15 Thanks All, Spring is Here!

Thanks All, Spring is Here!

Spring is here, finally! Minus thirty two Celcius scale
was reported yesterday night in St. Petersburg.
0 Russian Lover Cat

Russian Lover Cat

Speaking about Russian lover cat we know that there are some more more talents Russian cats possess. You all know that the power of the Love is the greatest power in the world so the cats, especially the Russian cats, as
the Russia is the most adorable country in the world (as you certainly know!), so the Russian cats are the ultimate lover cats. There are no manmade obstacles for them. See the footage to get an idea why.
5 Russian Cat is a Smart Cat

Russian Cat is a Smart Cat

Russian cat knows how to cross the river and doesn't get itself into a trouble of touching this wet water! It
found it way and now can open the coaching for other (foreign) cats to teach them the skill of river-crossing.
8 UFO, Missile or Something Else?

UFO, Missile or Something Else?

After the last Friday incident when a giant flash lightened the skies of the morning city Chelyabinsk, which was later dubbed as "Chelyabinsk meteor", people studied the available video recordings a lot and some of them claim there was some extra object
hitting the fireball in the skies seconds before it turned into a giant flash. Some call it UFO, some say those were air defense missiles. This footage shows some part of the research highlighting the possible collision in the skies.
44 Breaking: Tremendous Flash in the Skies NOW

Breaking: Tremendous Flash in the Skies NOW

  Breaking news, a tremendous flash in the skies just couple hours ago happened in Chelyabinsk city followed by a devastating sonic boom leaving hundreds of windows broken and lighting the streets of the city with light hundred times stronger than normal. Lots of people left their houses thinking that an atomic bomb went off near the city. We've got very awesome
footage here collected from multiple dashcams and surveylance cams around the city - hottest footage you can watch now on the Internet, including the full sound shocking sonic boom. This is really some weird stuff! Authorities currently broadcast warnings to citizens not to panic and carry on. In a few minutes we will add some photos too.

3 Fog Mystique

Fog Mystique

Murmansk is a Russian city that stands at the Northern Ocean. The winters are cold there but the oceanic water remains rather warm because of Gulf Stream, it does not freeze and the city remains an important strategic port. The temperature right at the water is -4C while at a distance it falls down to -25C. It's a place of quite a rare phenomenon: there are
three different temperatures at the same time and a unique winter fog. The temperature of the water in the ocean is never lower than 0C and it's not much colder right at the water, while the normal temperature around in the permafrost city is about -25C. All these conditions give birth to the unusual fog which consists of ice.
2 Kiev Soaked In Misty Clouds

Kiev Soaked In Misty Clouds

What a luck for a photographer to take such photographs! Some may spend hours on a roof to
catch such shots. This is a photo story of one sunrise from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.
16 Video: Circus Lions Go Out of Control

Video: Circus Lions Go Out of Control

Performance with lions in Lviv Circus, Ukraine,  was one of the most spectacular and popular.
Usually everything was smooth but once the lions went out of control and started to attack...
11 Strange Folk Winter Holiday

Strange Folk Winter Holiday

This folk holiday looks rather strange even to many Russians. And we cannot say for sure what is
happening on these photos ourselves. But these people seem to have fun being dressed like this.

10 How Can People Live in Winter

How Can People Live in Winter

... in a multimillion city? This is how. Watching this from on board of the plane can tell you the story of modern Moscow covered by the giant cloud of a smoke coming
out of a tremendous heating power plant that boils water for the whole city using the natural fuels. We have shown you such a plant in detail just recently.

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