snow terror in russia 1

13 The Snow Terror

The Snow Terror

"A new convict is suspected in mass terror, responsible for thousands of cars damaged and normal traffic disrupted all across Russian Federation. He's name is Snow and he is wanted by federal
government to be detained and appear before gran jury." Looks not very real? But could be a good excuse: if people can't control snow they can accuse it and try to sue it!
25 Ice diving in Kazakhstan

Ice diving in Kazakhstan

Kaindy Lake is a unique place in Kazakhstan very famous among divers for its hidden underwater forest. Here
is a story of five a little bit crazy guys set off there looking for a good chance for ice diving.
Russian guy shaves his cat

12 Shaven Russian Pussy!

Shaven Russian Pussy!

When you hear about Russian shaven pussy I doubt you think about of some one literary shaving a cat... but there are some of those in Russia! Guy got tired of his cat not being able to hairstyle it properly with its fur being to stiff and not easy. This lead a poor thing to an
execution of a rear kind. With an electric shaver and help from other they managed to turn the pussy into shaven strange animal who was protecting its right to bare some hair until the end and even succeeded in biting a finger of one of the executors.
Icy Baikal 1
41 Icy Baikal

Icy Baikal

Again a post about the deepest lake in the world - Baikal Lake. And now not about its steel garbage, but about its beauty and its mysteriousness. But before some school info to help to understand the lake's uniqueness. Baikal is the lake of a tectonic origin in the southern part of the Eastern Siberia. The maximal depth is 1 642 meters (about 5 400 feet). About
half a year the lake is icebound. In average the period of freeze-up lasts from 15 January till 1 May. Baikal is navigable only from June till September. The locals as well as many other Russian traditionally call it the Baikal Sea. And it's not a mistake - Baikal deposits of fresh water are more than in the Great Lakes combined.
24 They make weather

They make weather

The only hard-to-reach weather station “Aigba” on the territory of Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana located 2225m above sea level. No internet connection, no landline. All data are noted in a table and dictated on the cellphone. They do
not drink, watch TV for many hours, cook food and feel detachment from the world. Their salary is ridiculous – 6000 rubles - about 200 US dollars, they are here to be free… On the photos the guys are at work.
Going to arctic ocean 1

10 Back to the Arctics

Back to the Arctics

Winter is the time to go to the.. ocean. When the weather is steadily below zero and the sun never rises above the horizon it is the high time. High time to go and see the auroras in the land of no-way-getting-there-in-the-summer. There are no auto roads that way in summer. In winter
there is small chance to get there. Even if you have suv or big gas goggler jeep you still can be sure in reaching the shores of the Polar Ocean. Why people try to reach those salty frozen waters there? Maybe taking a look on the photos can give a clue.
Russian molecular models
8 Big Molecular Toys

Big Molecular Toys

This team from Moscow, Russia is into making large scale molecular biology stuff as real world object toys, mainly made of plastic, but sometimes they are soft too. It's so geeky these days to go and
buy yourself a 20 inch highly-detailed swine flu virus molecule or DNA helix made of plush for Valentine's day or some other date like that instead the boring plush puppy and stuff.
Russian bird is brave

26 Brave Russian Bird

Brave Russian Bird

Looks like that Russian birds are so cool that they go friends
with cats eating from the same plate (sometimes)..
Russian strange eagle pets

17 Russian Eagle Pets

Russian Eagle Pets

Lately numerous occasions of people with eagle pets have been reported
from the centre of Moscow. Looks like this becomes trendy?
Russian Vintage Polar Photos

29 Russian at Northern Pole, 1950s-1960s

Russian at Northern Pole, 1950s-1960s

Russian people have tens of years of Polar explorations history. Something like fifty-sixty years ago they didn't have the machines and planes like now but still some spent all year round on the Northern pole on the drifting ice platforms, because at the Northern Pole there is no land surface to build a
stationary places like they do at Southern. Many of those people already passed away. None of such situations are possible now - with lack of electricity, power supplies etc to stay at the Northernmost point of the Earth for 300+ days and don't loose spirit. These photos truly inspire.

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