5 Snowmen of Tatarstan Children

Snowmen of Tatarstan Children

The truck you see above is not a real truck, but actually a "snowman" - it was created from the snow in Tatarstan to make the kids happy. Together with this truck you can see there is a tank on the background, also
painted a military dark green tone. This winter, the children of Tatarstan, Russia, are having their Christmas themed this way. The next one is a 10 feet (3 meter) tall Stalin, also painted. See inside:
Entering the Pamir
6 Silk Road Adventure 2014: trip to the Stans part 2

Silk Road Adventure 2014: trip to the Stans part 2

The 2nd part of our Silk Road Adventure was from the Pamir (Sary Tash) to Georgia. If I could, I would come back again. My dream was fulfilled and I could have not imagined a better trip! I'd
suggest to any adventure rider to visit those countries. All those countries are simply... great! Great nature, great people... everything! Exit the comfort zone and go there!

2 Moscow Get Covered with Snow

Moscow Get Covered with Snow

On Christmas Day, Moscow was covered with snow. People were complaining that the traffic has fully stopped and hasn't moved for ten hours! Yandex - a Russian traffic reporting system, says that it was a record breaking traffic jam for all the time they
have been monitoring road situations in Moscow. Some traffic lines, they said, were as long as 60 km and didn't move for hours. So Ilya, one of the most popular Russian bloggers, has taken his camera and went out to take some photos:

2 Russian Surfers at Pacific in Ice Cold Water

Russian Surfers at Pacific in Ice Cold Water

Please look outside of your window. Is it cold on this Christmas day? Would you like to take your wetsuit and go surfing? Probably not if you live in Europe or most of USA. However, these Russian guys stay in much more severe weather conditions and still go surfing. Remember a few days ago there was a posting about frozen Korean ships arriving at Vladivostok? Even the ships were covered with a thick layer
of ice, and they were photographed at almost the same location as these surfer guys, on almost the same day. So it's really ice water there. You see - even in the first photo, there is snow covering mountains near the shore. Want to see more of these surfers? Yuri, the blogger, has visited them on the shore and took the photos and the story from them.  See details inside:

3 Snow Storm in Vladivostok [updated]

Snow Storm in Vladivostok [updated]

So now winter has hit Vladivostok really hard. See this picture above? It's an intersection in the middle of the city. The
traffic light is probably 10 feet above the ground (3 meters). So that's how much snow is there now! See more photos inside:
9 29 Best Photos of the Month from Russia

29 Best Photos of the Month from Russia

  Today we have an interesting selection of photos from the competition which each month is held by Russian website photosite.ru. Each month they keep a contest for the best submitted photos and the photographers submit them. Some of
the photos are really stunning, like this one on top is not a painting but a photo made this winter near St. Petersburg by Eduard Gordeev and is called "Boat Sedov thru the frosty myst". We have more like this inside!

4 Ice Frozen Spheres Along Russian Baltic Coast

Ice Frozen Spheres Along Russian Baltic Coast

People at the Russian Baltic sea coast near St. Petersburg found one morning that ice had frozen into almost perfectly shaped
spheres along the coast. Alexander, the photographer, rushed to the sea shore to take the photos we can see here now.

11 Nice Looking Small Church on the Island

Nice Looking Small Church on the Island

If you are into Russian fairy tales, or just want to see something splendid and pretty much unique then you should not miss this post
about a little secluded church placed on the tiny piece of land right in the middle of a huge lake. Let's see it in detail!

7 Winter in Russia

Winter in Russia

So it's officially winter in Russia (though some parts were already covered with snow as early as in September this
year). And we can try looking at some of the best shots of Russian winter and nature dressed in white and blue.

5 Khabarovsk City Hit with Snow

Khabarovsk City Hit with Snow

Khabarovsk city is near the Chinese border, and yesterday it experienced one of the strongest snowfalls in its
history, with streets and roads and everything covered with up to two meters of snow! Just see the pics.

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