5 Unusual Omelette For Breakfast

Unusual Omelette For Breakfast

This time we are going to cook breakfast. And it's going to be omelette today. It will be cooked in an
unusual way and served with tomatoes and jerked beef. But we need to have necessary ingredients first.
13 Meat Roasted The Cossack Way

Meat Roasted The Cossack Way

To make this winter day warmer and cosier we are going to cook meat roasted the Cossack way. This dish
is nutritious and tasty: men gonna like it for sure. But we need to buy some products first.
4 Hungrier Than Ever!

Hungrier Than Ever!

Recently in the city of Tyumen, Russia, there was made the longest Russian sandwich. The main ingredients they used were bread, ketchup and mayonnaise, lettuce, and sausage. Every
guest of the event got some to taste. The total length of the sandwich was 65,38 meters (214,5 ft). It is eighteen meters (59 ft) longer than the previous record.

10 The Uzbek Dish For Your Table: Mastava

The Uzbek Dish For Your Table: Mastava

Uzbek cuisine is like mathematics, it is endless for learning and it doesn't fit into any books. Mastava is one
of Uzbek dishes which is not often mentioned. But it deserves some attention. Shal we cook it right now?
2 Traditionally Russian Apple Candies

Traditionally Russian Apple Candies

Belev candy is a wonderful originally Russian delicacy. It appeared in far 1888. Its recipe was created by a merchant Amvrosy Prokhorov. He made this product famous abroad too. It used to be served to noblemen of
Russia, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Georgia. It would not have been possible if this product didn't have a wonderful taste. We are specially going to the Tula region to see how it is made.
18 Freaking Trashed McDonalds Restaurant

Freaking Trashed McDonalds Restaurant

Some punks literally trashed the McDonalds place in Russia and got it on video. Warning the following preview might cause you puking outragesly so watch at your own risk.
And we don't know the fate of those employees - have they been punished, penalized or fired but they don't hide the faces at most part so it might be both.

4 Tatar Cake: Chak Chak

Tatar Cake: Chak Chak

Chak chak is a popular Tatar sweet cake. It is easy to make and no many products are needed for this. We take five chicken eggs, half a kilogram of wheat flour,
one tablespoon of cognac, 700 ml of vegetable oil, one glass and a half of honey, one third glass of sugar and one hour and a half of free time.
87 What Does It Mean to Live In Moldova?

What Does It Mean to Live In Moldova?

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. But every tourist who comes there decides by himsilf/herself if it is true or not. However it has been
called "the poorest" for some years by mass media. You are about to travel along the remote places of Moldova, its villages and cities.
Pilau on the Fire 2 1
15 How to Cook Pilau On the Fire?

How to Cook Pilau On the Fire?

We have seen various recipes of cooking pilau, but this one is a bit
different. This time we are going to cook it on the fire.

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