ukraine univercity
15 Another Univercity Campus

Another Univercity Campus

We had already a post about a Business College campus from Ukraine. Now there is another photo report from the univercity campus in one city of
Ukraine. The most interesting thing there is the strange paintings on the wall. They liven up the interriors greatly.
shoe box pc
19 Computer in a Shoe Box

Computer in a Shoe Box

Another example of Russian home made creative design. We have seen a lot of cool mods of PC and Mac cases done with hi-tech thingies. Also I have seen the PC cases made from
precious metalls or with antique materials. And this PC case is the most cheap I think that can be. It's made of a paper shoe box. Take a look:
ice bar
11 Russian Ice Bar

Russian Ice Bar

It's so cold in winter in Northern Russia that people in St. Petersburg decided not to waste money on
heating their bar and made a bar made solely from ice. You can enter for a fee of $12.
Russian art
10 Works of Jogin

Works of Jogin

"Smoking is bad for your memory" These are
some sample works of Russian guy Jogin.
dragon mask
5 Dragon Mask

Dragon Mask

Some time ago we had a Russian guy who made a dragon bag. He probably decided that he is missing
something and so he created a dragon mask that would fit in with the style of his dragon bag.
theater in moscow
17 Abandoned Theater in Moscow

Abandoned Theater in Moscow

To continue the topic of abandoned places in Russia I would show you an abandoned theater in Moscow. During Soviet era it was a centre of cultural life – now it
stays abandoned. Probably it would be renovated someday and more visitors would come to enjoy some Russian classical plays shown on it's scene.
leonid baranov painter
11 Leonid Baranov Paintings of Russian Countryside

Leonid Baranov Paintings of Russian Countryside

Leonid Baranov is an artist from Ekaterinburg city who draws the modern life in Russian village. Heroes of his works look like real people from Russian countryside. He never became famous
or rich, and he prefers to drink a lot of vodka as a real Russian and doesn’t care much about the missing fame. Still in his pictures I find something attractive.
house made of bottles
11 House Made from Bottles

House Made from Bottles

All know that in Russia people drink a lot. That's not only Russia the country where people drink a lot, but probably Russia is the biggest country where the vodka is the problem. So drinking a lot
means a lot of empty bottles. They can be recycled of course but they also can be used in some other way. For example like this one, a guy have built a house using empty bottles.
19 Future of Russia’s Automobile Industry

Future of Russia’s Automobile Industry

This post is devoted to possible future of Russia’s automobile industry. Some years ago a new car “OKA” was introduced to Russian buyers. That’s a 2-doors car compiled from the parts of other cars, for example its cockpit
and speedometer is from Soviet car LADA 2101, model 1969. Its engine has two cylinders, like a motorcycle. So now there are plenty of possibilities how this car can be used. Let’s see some of them.
bread basket from a printer
12 How To Make A Bread Basket From an Old Printer

How To Make A Bread Basket From an Old Printer

Sometimes people use things in some other way than their direct purpose. This Russian guy proposes to use your old printer as a bread-basket or a box to store some medicines. He removed all the inside parts of the printer, disassembled it,
washed it with soap and then assembled but without inner parts. What he have got became a bread basket in form of printer, he probably puts it with some bread inside on the table when he serves meals at his parties.

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