5 Tourism in USSR

Tourism in USSR

Ok, speaking about cold river kayaking, here we find a set of Soviet era photos of people traveling around. In the USSR a person, as a rule, couldn't travel abroad so most of population travelled inside the country. The country had
different places to offer - people could climb mountains, kayak and raft in rivers, ride skis or simply go camping. All this can be seen in these widescreen, mostly color, photos of Soviet tourism.  

1 Rafting in Ice Cold Water

Rafting in Ice Cold Water

I've noticed that rafting has become more and more popular in Russia recently. People who live in big cities try to go to the rivers out in the country. Sometimes they go rafting in the ice cold water while snow remains on the ground. Rafts overturn - people fall into the water,
they're hit by waves and the strong river streams. This is an example of river raft racing in the Sayani mountains in Siberia. Rafts got overturned, people fell into the water, snow is still on the ground - the water could be close to zero Celsius. Cold!

0 Siberia of Early 20th Century on Postcards

Siberia of Early 20th Century on Postcards

Vintage views of Siberia on postcards published in St. Petersburg by a publishing house with a Chinese name. Drawings on the postcards were made by a Russian, award
winning artist, and member of the Russian artists society. The estimate date of the views depicted is the beginning of the 20th century. Pictures are clickable.

24 On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

There was a war here 20 years ago. Now
everything looks peaceful and beautiful.

3 Walking Around the Kremlin

Walking Around the Kremlin

Earlier today we had a flight around the Kremlin in an army helicopter, now we have a walk around the Kremlin. Ever
wondered how one actually sees this red building not on a postcard but when he finds himself around it?

1 Enisei River, Eighty Years Ago

Enisei River, Eighty Years Ago

More photos of olden times from the Enisei river. Deer, fishing, handmade
boats, wooden hospitals, wooden kids cradles and other stuff is inside.

2 Steel Production of Ural Metallurgy

Steel Production of Ural Metallurgy

The Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company - one of the largest vertically integrated holdings in Russia, which is based on the
principle of a closed process chain: from raw materials to finished products. Main products are cast iron, steel and rolled.

1 Stronger Winds in Omsk

Stronger Winds in Omsk

Omsk, Russia, had some stronger winds today, April 26th.  I find the winds of such
force and speed to be quite not typical for this city and in this time of the year.
0 Stray Horses Raid Trash Bins in Kamchatka

Stray Horses Raid Trash Bins in Kamchatka

  Stray horses ravaging the trash bins became a real problem for the Kamchatka towns. At least this is what says Boris, manager of the local trash removal company. "If there are dogs or birds on
other trash sites, we have horses here. They wander uncontrollably around and climb into the trash bins, throw around the trash. They ruin our work!". We have more photos. See inside.

1 Habitable Caves of Pridonje

Habitable Caves of Pridonje

  "The robbers of the Cossacks, which were pursued by the Tzar lived here . They were expelled from their villages, that's why they went away to dug caves and then lived in them. So that to earn for living, they attacked and robbed passing ships. Stepan Razin and his army were among them. There, in the caves it was a staging post, and the robber hid the loot
here. " The Semeykinskaya Cave is the most mysterious of all the caves of south Don. It has absolutely inexplicable from the standpoint of the religious needs a two hundred meter course with a ceiling height of over two meters and a width of up to five feet, but it is a dead end, leads nowhere and has a single-cell niche in the hall.

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