The Russian cave, Ukraine

13 The Marble Cave

The Marble Cave

This cave in Crimea, Ukraine is being called "The Marble Cave". It is natural cave, equipped by artificial lightning and is being called the second most visited cave of Europe and the fifth cave in the world's top caves ratings. Among
numerous stalagmites in the cave some are marked with special labels giving a clue to what well known image it can remind to a visitor. There are trolls, flowers, elephants and even Santa Claus among them.
Moscow sewage

11 The Crystal Life of Sewage

The Crystal Life of Sewage

The hidden underground worlds of Moscow sewage system always fascinated us. We had it here or here in HDR or even here they were contesting rafting right inside those realms But this set of today's is concentrated on one topic - the
sewage itself is a moving conglomerate of the organic remains of different kind, consisting of the different color stalagmites or roots of the on-surface trees finding their way thru the concrete walls.
Russian beach

63 The Royal Beach [updated]

The Royal Beach [updated]

If you for some reason is in search of some beaches in Russia then you may or may not consider this one from Vladivostok. People say it's the most favorite
beach of Vladivostok, many like spending their summer vacations there. People from all the city come there to enjoy the sun beams and water.
Russian truck goes boat

14 The Truck Goes Boat

The Truck Goes Boat

A fast way to convert your pick up truck to a boat was offered by those Russian guys.
All they used were two inflatable balloons and an outboard boat engine.
Flooding in Minsk

36 Venice, Minsk

Venice, Minsk

Broad streets of Minsk city turned into Venice styled channels full of water channels
when suddenly the 20% of annual raining amount happened in one day.
Russian storm and hurricane

14 It’s Stormy Weather

It’s Stormy Weather

Seems like Russia becomes a land of storms lately, the previously unseen severe
hurricanes struck the cities, like this one from Novosibirsk city a few days ago.
Russian flooding in Kiev

39 The Kiev Sea

The Kiev Sea

These days Kiev's downtown has turned into a small lake where everyone could give a bath to his car or
just wander around shoeless. People seemed to enjoy the situation and even smiled a lot.
Russian white hill

24 The White Hill

The White Hill

Just eighty-five kilometers (fifty miles) away from Moscow city there is a hill of
white, that is absolutely alien to Russian birch-and-oak scenery.

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