Russian crop circles

15 Crop Circles: Solved

Crop Circles: Solved

While the rest of the world is trying to solve the crop circles mystery one Russian gal has got an exact solution to this phenomena, at least to her local version that left marks on
the green field where she lives. The reason why is she hundred percent sure about it is because they have left an evidence and the tool. Next photo tells it all.
Work on Russian North

44 The Arctic Job

The Arctic Job

Arctic job is a hard job. Especially in Russia. From time to time we have the photos of the atomic
ships going to Northern pole and nearby regions. That's another photo session on this.
Russian forest of stone
57 Stone Trees of Yakutsk

Stone Trees of Yakutsk

One of the cool natural breath-taking places in Russia are the "Lena's stone forest" or "Lena's Stone Pillars". Many spend a lot just to get there and to take a look. This place is where the virgin Siberian woods stand untouched and the only way to get there is to take a four day journey from Moscow city. First, you have to take a flight so long that if you flew opposite direction you could easily come to New York, so far from Moscow that is, but that's still Russia. The average price for such flight is around $800 by Russian airlines, and as you might guessed there are no foreign competitors on those routes. Then upon the arrival to Yakutia region, the land from where the significant part of world's diamonds production originate from. Then from there the only way to go to
this place is by a boat. Armed native individuals can offer you a "cheap" $500 trip on a small boat, so in three days you can be on spot. They can show you the fields of wild hemp flower around which, as some tourists say, often can be picked up by your guide while you are exploring the stone forest, and then boiled together with some milk to meet you when you are back in camp with some mind blowing mixture. And they are all armed there, those natives. Also you can take bit larger river boat that are run by some local companies and go with more comfort up the river. Of course, then there are no armed natives or botanical exploration. Also this one can be see on google maps to get an idea where the heck it is.
Russian bears walk on streets

34 The White Citizens

The White Citizens

Most of the Russian friends would start convincing you not to believe in rumours about bears wandering around the streets and playing balalaykas after one or two beers or vodka shots. Don't
believe them! We have a proof that the bears actually do wander around and even visit construction sites. And yes, those are white polar bears which even adds to this.
Russia in the year 1896

50 Russia, 1896, in Color

Russia, 1896, in Color

Russia. 100 Years Ago. Again. We had it from Russian photographer Prokudin-Gorsky whose photos are being stored in the Library of Congress in USA, but now it's totally different case. Photos were made by Czech photographer while on his travel thru Russia back in
the year 1896. Most of them were lost later due to two wars in Europe and other tragical things but some still managed to survive till our year 2009 and now we can see them here. It's a big pity that there are only such a few of them left.
The Russian cave, Ukraine

13 The Marble Cave

The Marble Cave

This cave in Crimea, Ukraine is being called "The Marble Cave". It is natural cave, equipped by artificial lightning and is being called the second most visited cave of Europe and the fifth cave in the world's top caves ratings. Among
numerous stalagmites in the cave some are marked with special labels giving a clue to what well known image it can remind to a visitor. There are trolls, flowers, elephants and even Santa Claus among them.
Moscow sewage

11 The Crystal Life of Sewage

The Crystal Life of Sewage

The hidden underground worlds of Moscow sewage system always fascinated us. We had it here or here in HDR or even here they were contesting rafting right inside those realms But this set of today's is concentrated on one topic - the
sewage itself is a moving conglomerate of the organic remains of different kind, consisting of the different color stalagmites or roots of the on-surface trees finding their way thru the concrete walls.
Russian beach

63 The Royal Beach [updated]

The Royal Beach [updated]

If you for some reason is in search of some beaches in Russia then you may or may not consider this one from Vladivostok. People say it's the most favorite
beach of Vladivostok, many like spending their summer vacations there. People from all the city come there to enjoy the sun beams and water.
Russian truck goes boat

14 The Truck Goes Boat

The Truck Goes Boat

A fast way to convert your pick up truck to a boat was offered by those Russian guys.
All they used were two inflatable balloons and an outboard boat engine.
Flooding in Minsk

36 Venice, Minsk

Venice, Minsk

Broad streets of Minsk city turned into Venice styled channels full of water channels
when suddenly the 20% of annual raining amount happened in one day.

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