8 Peaceful Sights of Spring in Ukrainian City Rakhov

Peaceful Sights of Spring in Ukrainian City Rakhov

Just a dose of peacefulness. Ukrainian small town Rakhov is an example of slow life in rural setting.
Spring adds overall charm. Enjoy relaxed atmosphere of those pics, especially if you stressed.

3 Animal Life of Chernobyl

Animal Life of Chernobyl

Despite (or thanks?) to the radioactivity threats the animal life in Chernobyl is blooming. In the past thirty years many exotic animals regained their right to live freely in the area and their population
growth is tremendous. A few photos just to get an idea what you can meet there these days, starting with this proud Chernobyl small eagle posing with radioactivity sign on the background.

10 Russian City Has Dirt as Tap Water

Russian City Has Dirt as Tap Water

Russian blogger Sergey has travelled to Russian city Vyksa and discovered that he even wasn't been able to take a shower there. Why? Because water quality was a pure dirt
flowing from the tap. He was so shocked and couldn't understand why quoute "This is not some Ethiopia or Mongolia, It's 21st century! How can you live like that??"

2 Russian Abandoned Frozen Houses

Russian Abandoned Frozen Houses

Russian blogger Sergei took a tour to one of the abandoned houses which are plentiful on Russian North. But instead of going there in Summer, as most bloggers do and we had posted plenty of such photos, he went there in winter. It gives us a
clear perspective what would happen to our beloved buildings if someday we be cut off the electricity and heat, those comfy apartments people in Russia are got used too going to look something like this. That's spooky!

2 Camping in Chukotka, Russian Style

Camping in Chukotka, Russian Style

What is Chukotka? It is sort of Russian Alaska - separated from American one by a Bering Straight. Indigenious people of Chukotka don't need visas to travel to Alaska and have had close ties in past. It's like Alaska, very
snowy very cold land. However locals like to go camping here too. How? Thanks to Mr. Basov, a blogger from Chukotka we can now discover a Russian way to go camping in the middle of frozen nowhere. Take a look:

1 Dangerous Ice Roads of the Baikal Lake in Spring

Dangerous Ice Roads of the Baikal Lake in Spring

Russian blogger Alex was telling his readers about dangerous but very visually attractive ice roads of the Russian lake Baikal. Because the lake has the clearest fresh water
in Russia it looks very awesome when it turns to ice. And in spring this ice cracks making it to look even much more visually awesome. Let's see what he got.

8 Heavy Snowfalls in Moscow Today

Heavy Snowfalls in Moscow Today

The first days of spring brought a big snowfall to Moscow. Cars got stuck, the road sweeping equipment got stuck too, people arrived late to
their jobs, and even the government members were late to their top notch activities. Let's see a few slides of how it was today.

8 Flooding in Moscow in February

Flooding in Moscow in February

Russia - frosty land of snow and freezing temperatures in February? Not anymore. Flooding on Moscow streets today, how usual is that?
Highly unusual and strange - streets flooded with over 30cm of water in some places, people shocked and amused. Let's see how it was:

8 Polar Nights in Murmansk 2016

Polar Nights in Murmansk 2016

Yesterday, the people of Murmansk celebrated "The Day of the Sun". This is the day when the Sun finally starts appearing in their skies for brief moments. In Murmansk, they have polar nights. Polar nights (also called winter days) are when you don't see the Sun in the skies during the day. Not even for a moment, the Sun doesn't rise above the horizon. The days look like twilight -
on the horizon there is a dim light showing a hint of the Sun somewhere there, but the Sun never rises and then a normal night comes again. But February the First is the first day that the Sun appears, so it's a big deal for the people living there. Let's see a few photos showing how they cope with this and how their city typically looks in winter.

12 Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls

Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls

The Russian city of Petrozavodsk was hit by cyclone Daniella today, which resulted in very heavy snowfalls. In a matter of just a few hours, the city was drowning in snow. Sometimes the snow drifts were as high as 1.5 meters tall. Petrozavodsk is a city with a population of 300,000, and is the capital of the Karelia region bordering
Finland and Norway. It's not a small city, so in an instant, the traffic got stuck. Huge city trolleybuses - electric powered buses - are not meant to go through thick layers of snow on the city streets so they began stopping and blocking the way for others. Let's see how it was thanks to local photographer Igor P.:

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