Deep sea life in the Russian White Sea
22 Wonderful Underwater World of the White Sea

Wonderful Underwater World of the White Sea

Even such an unfriendly place as the White sea is
full with life deep inside it's dark waters.
Goats Beauty Contest 1
5 Goats Beauty Contest

Goats Beauty Contest

In Lithuania there was held an unusual beauty contest. Among these 13
participants there was chosen only one - the most beautiful.
taiga_hut 1
41 A Mysterious Hut in the Woods

A Mysterious Hut in the Woods

While on their trip to taiga, a team of guys discovered some abandoned (and maybe not?) hut with a few buildings
nearby. Thanks God there was nobody at home back then and they managed make as many shots as they could!
15 White Crow Has No Fear

White Crow Has No Fear

You are lucky if you've had a chance to see a white crow. This one turned out to be rather
friendly - ate a piece of bread, took some water from the lake, let to pat it and flew away.
Rostov Flood 1
17 Flood in Rostov

Flood in Rostov

Flooding Europe means flooding Russia too, as there is a significant part of Russia lays in Europe, so we had some water
shots from the Russian cities and they keep coming - meet Rostov-on-Don - the capital of Russian south as some call it.
potop_minsk 1
19 A Bit Too Rainy Minsk

A Bit Too Rainy Minsk

While Moscow can at the moment bristle at its exceptional weather (+32C/ +90F), it seems that the capital of Belarus,
Minsk, is not up for the same heat spree and decided to cheer its inhabitants up with a bit of a flood.

23 Top Bears of Kamchatka Region

Top Bears of Kamchatka Region

We have already had a few posts about Kamchatka region, as far as you remember. But those were about handsomeness of nature as Kamchatka peninsula has lots of national monuments; but each can say without a tint of controversy that the beautifulness of nature is
incomplete without its dwellers, different kinds of beasts residing at it. So, one photographer that lived in Kamchatka region for years decided to settle a list of bears that he has seen through the time he was there. Let’s have a look at them regulars.
15 The Geese Day

The Geese Day

The Tatarian people have their own, quaint holiday. It is called Paz-Amyase, what means ‘Geese’s help’ in English, and has lots of ancient meanings behind it. For one thing, goose is a daily-breeder in all Tatarian villages. For second thing, if a family
wants to stick a gaggle, everybody in the village will be eager and striving to help them in doing so. But there is one more, third cause. Like with each thing they do, Allah helps them to accomplish it; that’s why the Geese Day is so traditional.
23 Siberia in the Early 20-th Century

Siberia in the Early 20-th Century

Back in 1904 young painter Boris Smirnov was sent by prisoner transport to Siberia; and his path went along the Great Siberian Tract. On his way he was making sketches of settlers and
locals of this distant region, as well as of their way of life and Siberian landscape and eventually lining up a whole series of drawings and water-colour paintings.
Leningrad. Flood on September 23, 1924 1
11 Leningrad. Flood on September 23, 1924

Leningrad. Flood on September 23, 1924

Floods in St. Petersburg is a common phenomenon. But catastrophic ones (with water 300cm and higher) happened only three times - in 1777,
1824, 1924. This is a selection of photos of the last terrible flood on September 23, 1924 when the water uprise was 380cm.

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