided to invite a two-times world champion in free diving Natalia Avseenko to play the Mistress of the Orda in the waters of the cave. The temperature of the water was +5 C (41 F) and it was as hard as hell.
5 Awesome Retreat In the Mountains

Awesome Retreat In the Mountains

How do you visualize paradise? Probably every person has his/her own picture. Gorny Altai could also be something that resembles the perfect land. Its mountains are wonderful. The peak of
Belukha mountain was considered to be one of those places on the planet through which the Earth receives the divine energy of the cosmos. Now we are going to go to its foot.

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