Russian House in Form of UFO
11 Russian UFO House

Russian UFO House

Now here is another piece of Russian self made rural piece of architecture. This is a building in a form of a flying saucer, painted in Russian old style police car – white and blue. Inside one can see traditional Russian wooden
decoration and opposing it in style round windows and a… firewood furnace. It is not some highly-sophisticated zero gravity UFO engine but at least passengers won't be freezing during long Russian winters.
bar code building, russia
17 Bar Code Building

Bar Code Building

We've already had a thread about strange buildings from Soviet era. Today we've got another piece of strange architecture, now from modern Russia. That's a building made in the form of giant bar code, the same bar code we
see on all the goods in a supermarket. It seems to be an office building made of modules. It's from St. Petersburg, Russia, and was submitted by Jolq, would somebody be able to read the barcode?
russian village
23 Russian Village

Russian Village

Russian wooden architecture is something you can meet in any Russian village all your way through Russia. Here we had already an article about Kizhi wooden churches, the place, the island on Onega lake in Karelia, Russia, where different examples of Russian wooden architecture are collected, from all over the Russia. Today it’s a different story, this is a sample of
just a common village from Russian rural countryside. It’s not something from medieval times, it’s a way of how the modern Russian countryside house builders look on things. Buildings on this photosets are used in everyday life – there are photos of schools, city hall (village hall) etc. This is simple Russian school.
strange russian sculptures
6 Virtual Citizens of Crimea

Virtual Citizens of Crimea

Nobody knows who created them, but here they are, standing on the hills of Crimea. They have become a good company to take a photo with, but this doesn't explain their origin. A few groups of people stand around
one hill in Crimea, Ukraine, and nobody knows their author neither their purpose. Some of them sit around the table, some walk, some cook food, some dressed nicely and some are really scary.
tbilisi, georgia
41 Strange Soviet Buildings

Strange Soviet Buildings

All these buildings might remind some objects from Sci-Fi movies of the past. In the former USSR you can meet such buildings. They are not very often but there are some like in this photo series. Some of the buildings have weird history. For example the building number 3, the “Friendship” hotel attracted a great part of attention from USA intelligence agency. They thought it was some sort of missile
launching site. This one can remind some castle from "Star Wars" but in fact it's a place in which Soviet marriage events were held in Tbilisi, Gergia. In Russia and in USSR marriage doesn't occur in the church, it happens in a special house called "Palace of The Marage". It is so still nowadays, though after getting married in such place couple can visit a church.
24 Doll House

Doll House

Very strange dwelling was found in Russian countryside. What is this, some voodoo
sect shelter? Or is it a some kind of design solution? See yourself.
Oktyabrenok star
43 More Soviet Stuff

More Soviet Stuff

This is a collection of Soviet stuff. Just 20 years ago only such things could be bought in shops or were at people’s homes. Nothing different from this could be bought, anything was just in two-three versions, so if you wanted to buy some new coat you could choose only from 3 types of coat, not from thousands like in rest of the world. These
are examples of most typical things in Soviet Russia. I can bet that most of them were in EVERY Soviet house. This star was a compulosry to wear by all Junior Schoolchildren (till the age of 11). There is a portrait of young Lenin on it. This was a typical bottle in wich milk was sold in Soviet Union.
Harry Potter Russian softdrink
14 Harry Potter Soft Drink

Harry Potter Soft Drink

In some Russian shops nowadays you can buy yourself a bottle of a drink with a Harry Potter portrait on it. I highly doubt if any copyright was reserved, and the most interesting thing is not copyright here. The soft drink with Harry Potter face on it is named "BURATINO". What does this word mean? "BURATINO" is some kind of Russia Pinocchio. Same wooden doll moving around, but his nose doesn't grow when he lies. In Soviet Russia there was a
very popular soft drink named after him. So in modern Russia businessmen try to make their kind of "Buratino" drink so that to play on the nostalgie sense of the elder generation. But this Harry Potter Buratino drink is a mix of two totally different things in one. It's not a Buratino and it's not a Harry Potter. And notice there is somebody from Simpsons is also depicted on this cool drink.
russian pop singer, Irina Saltikova
9 Irina Saltikova, Russian Pop Singer

Irina Saltikova, Russian Pop Singer

A little more of Russian contemporary pop music examples. This lady name is Irina Saltykova. She is not new on pop scene of Russia, actually she is 40 or older
already. She was also mentioned in our article about Bride Fraud in Russia. Today some photos of her and a music video down this page.
russian keyboard monument
20 Keyboard Monument

Keyboard Monument

In Russian city Ekaterinburg there is a monument for QWERTY keyboard.  It looks like white stones scattered across the lawn if to look from
some distance.  But when you come closer you can clearly see that thouse boulders are keys and the lawn is the board.  

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