7 Blue Snow in Ural Russia

Blue Snow in Ural Russia

Do you remember an occasion of orange snow that was reported a few weeks ago? People were saying that it's not a big deal - just a sandstorm from South got caught into water clouds which
later resulted in tinting the snow orange. Okay, that's version is viable, however, what sort of storm can cause snow to become blue? Let's see it, we have  a short video too:

12 The Looters of Chernobyl

The Looters of Chernobyl

The blogger Maxim is a pretty frequent visitor in the Chernobyl exclusion area. "The looters have been there always. First wave was right after the explosion. This first wave was stealing everything - home appliances, carpets, etc etc. Everything people have left in rush of urgent evacuation. The
authorities tried to fight those. They have put alarms on all the apartment building lobby doors across Pripyat. Then the armed BRDM (army fighting vehicle) was moving around the city and reacted on the alarm cases. Then the second wave has began in 2000s...". Let's read more:

9 Russian Village in Photos of Elena Shumilova

Russian Village in Photos of Elena Shumilova

Elena is a photographer and a mom of two. She lives in Russian village and makes some sort of awesome photos of her kids together with the village animals (and
birds!). She bought her first camera just in 2012 and it turned out she was pretty right with doing so! Let's see a few more of her works inside:

17 Stone UFO-shaped Disc Found 40 Meter Underground

Stone UFO-shaped Disc Found 40 Meter Underground

In one mine, forty meter underground in Kuzbass miner region of Russia the local mine workers have unleashed a few stone discs
that are shaped exactly as UFOs you used to see on the photos. Inside there are more photos proving the shape point:

2 Zhostovo Trays Traditional Russian Craft

Zhostovo Trays Traditional Russian Craft

Zhostovo is a village in Russia which is famous for its traditional painting style. It originated there in midst 19th century. The main item they traditionally use as a target for their skill application are
the metal trays first coated with a few layers of putty and then painted by Zhostovo technique and lacquered. If you like to see more of those as well how they are being produced welcome inside:

6 Orange Snow in City of Saratov

Orange Snow in City of Saratov

People of Saratov city, Russia (population near 1 million people) started massively to report that it started snowing with orange hue snow. From different parts of the city the reports were coming together
with photos. The actual color of the snow was pretty much different on the photos - some snow piles were really orange tinted, others were more close to yellow or brown.  More photos inside:

3 Shuldan Tower in Crimea

Shuldan Tower in Crimea

A blogger Sergey has visited a "very special" as he calls place in Crimea called Shuldan. It has a rock standing
monastery and this tower is its chapel. Sergey has made some  photos there, so let's see what's this place is about:
22 First McDonalds in Soviet Union: Biggest Launch Event in the World

First McDonalds in Soviet Union: Biggest Launch Event in the World

  On this day, but twenty five years earlier, on January 30th of 1990 the first McDonalds eatery opened in Moscow. It was also the first one in the whole country - in the Soviet Union. They say they were holding talks with Soviet officials about opening this venture for over 20 years - since 1976. Also, they offered 51% ownership of the venture to the Soviet state. Then, on the first
day, they were expecting 1,000 people to come to the new place. How many people actually came to taste American food? 30,000 people arrived on the first day, making it the largest restaurant launch worldwide, ever. Thanks to Russian blogger Sergey we've got over 30 photos from this event, where the line of people was a few miles long! Let's see inside:

7 Inside of the Volcano Tolbachik

Inside of the Volcano Tolbachik

Going inside a caldera of Tolbachik volcano - this team of the few bloggers and explorers travelled right inside this active volcano. "We were wandering two days across those Martian landscapes", remembers one of the tourists, the photographer, "I couldn't believe that this is a landscape of the
Earth - it is that unusual and I never thought anything like this before". So would you like to see the burned lands of the Tolbachik too? Then thanks to Dmitry Chistoprudov and Nickolai Rykov, the photographers who took those pictures, we can see what they saw inside there.

5 Novoafonskaia Cave: The Only Cave that Got a Metro Line in It

Novoafonskaia Cave: The Only Cave that Got a Metro Line in It

So Novoafonskaia cave in Abkhazia is that large that it really has  got a metro train line serving it. It is a pretty recently discovered cave - it first came to public attention in 1961. Then in 1980s it became popular Soviet tourism destination. In order to reach the most interesting parts of this natural cave they have made a manmade tunnel
with a real subway train - but smaller in size - to bring the tourists directly in the interesting part without walking for long under ground. Want to see this? Thanks to the photographer Igor Litviski who went there and took the photos we can virtually take a trip inside this natural wonder too. On a train. Let's go:

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