13 Sermons In The Frost

Sermons In The Frost

The Eastern Orthodox Church, the second largest Christian Church in the world, will celebrate Easter in May. But before that there are days of long fasting. Today we'll look at
the life of Russian priests who came to the northern Russian town of Tiksi as missionaries to sermonize, conduct Mass and hasten the construction of a new church.
8 Untouched White Sea Shore

Untouched White Sea Shore

When the South of Russia has a Black Sea which is being pounded by stronger storms later, the White Sea is pretty calm. In fact it is always calm in winter as it is covered with ice. The White Sea basically is a full time sea, with salt water, with white sand beaches, sea animals and sea fishes
but unlike all other southern seas it gets fully covered by ice in winter. People lived there for thousands of years enjoying the sea hunt and fishing. You still can find historically untouched architecture and get a clue how people lived here five hundred years ago.
4 Storm in Sukhumi

Storm in Sukhumi

While Kiev and west of ex Soviet land is experiencing unseen snowfalls and are stuck in snow, on the Black Sea they have the extreme storms
on the sea which already destroyed the embankments and beach promenades in a few cities. Here is the example from Sukhumi.
23 Kiev, Ukraine, Today

Kiev, Ukraine, Today

So this is Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, today. They say those are the most violent snow storms for over hundred of the years and the largest city of Ukraine, with around 3,000,000 people living there got all its road covered with this much snow. A lot of trains have stucked near the city. Some
govermental authorities travelling on their priority cars were stuck on the road as well as the flashlights couldn't help against the storm. Army has arrived into the city to help cleaning up the snow. Almost six hundred smaller towns and villages stay without electricity as reported.
14 Lake Baikal Today

Lake Baikal Today

Just one clickable photo made at lake Baikal this
winter by Alexei Trofimov. via photosight.ru
5 Untouched Nature in Trail Cam Photos

Untouched Nature in Trail Cam Photos

Activists in Altai high mountains have been installing the awesome trail cameras for quite a while to make the really cool images of the animals in the wild who totally don't suspect they are being caught on
camera. Just enjoy the untouched nature at its best. Also, every photo except the top one is clickable to enjoy large format view of the Altai. Use arrow left arrow right to navigate back and forth.

7 And Monastery for All

And Monastery for All

There is a small island near the St. Petersburg, on the big water plain that used to be called the largest lake of Europe, and so there is an island there, rocks, hundred year old pine trees, stuff like that. And it used to be popular a lot among the monks who went there to keep their different pledges, like vow of silence. Since then they've built themselves a monastery there which became one of the
largest and popular ones, even Russian Tsars have paid their visits to the island and a monastery. Couple of centuries ago it wasn't that classy yet, the untouched nature, the wooden huts of monks - looked like a real hideout at that time. And by the way on the top photo you can see the monk that vowed not to speak ever again, standing under some awesome pine tree of the past.

15 Thanks All, Spring is Here!

Thanks All, Spring is Here!

Spring is here, finally! Minus thirty two Celcius scale
was reported yesterday night in St. Petersburg.
0 Russian Lover Cat

Russian Lover Cat

Speaking about Russian lover cat we know that there are some more more talents Russian cats possess. You all know that the power of the Love is the greatest power in the world so the cats, especially the Russian cats, as
the Russia is the most adorable country in the world (as you certainly know!), so the Russian cats are the ultimate lover cats. There are no manmade obstacles for them. See the footage to get an idea why.
5 Russian Cat is a Smart Cat

Russian Cat is a Smart Cat

Russian cat knows how to cross the river and doesn't get itself into a trouble of touching this wet water! It
found it way and now can open the coaching for other (foreign) cats to teach them the skill of river-crossing.

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