2 Not Your Usual Gangnam Style

Not Your Usual Gangnam Style

They've got gangnam style, but we've got something else. Keep looking to see who is doing what. It's a pretty mind-breaking thing to see, or is it the doppler effect in action. They really should patent this kind of dance and sell the
rights to entertainers all over the world. However, they say this is not a new idea, and it was invented by German/Polish cabaret dancers some time ago, however it has never before been performed by a team of Russian students.
18 United Forever in Friendship and Labor

United Forever in Friendship and Labor

Have you ever wondered how the Soviet anthem sounds in English? Sometime ago an American celebrity sung the
magnificent Soviet anthem for the enjoyment of the peoples of the West. Long live the Soviet Union!
1 Stupidity. Talent. Alien Languages.

Stupidity. Talent. Alien Languages.

In today's show you are going to see some stupidity, some talent and some alien languages. Russian soldiers performing African rap songs when bored - who would have thought of this some thirty years ago. The rest is mostly
plain stupidity though it is often captivating and should have its place too. But it all starts with the sheep. Real, real sheep. And no road cams today, no crashes, no cops. And you should smile at least twice.
7 With a Song About Beloved Company

With a Song About Beloved Company

We have found more videos made by people who are devoted to the companies they work for. This time it is the staff of the trade-union "Iskra"
("Sparkle") who sing about their job and workers of the company "Post of Russia". Probably it was fun to make the videos.
3 Proud To Work Here!

Proud To Work Here!

The Murmansk hospital created a musical advertising video, where its workers sang about their job, how much
they were devoted to their work and how much they liked to "live" in this "blue house" as they called it.

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