6 Hi Tech Oil Scouts Deep In Siberian Woods

Hi Tech Oil Scouts Deep In Siberian Woods

Seismic exploration includes geophysical methods of studying the Earth's crust, which are based on the study of artificially excited elastic waves. Seismic exploration is used to study the deep structure of the Earth and to find deposits of minerals (mainly oil and gas), to solve problems of hydrogeology and engineering
geology. Seismic survey is very reliable, it can obtain a huge amount of information. Big profit recoups the work of numerous expensive equipment that comes to the places which have never had any roads at all... Now we are going to spend some time with a seismic crew and see how they work.
6 The Lost Land

The Lost Land

The project called "Lost Chukotka" is an attempt to preserve the history of Chukotka of the twentieth century. This land used to have its settlements, its own culture, industry, military power, it was the place where many people tried to survive. Today these places are history. Besides there are no many people left
who can tell about this land, the land which is grown with tundra today. One photographer, who lives in Anadyr, Chukotka, has presented some photos of the land and called the project "Lost Chukotka". He was striving to visit as many Chukotian places as possible and show them to the world.
7 Assorted Russia, Part 68

Assorted Russia, Part 68

A strange double helix cloud was spotted just outside Moscow, Russia. While it is not entirely
known what caused such a phenomenon, there is a fairly extensive investigation under way.
2 Huge And Beautiful Hydro Power Plant

Huge And Beautiful Hydro Power Plant

Chirkei hydro power plant is situated on the Sulak river of Dagestan. It is the largest HPP in the North Caucasus, the highest arch dam of Russia. And probably it is also one of the most beautiful dams in the country. Its construction began in 1964 and
finished in 1978. The main structure of the HPP is the dam, of course, the beautiful arch 232,5 meters (763 ft) high and 338 meters (1109 ft) long. The width of the dam is from six (only six!) (19.7 ft) to thirty meters (98.4 ft)!

4 Video: Wild Boar Village Rodeo

Video: Wild Boar Village Rodeo

We have many entertainments in cities, but how should people have fun in villages?
Sometimes they find ways which make city citizens laugh. Check out the Russian village

12 Rapidly Crumbling Abandoned Mine

Rapidly Crumbling Abandoned Mine

Today we are going to find ourselves in the very huge abandoned mine which is decaying and crumbling
rather fast. Maybe it's the last opportunity to show it to you though it is dangerous to be here.
5 Back to Kamchatka And Its Inhabitants

Back to Kamchatka And Its Inhabitants

We are finally back at the Kronotsky nature reserve of Kamchatka, the wonderful place where few
naturalists live and explore the wildlife of Kamchatka managing to take so beautiful pictures.
0 Video: How Salmon Is Caught In Winter

Video: How Salmon Is Caught In Winter

You probably know that salmon spawns in the northern rivers, winters and migrates to the sea, then the cycle is repeated (if the fish survives, of course). In the long period from
spring to autumn thousands of fishermen come to catch it with fishnets, spinning rods and in other ways. But hardly you imagine how it happens in winter. Here's how:
8 Shkota: Far Eastern Island Left By People

Shkota: Far Eastern Island Left By People

On the south of Russkiy island of the Russian Far East there is an island called Shkota. It used to be populated by militarymen but
today it's fully abandoned. Only ruins of military barracks and a coastal battery remind of people who used to live here.
3 Four Seasons of the Big River

Four Seasons of the Big River

One of the greatest river of Russia - Yenisei flows from Mongolia through Siberia and falls into the Arctic Ocean. We
are going to show you Yenisei photographs of Ilya Naimushin from Reuters Agency taken in different seasons.

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