3 Fog Mystique

Fog Mystique

Murmansk is a Russian city that stands at the Northern Ocean. The winters are cold there but the oceanic water remains rather warm because of Gulf Stream, it does not freeze and the city remains an important strategic port. The temperature right at the water is -4C while at a distance it falls down to -25C. It's a place of quite a rare phenomenon: there are
three different temperatures at the same time and a unique winter fog. The temperature of the water in the ocean is never lower than 0C and it's not much colder right at the water, while the normal temperature around in the permafrost city is about -25C. All these conditions give birth to the unusual fog which consists of ice.
2 Kiev Soaked In Misty Clouds

Kiev Soaked In Misty Clouds

What a luck for a photographer to take such photographs! Some may spend hours on a roof to
catch such shots. This is a photo story of one sunrise from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.
16 Video: Circus Lions Go Out of Control

Video: Circus Lions Go Out of Control

Performance with lions in Lviv Circus, Ukraine,  was one of the most spectacular and popular.
Usually everything was smooth but once the lions went out of control and started to attack...
11 Strange Folk Winter Holiday

Strange Folk Winter Holiday

This folk holiday looks rather strange even to many Russians. And we cannot say for sure what is
happening on these photos ourselves. But these people seem to have fun being dressed like this.

10 How Can People Live in Winter

How Can People Live in Winter

... in a multimillion city? This is how. Watching this from on board of the plane can tell you the story of modern Moscow covered by the giant cloud of a smoke coming
out of a tremendous heating power plant that boils water for the whole city using the natural fuels. We have shown you such a plant in detail just recently.
3 Video: Immortal Fish

Video: Immortal Fish

This is a real Terminator fish! What else can move having no head and half of a body? Only Russian
fish! Who knows how it can be possible and can explain this? You are welcome to comment.
3 Frozen Moscow TV Tower

Frozen Moscow TV Tower

We have already written about the TV tower of Ostankino which is located in Moscow and was considered to be the highest man-made tower in the world after its completion in 1967.
But today we are not going to tell you about its history and structure, we are going to see some winter landscapes of the Russian capital from this high TV tower.

7 The Tiny World of Snails

The Tiny World of Snails

A Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mischenko from Berdichev is a true master of macro photography! We are going
to present you his series of works looking at which you will find yourself in the tiny world of snails.

1 Summer Countryside From Above

Summer Countryside From Above

We miss summer days so much! So today we want to show you some photos of summer countyrside near a Russian city
Samara. Forests and riverbeds, farms and gardens, lakes and little houses are going to be observed from above.
2 Bears In the Valley of Geysers

Bears In the Valley of Geysers

Every year people burn their feet in the Valley of Geysers and caldera of Uzon volcano. For some reason, they are mostly Russians, not foreigners. They do not pay
attention to the warnings.  But what about bears? They cannot read the instructions and wooden decks are built not for them. And they do not wear shoes..