Russia 100 years ago
41 Russian People 100 Years Ago in Color

Russian People 100 Years Ago in Color

He travelled to all the distant parts of Russian Empire. This is for example a dweller of Turkmenia, now Turkmenistan. Camels were the common way of transportation for cargo even when trains were introduced to locals by Russian government. We had already before some photos of this photographer, who managed to make color photos of Russia 100 years
ago in 1900-1910. It's amazing to see the life back there in full color. He had a special task to travel across all the Russian Empire (that's how Russia was called that times before Communism) and make thousands of such photos for a Royal Depositary. So he made literary thousands of color photos of Russia 100 years ago.
chip tuning
11 Chip Tuning

Chip Tuning

This guy from Russia is fond of making models of cars from
electronic elements. This is one of his latest creations.
snow tuning
3 Snow Tuning

Snow Tuning

In Russia where is a lot of snow in the winter (but not this year!) people can tune their cars using snow. Those guys take the lonely
standing car and make a live snow monument of it. Don't know if they put some water on it after the job is done to make it more stable.
Kievskaia station
16 PDA, Cellphone and Laptop 90 Years Ago

PDA, Cellphone and Laptop 90 Years Ago

This is Moscow subway. This particular photo is the "Kievskaia" station. It has a lot
of epic mosaics about Soviet era. Please look down for one amazing picture:
6 Music Video With Signs Language

Music Video With Signs Language

That's a music video for a famous Russian song made with sign-language. Quite unusal thing, it might be
understood by a person of any nation who knows this language probably. Submitted by Acts_of_Atrocity
russian architecture
20 Soviet Web 2.0 House

Soviet Web 2.0 House

Bright design of nowadays popular websites probably was invented by old Soviet designers. Because at that time there were no computers they used this design in buildings. For example this strange building comes from Soviet era, but it looks very stylish now. Those big icons - they could look nice at any of the modern website
probably. They look so bright because they are not painted but made of ceramic mosaics, so instead of looking pale after so many years passed they look stylish even now 30 years after. Most of those "Icons" are placed on "Windows". Is it a bright prophecy for a future domination of icons on Windows?
wooden skyscraper, Arkhangelsk, Russia
35 Russian Wooden Highscraper

Russian Wooden Highscraper

Today we have hand made stories. Another one is submitted by Timo. This one is really strange. It is a wooden multi-stored building. It looks like a real skyscraper in Arkhangelsk city. All the houses in the town are mainly two- three- stored and here it stands - a twelve stored wooden tower, more than 120 ft high (38 metres). There is not elevator and you
can reach the top of the building climbing by a carved wooden stairs. The building can be seen from all the town. The city authorities claim that the building spoils the town view and demand to reduce it by... 10 stores. But he refuses. He really likes his creation and most of the local people think that it looks nice.
self made tank
9 Self Made Tanks

Self Made Tanks

A guy from a small village located near Novosibirsk, Russia has a hobby. His hobby is to make full size models of old tanks. He makes only those models that were totally destroyed during the wars and no any other copy can be found in the whole word. So he takes the pictures and the old tank comes to life again. All of his models are full-sized and can move. They have engines, transmissions etc
from modern cars and can be driven, though they are not registered. Once he got a little tour across the neighborhood on his new example of a World War II tank. That made a lot of panics in the quite Siberian area - police arrived to see why the tanks entered the village. He says his dream is to built a full sized working model of an aircraft-carrier.
multiprocessor table
13 Multiprocessor Table Based on Compact Discs

Multiprocessor Table Based on Compact Discs

A Russian guy living in Israel has created a multiprocessor table based on compact discs. What the
heck is a "multiprocessor table"? It becomes clear after viewing those pictures below:
15 Dagestan Dances

Dagestan Dances

Russia is really big country. Many different peoples live there together. Some have more western traditions - some more eastern. For example guys from Dagestan, southern Russian district, like to dance such
dances. Look how they can stop in the middle of the street and dance. The car in the video is Russian car Lada, and they speak Russian also in the end of the clip. Submitted by Oleg

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