67 Russia’s Seven Wonders

Russia’s Seven Wonders

There are seven wonders of the world, but most of them were already destroyed either by the hands of humans or by the cruel passing of time. And last year a group of some Russian TV-channels, newspapers and radio stations hold an official
opinion poll and discovered what kinds of real wonders Russia has. Anyone could participate in the poll taking votes via internet or SMS services. So, the seven best-looking and really fascinating places were chosen. Here they are:
Moscow winter 44
20 Moscow Winters

Moscow Winters

If you're looking for something to do in the winter months while you travel in Russia, consider making an appearance at one of Moscow's winter festivals or New Year’s Day celebrating on Red Square. The Moscow Russian Winter Festival takes place in Izmailovo Park, where visitors can enjoy
troika rides and hear folk music performances. It takes place on the last week of December and the first week of January. It is possible to experience Winter Festival activities elsewhere in Moscow, like ice sculpting on Red Square and snowman-building on Arbat Street.

25 Way-out Places

Way-out Places

There are lots of freaky places round the Earth. And most probably you heard that there is such a thing like Google tourism, rather young, so to say, sport. People prowling about a map of the world looking for a new spacey spot and then upload the
screenshots into their blogs. Maybe some of you have already seen some pictures of crop circles, abandoned factories and plants or even figure of a pink rabbit made on a field. And these are shots of some offbeat places in Russia and Kazakhstan.
Russian salt lakes
17 The Sea of Salty Lakes

The Sea of Salty Lakes

As every one of us knows, the land of Russia is spacious and it has almost any kind of scenery. From the very west end of the country and to the east end of it you can find almost all types of majestic landscapes. Today we will shift to the south edge of Russia, near the border with Kazakhstan, where the city of Astrakhan’ is located. The weather in this region is warm, mostly even hot, almost all year round… but the thing pictured on these shots
doesn’t look like it was shot somewhere in a hot place at all. I would even say that a person who doesn’t know anything about this spot would think that this is somewhere in Antarctic. Or in the prairies of the USA with a piece of Antarctic landscape. From a bird’s eye view the area looks fascinating, as if there was some kind of a sea long ago, and then it dried to the ground and now being deserted.
Russian city Rostov, fish market there
24 Rostov City Fish Market

Rostov City Fish Market

In Russia there are two Rostov cities. One is a small town somewhere near Moscow and another is Rostov-On-Don a large Southern Russian city standing on the wide Don river and was called Rostov-the-Dad on criminal slang in Soviet times. Just because it stands on the major river it has plenty of fish available there so there is a special
fish market located next to the big local church where you can buy not just regular fish but easily get some species that belong to Internationa Red List of Endangered Species and it is cheap. And of course you can get Russian caviar, packed in just plastic boxes as much as you want. And it is cheap too.
Russian woodpeckers

11 Trees Not Trees

Trees Not Trees

This Russian woodpecker can't understand the deceiving truth of those tall concrete polls. They are not trees and
they can't have food in them. Still looks like he is a stubborn one - there is a hole already.
Ural park
20 Ural Park

Ural Park

This is an amusement park in the Ural region in Russia. Like a lot of awesome things in Russia, it is made of
wood and they like to claim that “Our wooden Disneyland is much cooler than their Western one!”
Russian foam
25 Dude, Where is my Foam?

Dude, Where is my Foam?

Looks like we are having “Dude, Where is my …” day. Well, a leak in a storage freight one day left some Russian firefighters near Moscow
wondering just where their foam went.  They didn’t have to look far though: it had escaped to the river!  Run free, foam, run free.
Russian northern city

21 One Northern City

One Northern City

In Russia there are plenty of small cities built deep far North near some kind of natural resource excavations. We had those diamond mines - it could be called the king of such settlements because we all know how much diamonds cost. But there are different other towns based around things like oil, gas, coal and some rare metals mining facilities which give jobs to majority of population. This one is located almost at Pacific coast of Russia (yes Russia has Pacific coast too!) and was founded around enormous layers of coal back many years ago in Soviet times. Later it was
sustained by the mining, then after Soviet Union collapse the coal mining still was active so the town survived all that times. The majority of currently living there people moved there from European parts of Russia but there are still natives living around, eating raw meats and having deer skin covered huts in which they live even at most freezing times of the year. People joke that when civilization would fall all those modern houses and facilities would crumble to dust but the natives would not notice all this modern stuff gone.
Russian diamond mine

27 Yakutia Diamond Minds

Yakutia Diamond Minds

Russian diamond mines. The places where the most of Russian diamonds are being mined. Founded in Soviet times located in the place you can get only on a plane but some people
live there permanently. Magnificent Northern nature, short Summer of just one month, but those are one of the most fruitful diamond locations in the world.

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