5 Submarines Transported

Submarines Transported

  A couple more widescreen shots of two Russian submarines being transported through the Northern Sea Route from one part of Russia to another. The Northern Sea Route is where the ships go through the Northern Arctic ocean when it's free of ice. This way the journey is almost two and a half times shorter than if they go through the traditional sea route starting in St. Petersburg, then the Baltics - Mediterranean - Red Sea - Indian Ocean - South-East Asia - Japan - and then finally Vladivostok. This long route is more than 23,000
kilometers long and was traditionally used if the ships from the Western part of Russia wanted to reach the Far Eastern part of the country. In the summer they have an alternative and can go through the Northern Sea Route which is around 10,000 km long. Also, with the longer route, ships travel through half the world, while using the Northern Sea Route, the ships are all of the time moving just along the coast of Russia. So the submarines went the short way. You can click for large pictures.

1 Rostov-on-Don Flood 2014

Rostov-on-Don Flood 2014

This year, Rostov on Don was severely flooded as a result of heavy rain over the past week.
Here is the aftermath. Rostov on Don is the tenth biggest Russian city (by population).
2 Abandoned Houses on the Beach

Abandoned Houses on the Beach

      People who see this image at first think that it has been digitally manipulated, photoshopped or in some other way changed - it can't be for
real. However, this is a real shot from an abandoned fishermen village in Kamchatka, Russia. See inside for more photos and some descriptions.

8 Photos One of the Kurill Island

Photos One of the Kurill Island

This is one of the Kuril islands, the ones that were once Japanese. These were heavily used by the army as they are almost on the border and public access was very restricted previously. However nowadays there are agencies organizing tours to these places so the photographer took one
such tour and here are the photos of the location, which was once upon a time closed to tourists. Beautiful, untouched for years, nature, foggy atmosphere, remains of German and Japanese military hardware - this is what you are going to see in the photos inside.

9 Weekend in Karjala

Weekend in Karjala

Hope ya'll having good weekend today. This is an idea of what your weekend could look like if you spend it in some of the tourist attraction areas of Karjala, or Karelia like its being called in Russia - a region next to Finland, it lies to the North East of
St. Petersburg. This one is not exactly in Karelia but on its border, closer to St. Petersburg. Luxury cabins deep inside the local "Taiga" (which means forest). Stables, lots of stuff to see and buy, local foods and vodka. See it yourself:
2 Dog, the Farmer Helper

Dog, the Farmer Helper

  According to Omsk local news outlet one Omsk man has taught his dog to farm potatoes. He posted photos and
videos and here are a couple of those. Believe it or not it was across the newspapers, see inside:
4 Cat Goes for a Ride

Cat Goes for a Ride

"I parked there and in a minute or two a cat appeared on my hood. Well, ok, its fine. Then in a few moments some other
little creatures joined the first one". Then what? Then see inside what. The title should give you a clue.

3 Russian Arctic Island Gets Cleaned Up

Russian Arctic Island Gets Cleaned Up

Now this island "Belyi" ("White") has the status of a national park, however since the 1930s it was continuously cluttered with the stuff that was brought here from the "Big Earth". As the island is far to the North, inside of the polar circle, everything gets imported here, including fuel in large metal barrels and things like that. There is
lots of stuff to clear up, and here come the volunteers. Actually, the volunteering culture is something pretty new for the country, however here they are. See what it was like to clean a polar island of things that had been brought there for years. Nice polar summer landscapes, fogs, grass and +10 degrees centigrade.

7 Do Not Litter, Not

Do Not Litter, Not

Sergey has travelled through Siberia and has been puzzled by where so much trash is coming from. "There are much fewer villages around than
in the European part of Russia. People are pretty much not rich, so how do they produce so much trash??", writes the blogger.  

8 Another Hailstorm

Another Hailstorm

Another hailstorm abruptly started in the Altai region a day ago. Hundreds of cars and buildings suffered, even the walls of buildings got holes, as the hailstorm was accompanied by stormy weather with high wind speeds. Here we have almost fifty photos of
the hailstorm's aftermath and the posts from the discussions boards. Here is one: "Those are Americans testing meteorological weapons. Soon you'll see this in Moscow. Every day." - said one person. See more photos and comments inside: