0 Video: Fishing Can Be So Simple!

Video: Fishing Can Be So Simple!

Some lucky guys found a "fish geyser" and could bring a lot of fish home! Would you
want fishing to be always easy as this? We need a recipe of a good fish soup!
0 Another Underground River of Moscow

Another Underground River of Moscow

Rybinka is one more underground river of Moscow. It begins as a drainage system of the railway, then it comes into a
ditch two meters wide (6.56 ft) and later into an arched section with height of about 1,6 meters (5.2 ft).

3 Snowflakes Magnified Hundredfold

Snowflakes Magnified Hundredfold

Any schoolchild knows that there cannot be two identical snowflakes. Each is unique. And a lot of factors impact its shape. Their size vary from 0,2 mm wide up to 5 mm. Crystals which are smaller
than "diamond dust" are too light to fall on the ground so they remain in the air, while larger crystals are too fragile and fall into pieces under the impact of the lightest breeze.

0 Russian Trains In Winter

Russian Trains In Winter

Russian winter frosts are severe. But not everyone is ready for cold days anyway. This is what one can
see if he/she decides to have a railway trip in Russia in winter. See and choose planes next time.

0 Big Nice Mountains

Big Nice Mountains

The Caucasus are associated with snowy peaks, turbulent mountain rivers, Narzan (local mineral water), glaciers and old double-peak Elbrus. It's where you
constantly hear rockfalling sounds, crackling glaciers and see the stars which seem to be so close that you can touch them with your hands.

4 After the Abnormal Snowfall

After the Abnormal Snowfall

Norilsk is a northern Russian city in the Krasnoyarsk region. It has been heavily snowing for some
days there and now the city is under the thick blanket of snow. Have you ever seen more snow?
7 Video: The Guy Who Is Never Cold

Video: The Guy Who Is Never Cold

This strange guy often be seen in the streets of Kemerovo, Russia. No matter how cold it is - minus 10 or 30 he is always dressed
this way, as if he's going to a beach. And only in such weather he feels comfortably. He says he hates when spring comes.
0 Video: Nice Winter Catch!

Video: Nice Winter Catch!

Such a huge catfish was caught in the Oka river on the 13th of January, 2013. The men are rather proud to show it to you. You
may catch such a fish once and remember it till the last day of yours... But how are they going to share the catch?

10 First Days After The Hurricane In Kazakhstan

First Days After The Hurricane In Kazakhstan

On January, 12th several Kazakh regions suffered from the unexpected hurricane. People had to stop their
work or stay at home.  We are going to visit the regions and see the aftermath of the hurricane.

3 Life After the Disastrous Earthquake

Life After the Disastrous Earthquake

Gorny Altai, Russia. In autumn 2003 the village Beltir underwent severe destructions resulting from the earthquake. The hypocenter was only three kilometres away from dwelling houses. More than half of all houses were destroyed, 1400 people became homeless.
The area was declared to be a disaster zone which was beyond repair. Some time later the main number of locals were resettled but some dozens of people continue their life in the "dead" village that officially does not exist anymore.