18 Astrakhan after Some Rain

Astrakhan after Some Rain

Sometimes it's rainy in Astrakhan. As a person from Astrakhan says, the city lacks drains so even small amounts of rain might turn the city into Venice after only one hour. Well, to
me its not Venice at all, but you might want to take a look. Also most of the photos in the article can be clicked for a bigger size (if such a size is available).

3 Kaindi  the Mountain Lake with Sunk Trees

Kaindi the Mountain Lake with Sunk Trees

Kaindi is a mountain lake in Kazakhstan. It is said that it was formed after a natural disaster in the area which blocked the entrance to this canyon and the mountain river has
filled the place with water. The forest that was growing in the canyon got covered by the water. Even after a hundred years the forest is still standing in the lake.

0 Herders of Salekhard

Herders of Salekhard

Salekhard is a city on Russian North, was founded in 1595 and has a population 46,650 people. It has schools, colleges, a few factories and a port. However if you take a snowmobile and run sixty miles away from the city one can see the life of people in the wild like the rain deer owners, living in
traditional houses called "Chums".  They author of the photos, Ivan, has took a guide with him, as he didn't risk going on a snowmobile all alone deep into the wilderness. "Staying there is awful, they drink blood!",  Ivan says that this is what he was told by a policeman when went there.

0 Large Quarry in Belgorod, Russia

Large Quarry in Belgorod, Russia

The common life of Belgorod's quarry is shown in the following photos. A chalk and clay quarry is located not far from the cement plant. It was founded
in 1989. There were a lot of plans to close it because chalk dust can be harmful to human life, but no matter what, it is still working.

2 Fishing for Omul

Fishing for Omul

Nikolai in his blog tells how he took a trip to Baikal lake and took photos of locals fishing for a fish called "Omul" and talked with the locals: "Not much of Omul left in Baikal, before we
could get a ton of Omul from just one net. We can sell one kilo of omul for roughly $1.20". So by this logic, they could get up to $1200 for just one fishing net full of Omul.

2 Three Lakes of Pamir Mountains

Three Lakes of Pamir Mountains

  Pamir is a range of mountains, part of which is in the Southern part of USSR, which is now Tajikistan, and which shares a border with Afghanistan. There are lakes in the mountains, and here are widescreen photos of three of those lakes. The traveller, Vladimir, says that these lakes have the
names "Stinky", "High" and "Green". So this is  the "Green" lake in the picture above. It actually becomes green under certain lighting conditions. An example is below: At other times its more blue than green.   The photographer says it has a lot of fish in it.
1 A House Went Down the Sinkhole

A House Went Down the Sinkhole

A whole house went under ground in Kazakhstan. It went as deep as 330 feet down, as the website reports. The young homeowner, Anastasia, and her toddler survived: "I was at home and then suddenly the chandelier started shaking on
the ceiling. I went outside and saw a hole behind the house." As reported, police have ordered people of nearby houses to leave as the ground continues to subside. There are some more photos and a video inside:

0 Collapsed 100 Year Old Fire Station

Collapsed 100 Year Old Fire Station

A hundred year old fire station
has collapsed near Tver.
2 Color Widescreen Photos of Russian Railway back from 1885

Color Widescreen Photos of Russian Railway back from 1885

    Want to see the color (or colorized) widescreen photos of Russian railway stations dating from 1885? Then just click on any
photo and browse with the arrow buttons. The first photo is a photo of the Moscow "Kursk" railway station. I liked those.
0 The Weather Today Is…

The Weather Today Is…

If you are wondering how it is today in
Anadir, Siberia, Russia then here is how it