13 Tennis Balls Falling From The Sky

Tennis Balls Falling From The Sky

In Zaoksky district not far from Tula it was hailing really really heavily! The hail's
size was rather impressive! We doubt you'd wish to be a witness of such hellish hail!
Rossiya_1968_1972 1

28 Russia in 1968-1972

Russia in 1968-1972

This is a collection of great photos from times of the USSR. Cities like Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Irkutsk and Bratsk are on the list. Looking at these shots it occurs to one that that life back then
was pretty much better and worry-free. Maybe it is just a trite nostalgia or a photographer’s skill? But hey, stop! Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, or is it? Enjoy!
Russian city Norilsk

36 All Your Palladium Belongs to Us

All Your Palladium Belongs to Us

This is Norilsk city. Located in Russian Siberia this city hosts the biggest in Russia factory producing "rare" metals. It is even can be called a world leader when speaking about the worldwide production share it contributes. That's like 35% of palladium production, 25% of platinum, 20% of nickel, 10% of cobalt that are being made in modern world come from Norilsk, which makes it having number one of such kind factories in Russia. The price they pay for this is that 2% of total world CO2 production is coming from this city too. The area of 100 000 hectares (50,000 acres) around the city is
consists of burned down forests. It was widely recognized one of the worst ecology city in the world and the average life expectancy is ten years less than the average values across the Russia. Those photos were made there this May, and as you can see that's not a warmest place in the world too. It's common to have the snow in May out there. But life is still going on. More than 160,000 people live there today, and children of the city still think that their place is the best place in the world, as we all someday thought back in our childhood.
45 Russian Bridge Went Crazy!

Russian Bridge Went Crazy!

All Russia is sitting puzzled near their TVs looking on the... wobbling bridge. This phenomena is taking place in on of the Russian towns. The bridge stands across the Volga river and people say that there are absolutely no technical reasons why it should behave like that. It stayed normal for a long time but now it went crazy
without any reasonable reason - there were no earthquakes or strong winds in the area, however I bet you've never saw anything like that, when a heavy concrete bridge paved with a good deal of road surface dances like a soft rubber ribbon. Here is the video too. update: second video has been added
21 Dancing Forest

Dancing Forest

This weird forest is located about 38km away from Curonian Spit, a national park in the Baltic Sea. Dancing forest is a unique natural phenomenon. Here the pines bend in odd postures, as if dancing. Some trunks are even convolute in rings. There is a belief - if one get
through such ring making a wish, it will come true. Another belief says that places where trunks make such rings are the borders of positive and negative energy and if you get through the ring from the proper side, your life will be one year longer.
Darvinovsky Museum 3
17 The Darwin Museum

The Darwin Museum

The Darwin museum is a great place in Moscow with wonderful exhibits. Here each
detail is important and it seems that animals will revive in your eyes.
22 The Biggest Swamp In The World

The Biggest Swamp In The World

This is the biggest swamp in the world. Its area is 20% wider than the area of Switzerland and makes up 53 thousand square kilometers. As scientists believe it sprang up 10 000 years ago and since then it is inexorably growing. It reminds
motion of deserts. On the territory of the swamp are more than 800 lakes, great number of rivers and streams begin here. And the amount of peat located in this swamp is just enormous  - about 2% of the world resource!
Great Photos Of Krasnoyarsk 1
20 Great Photos Of Krasnoyarsk Nature

Great Photos Of Krasnoyarsk Nature

Krasnoyarsk is a wonderful place and these photos prove this fact. Near the mountain range Ergaki (Sayan) there's  Artists' Lake and a
little island in the mid of it - they have been shot in various weather and various seasons. It's just beautiful.
16 The Pool of Baikal Seal in Irkutsk

The Pool of Baikal Seal in Irkutsk

In Irkutsk there's a pool of Baikal seal. There
live and learn funny and cute pinniped guys. 
33 The Post Apocalyptic Kremlin

The Post Apocalyptic Kremlin

This how some Russian artists see Moscow after 2012. Those can go as
wallpapers I guess, the big images are available on click.

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