7 Silk Road Adventure 2014: trip to the Stans part 1

Silk Road Adventure 2014: trip to the Stans part 1

    Let me introduce a guy who has himself taken a trip from Poland to the Asia - as far as Kirgizia and back on his bike, taking these photos on his way and willing to post them for us all so we can see his road trip: This May, I Stojan and 3 of my friends (Kasia, Janusz and Wojciech) went from Poland (I am from Croatia) for a trip to the 'Stans'. It was a 2,5 months, 21000 km long trip. Unfortunately,
due to the bad political situation, we had to skip Ukraine. We passed: Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia. Here are a few photos, but just from the 'Russian' part of the trip. Hope you'll enjoy it... I surely did! Route (clockwise)

3 Hermit Yuri that Lives in a Tipi

Hermit Yuri that Lives in a Tipi

Hey, this is Yuri. He lives in a tipi in the woods near Moscow. He also has a dugout where he probably spends his time in winter. He has lived there for a few years already. He was a
lawyer before living here. His tipi is easily seen from the Yaroslavl highway, so he is not deep in the woods. You can learn how he lives here by reading on further:

4 Beauty and Volcanoes of Kamchatka

Beauty and Volcanoes of Kamchatka

  Here are some photos of the Kamchatka region - the one with volcanoes and bears, as seen by a tourist. Denis travelled there and took these nice photos. He says that nature there is a lot like the regular
Siberian nature, however there are active volcanoes which add to the view and because this place is on the coast it's more damp there so fogs are daily things. Let's see what else he found there:

3 Flying Above the Autumn Tundra

Flying Above the Autumn Tundra

Tundra is the name of the forests that can't become full-scale forests because of lack of sun light. They are normal in the Northern-most parts of countries of the Northern hemisphere. Russia and Canada are probably the countries with the most tundra forest, and when the autumn comes to those places (it comes there early,
in August) they prepare to shed their small and not very abundant leaves and at this moment it turns into a colorful sight which can best be appreciated from above. So Vladimir, the photographer, has taken a helicopter trip over the Russian tundra and taken these photos that we have here today.
23 Trip to Solovetsky Islands

Trip to Solovetsky Islands

  Jose has travelled to the Solovetsky Islands, the place where the big stronghold was founded as long ago as the rule of Ivan the Terrible, and which later served for centuries as a monastery. Currently there is still a large monastery and only around eight hundred people living there. The island is in the middle of the White Sea and can be reached by a plane or a ship and is a place of constant pilgrimage for Russian Orthodox believers, so the route is
busy all the year round. Here are the photos of a guy who took his turn in visiting the island. I really think you should browse the pages of this post through to the end as there are tons of cool photos of the fortress and even the ancient pre-Christian labyrinth made of stone closer to the end of the post. There are also lots of shots of the beautiful Northern Russian nature and things you can only see there.  

3 Floating Above Minsk

Floating Above Minsk

A nice photo set by Anna about floating above Minsk. The views, the balloons themselves, the city (which
is considered to be one of the cleanest cities in the Ex-USSR countries). Just enjoy the view.

3 Picturesque Kurill Islands

Picturesque Kurill Islands

Lyudmila and Andrei travelled to one of the Kurill islands in the Russian Pacific region and those are the photos they brought back. Very picturesque sights, geothermal sources, sandy
ocean beaches and wild arctic foxes taken there by Japanese citizens years before it became a Soviet territory. Just take a look, I don't think you will regret it!

4 Salty Lakes of Crimea

Salty Lakes of Crimea

Just a few photos from a photographer named Max. He has taken photos of the bottoms of a salty lake in Crimea. The lake's name is Koyash, and this summer there is almost
no water, which allows him to take photos like this - fields of pure white salt stretching until the horizon. Just a couple of photos to get an idea.

7 Abandoned Miners Village in Siberia Mounts

Abandoned Miners Village in Siberia Mounts

These are lands where a lot of mining businesses operated during Soviet times and prisoners worked there. Gold and pewter was mined. At first, pewter was imported from England, then later they decided to mine it
locally, so these popped up across Siberia. Sometimes in pretty far away places. Alexandr says he had to travel over 1300km with his dad to get to this place. Inside we can peek into their adventure.
5 Trip to North for a Biology Researchers Village

Trip to North for a Biology Researchers Village

This is how an abandoned residential district looks in the Russian North. This is not some Far Far North in Siberia but rather a European North, close to Norway (really close, just maybe 50km from the border of Norway) and close to the waters of the Northern Ocean, which seems not to freeze here due to the Gulf-stream. So the blogger
Lana went there to take photos and thanks to her efforts we can see those photos here, too. Come inside for a tour of the spooky abandoned village, the former home of scientists who came to the North to study biology during Soviet Times but aren't there any more. Some people still prefer to remain living there.

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