9 Russian Snacks That Should Probably Be Sold Worldwide

Russian Snacks That Should Probably Be Sold Worldwide

  This is a small selection of eight traditional Russian fast food snacks that you probably won't find elsewhere,
and that's a big pity, as they could be easily appreciated and enjoyed by people of many other nations.

3 Russian Man turned a Bus into a Cafe in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Russian Man turned a Bus into a Cafe in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Russian businessman has turned an old bus, actually an electric trolley bus into a street cafe. It's front looks like any other street food joint would look like, however you can see a
bus connected to the back wall of the venue. You can walk inside, have a seat and enjoy a meal. More photos inside thanks to Yaroslav who went there and took those photos:

4 A Process of Black caviar harvesting in Astrakhan Russia in 1960s [photos]

A Process of Black caviar harvesting in Astrakhan Russia in 1960s [photos]

Black Caviar is one of the most expensive foods in the world. In Russia it was a food and also an income source as Russia exported this delicacy abroad for gold and American currency. The price of one kilo of the stuff is worth around $2,000 and can reach $10,000 for the rare types of the caviar. As of now mostly the harvesting of this food is illegal in Russia, except if you growing fish yourself or there are some more exclusions from this rule. However thousands of poachers earn millions
each year from illegal hunt for caviar. They dispose the whole fish bodies and get only the caviars. Each year the chances to get it become less and less as only fish who is 15-20 year old can have caviar inside itself and poachers destroying tens thousands of those old fishes every year. However in 1960s there were plenty of fish and harvest was official. Here are some photos of the process made by an American photographer while his trip to USSR:

3 First American pizzeria in USSR

First American pizzeria in USSR

In late 1980s you could meet a real American food truck on the streets of Moscow. It had a brand name "Astro Pizza" and it was a first example of American fast food coming to Moscow during "Perestroika". Soviet people lined up in long
lines wherever they saw this "Western miracle" on Moscow streets. The price for one pizza was 1.25 rub which was pretty expensive you could eat a big meal in regular Soviet cafeteria. Let's see more on this truck:

2 Soviet Cuisine

Soviet Cuisine

Pickled stuffed peppers 1 kg sweet bell peppers 10 cloves of garlic 450 g parsley 300 g mint 450 g hot chili peppers 2 tbsp salt 1.2 l vinegar Wash peppers, cut off the stalk and clean the pepper from the seeds. Cook 1-2 min in a little salty water, drain the
water. Fill peppers with minced meat, adding a mixture of  the finely chopped garlic, fresh herbs and chilli hot peppers. Stack stuffed peppers in layers into a jar, each layer sprinkle with salt and vinegar. Close the jar and put it in a cool room.

1 Elite Foods of the USSR

Elite Foods of the USSR

Some delicious Soviet treats from this vintage catalogue that was only available
for Soviet elites and foreigners. Take a look, some sections are translated.

0 5 the most popular Soviet salads

5 the most popular Soviet salads

  Modern young people are accustomed to junk food, Western food, Japanese sushi and other stuff liberally seasoned with flavors. But is it all can be compared with the normal food?  Yes, sometimes it was difficult to
get the ingredients in the Soviet Russia, but almost every family prepared one or more classical Soviet salads at the great feast. And these are the recipes that I want to share with you.  

11 Almost abandoned Russian city – Sinegorye near Magadan Russia

Almost abandoned Russian city – Sinegorye near Magadan Russia

This town in the Magadan region of Russia is called "Sinegorye" or "Blue Mountains". A very nice name for a town, but in reality this is an almost completely abandoned place, and is now the size of a village. Its population has fallen by 70% since the collapse of the USSR and so almost 3/4 of its buildings remain empty
and abandoned, including many huge apartment complexes like the one in the a picture above. Sergey, the awesome Russian blogger we so like to post here, has visited this place and says it's very easy to say which buildings are abandoned - in the abandoned buildings all of the window glass is broken.

13 Making Russian Pancakes on top of Crimean Mountain

Making Russian Pancakes on top of Crimean Mountain

A popular Russian language blogger Slava decided to surprise his girlfriend with a breakfast she for sure never had before and which is not soon to forget. For this
they climbed one of the tallest rocks in Crimea, near the place they live and he cooked Russian pancakes for her there. Let's see how it looked like:

4 Russian Porcini Hunt

Russian Porcini Hunt

It's fall and in Russia its time to hunt mushrooms. Russian villagers call mushrooms "free pork" - implying that mushrooms have as much protein as meat and also tastes good if prepared
correctly. The king of the Russian mushroom hunt is Beliy Grib or "White Mushroom" known as Porcini, or sometimes bolete, to the Western World. Here it is, in the pic above.

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